How Much Does Microsoft Word Cost

Aug 26, 2023 - How-To


Microsoft Word is a reasonably priced piece of software. Microsoft Word is available for a one-time cost of $159.99 to anyone. Microsoft Word or the whole Microsoft Suite may be purchased at a discount for home computers by students and employees. Even if the price is frequently close to that of the most recent edition, you can still purchase outdated versions of Microsoft Word and Office from internet vendors.

Review of the Cost in Detail

For one month, Microsoft Word is accessible as a free trial. You can buy Microsoft Word for an upfront cost of $159.99 when your trial has ended. As an alternative, you can pay $69.99 annually for a membership to the whole Microsoft Suite, which includes Microsoft Word. A complete family of up to six individuals can purchase the Microsoft Suite for $100 a year if they require several users of Microsoft Word.

The cost of the monthly payment plan is $6.99 for an individual subscriber and $9.99 for a family. Microsoft Suite may be downloaded to a maximum of five separate devices under the subscription plan. One TB of cloud storage is included with a single plan, compared to six TB with a family plan.

Microsoft Suite is available to college students for $2.99 per month. This functions as a personal subscription plan substitute. Students must give their details to confirm that they are currently enrolled in a college or institution in order to be eligible.

Office Online, OneDrive, and the Microsoft Office mobile app are all free substitutes for Microsoft Word and the Microsoft Suite. These programs are operated by Microsoft and are open source. None of these programs, however, has all of the functionality that Microsoft Office software does. While the majority of straightforward operations like file sharing should work flawlessly on these applications, more difficult tasks may be challenging or impossible.

Every year, Microsoft Office publishes a new edition of its program if you want the complete functionality but are still seeking for a deal. Despite not having the most recent features, older versions of Microsoft Office still have the more powerful features that other apps do not have. Older versions of the Microsoft Suite are still available from independent sellers.

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