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Jun 23, 2024 - WhatsApp Plus Freeware

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Whatsapp Plus Apk Download 2024: The latest Version is a Mod of Whatsapp that proved a big development in the communication system. in fact, the mods are the presentation of different third parties with the addition of extra features to enhance the flexibility and user experience. Whatsapp Plus is one of them that got great fame around the world for the features that are added in it by the developers.

Whatsapp Plus Blue enables the digital world stronger while offering instant messaging functionality, no matter, whether you want to contact your family, your friend, or discuss a business deal with your colleagues. The fool-proof security and privacy offered by Whatsapp may be a specialty related to the app, as you have to face any type of security or privacy flaws with other such messaging apps. But, on Whatsapp, you can share any personal information without any risk of leaking your information.  

We know, it is a time of fast competition and we find different developments with everyday passing, specifically, in the field of science and technology. Same as in IT a lot of new software is developed and old ones are updated regularly.  If you are a regular internet user, you know everything on time. Messaging apps at present are completely different from a few years ago. You will find multiple amazing mods of Whatsapp with a plethora of fantastic features. No doubt, Whatsapp has resolved our big communicating issue and gives us easy access around the world. But, it has lack multiple privacy features.

What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is a simple and customizable mode of Whatsapp offered by Rafalete, a senior member of XDA. It is including with three fantastic mods that are presented by AlexMods, Fouad Mods, and Hey Mods. The reason for the popularity of Whatsapp is the excellent features that attracted millions of people from around the world. When developers of third parties felt the need of revolutionizing Whatsapp, they decide to create mods of the king app while adding missing features of it to them. So, Whatsapp Plus became one of the most adorable mods of Whatsapp

You will find Whatsapp Plus a standout utility because of its unique features and the simplicity of its interface. You can’t use it as an add-on with the original app and the end-to-end encryption enables the user not to compromise on security as well as privacy issues. 


Features of Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus offers multiple amazing features specifically the most demanding capabilities are part of it. It covers all the privacy features that are missing in the original one. Here we are describing some of the features offered by the groundbreaking app.

Colorful Themes

Personalize your chatting screen using up to 700 different styles of themes. As we know, in the official app, we only change the background of the screen and not anything else. Whatsapp Plus you can perform multiple tasks such as profile color changing, changing the home screen, and so on. You are gifted with a regularly updated addition of themes for your library as well. 

Fonts & Styles

Avail a great variety of fonts including different shapes, sizes, and styles. Just avoid the most common font styles and enjoy a library of fonts with 20+ that is housed on the interface. 


You are also capable of using symbols to describe your feelings in a different style. It is a step ahead of the official app and provides a plethora of interesting emojis and emoticons as it is integrated with Google Hangout to get emojis and enrich your library with fantastic emoticons and emojis. 

Logs & History

The feature enables you to save your mobile data also and the recording of your online activities helps you to track your data and time. It also gives you detail of your account activities such as spending time on the app and existing of it also. 

Customized User-interface

Unlike the official app, you will find a customized interface where you can change everything according to your choice.  No need for custom themes just like Whatsapp, go ahead and have fun with multiple customizing options from font size to their colors. Tweak everything according to your taste


Similar to Whatsapp Business, set some auto-reply for specific events or positions and make your life a lot easier. It will make you feel free in a quite busy position and can’t attend to or reply to your loved ones. Simply enable the feature and it will reply to any of your messages automatically. 

Hide Online Status

Sometimes, you are online but busy with other important activities, and simply read the coming messages, and can’t reply. It may cause some kind of inconvenience between you and your friends or family member. Avoid this confusing situation while enabling the ‘Hide Online Status’ feature from the Settings of your app and freely use the app without letting to know other from your current status. 

Message to Anyone

Simply open your app, type your message, enter the required phone number, and press the ‘Send’ option. No need of adding the phone number to your contact list before sending a message. It is only necessary that the person you are chatting with has a Whatsapp account on his device. In this way, you need not add any strangers to your contact list. 

Impressive Media Sharing Option

Whatsapp Plus has erased several sharing flaws that occur in Whatsapp such as quality of content, file compression, size, and so on. Now you can share heavy files or long videos without any need to compress or spilt them into pieces. The sharing process may be slow but with guarantees high quality and resolution.   

Pin your Favorite Chat

Pin up to 1000 chats on Whatsapp Plus makes your chatting experience comfortable. The feature is best for users who love to engage with multiple people and are members of different groups. It enables them to get any message on time. It is a great advantage in comparison to Whatsapp where the pinning option is limited to three chats for pinning. 

Anti-revoke Option

The option makes you comfortable reading the deleted messages from your sender. In the official app sometimes your friends send messages and immediately delete them before you read them. It creates a confusing situation for you and you are curious about the message. Whatsapp Plus has resolved the irritating issue and enables you to read the deleted message easily. 

Status Downloader

The in-built status downloader saves you from downloading any third-party downloader. Sometimes, we like stories uploaded by our friends and don’t want to ask our friends to send them. Simply enable the feature and download the stories of your contacts automatically to your device. 


No need for any third-party cleaner as the app offers a built-in cleaner. It clears all unnecessary content from your app. you need to select files such as old chats, images, and long videos, and feel relaxed as the cleaner will complete its job very sharply and quickly. 

Hide Typing or Recording Status

The big demand of users for this feature is during chat if we take some time to reply to any message of a friend. Or we take extra time for recording the audio. It creates an irritating situation and we in hurry sometimes type or speak something wrong. To avoid the awkward position just enable the feature and hide you’re typing or recording status. 

Hide Media Visibility

If you are a member of multiple groups and have a long contact list, it creates a lot of mess for your gallery, as all shared content on Whatsapp has transferred to the gallery as well. You can control this media sharing option by disabling the ‘Media Visibility’ option from the Settings of the app. 

DND Mode

You are capable of disabling the internet for the app using ‘DND Mode’. It is also a great feature as we are busy with some important activities and don’t want to interact with any other thing. It will be the best option to avoid the distraction of Whatsapp Plus and carry on with the important job.

Lock your App

The in-built app locker makes your chat screen completely secure and keeps it away from the prying eyes of others. You can select any type of locker including PIN, fingerprint, or authentic password, and lock your app. Not only this, but you can also lock any specific chat screen by enabling the ‘Lock Specific Conversation’ feature.

Message Scheduler

It is another best feature that makes you feel free of the nervousness of sending best wishing messages to your loved ones on time and date. Now you need not remember the dates of different important events related to your friends and family, simply type some best wishes in the message box, enter your phone number or contact name, and set the date and time. The message will send to your required person on time and date automatically without your contribution. 

Change your Whatsapp Icon

Get rid of the typical Whatsapp icon, and have fun while changing the icon using any of your favorite styles from the collection of 10+ fantastic icons.

Chat Backup

Back up your important data with the help of Whatsapp Plus and store it in your device for further use. The end-to-end encryption feature makes your data foolproof without giving access anyone to it. 

Updates Notification

The app regularly informs the users if any update is coming, as it is embedded with a ‘Notification’ function. It helps you to get any update on time without checking all time about the updates. 

Hide Blue Ticks

When you received a message, it is ticked double, and when you open the message to read it, it will be ticked with blue color. If you are not in the mood to reply, avoid any misunderstanding. Simply go to the Settings option and enable the ‘Hide Blue Ticks’.

Hide Profile Photo

You can hide your profile photo also to restrict any unknown person to watch it. You can also block the calling option for unwanted persons. Hide forward tags from messages before sharing with others. Similarly, copy captions from the stories of your friends and upload them anywhere you want. 

Share your Location

No doubt, a great feature specifically in case of any problem or danger. Simply click and share your location with your contacts and get help for your rescue on time. 


Difference between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus

In fact, Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus both are instant messaging apps and offers the same basic features such as chat, audio call, group conference calls, sharing of media, and so on. Along with similarities multiple differences are also found in both apps such as Whatsapp is an official app with fool-proof safety while Whatsapp Plus is a mod of the official app and lacks some security issues.

Additionally, Whatsapp as the official app is bound to some rules and regulations, on the contrary, Whatsapp as the development of third parties can perform without any limitations. You will find a lot of additional features in Whatsapp Plus such as in privacy option hiding last seen, recording or typing option, ghost viewing of status, anti-revoke message, and so on. Likewise, you can customize your chat screen, adding colors, themes, and wallpapers. But this is not possible with Whatsapp. Both are doing well while offering their best. 

How to Download Whatsapp Plus

As we know, Whatsapp Plus is the mod version and it can not download from the Google Play Store. For this purpose, you need to go to any authentic website or tap ‘Download APK’ on the page. The downloading will start within seconds. After completing downloading process save the APK file to ‘File Manager’. You can install the app on rooted or non-rooted devices. It also requires an Android device with a 4.0 or above version. 

How to Install Whatsapp Plus

  • Open your app and go to the Settings option.
  • Tap on ‘The security option and select ‘Unknown Sources’ from the massive list of options.
  • Click on ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable it.
  • Go to ‘File Manager’ and locate the APK file and click to open it.
  • Click on the ‘Install’ button and wait for completing the process.
  • An auto-process of launching the app will start and ask you to verify your phone number.
  • An OTP code will be sent to your number, enter it, and complete verification. 
  • Next, enter your name and phone number and start to enjoy yourself with your friends on Whatsapp Plus.

How to Switch from Whatsapp to Whatsapp Plus

After completing the downloading and installing process you need to follow the given steps to transfer your data from Whatsapp to Whatsapp Plus.

Step 1: Create of Backup copy

You can create a backup copy using two methods;

  1. One is from Google Drive, head to Settings by clicking on three dots. Scroll down the drop-down menu and click on ‘Chat Section’, tap on the ‘Chat Backup’ tab start creating an online backup ASAP.
  2. You can create a backup using third-party software such as Dr.Fone using a PC. 

Step 2: Connect the Phone to the PC

Install Dr. Fone’s software on your PC. On completing the installation process, connect your phone to a PC with the help of USB flash, and run the software as an administrator. Open a new window by clicking on the Whatsapp Transfer tab, and start the data backup process.

Step 3: Restore Backup to Whatsapp Plus

Select the ‘Restore Whatsapp’ tab and paste all data to Whatsapp Plus. 



  • Releasing of new updates by developers is very slow.
  • Because of DMCA rule, the modded versions are at risk, but we can’t say it is illegal.
  • Private conversations can be leaked.
  • The mods version can be banned by the official app, but the banning would be temporary.
  • Not available for iOS devices


  • High-quality fast delivery of messages, videos, and images.
  • Better performance with multiple features.
  • Anti-ban functionality.
  • 100% safe and secure

Best Alternatives to FMWhatsApp

GB Whatsapp

GBWhatsapp is on the list of the most popular alternatives to Whatsapp. It is free of charge and can be used as a primary or secondary account on Android devices. it is a mod of the official app, so we can’t say it is completely safe and secure.


YoWhatsapp is also known as the mods version of Whatsapp. it offers all the additional features that are missing in the official one. It is developed by Yousef Al-Basha and next by Fouad Mokdad.


FM Whatsapp also enables users to get rid of the old boring interfaces while using multiple customizing features. No doubt, a better choice instead of the official one because of several advanced features.


AZWhatsApp is offered by a third party as an alternative clone app of Whatsapp. It also covers the shortcomings of the official app specifically in privacy and customizing options.


JTWhatsapp is another mods version of Whatsapp offered by Jimtechs and based on Whatsapp Plus. It is one of the most favorite mods while offering several amazing features. 


Final Words

At the end of our discussion, we can say, Whatsapp Plus is the best substitute for Whatsapp as it offers all features that are lacking in the official one, and users are insisting on a lot. The hassle-free downloading as well as installation process along with dual account capability makes the app one of the favorite choices of users. It is 100% safe without any bloatware, malware, or any other bug. As a third-party version, it is not available on Google Play Store. 


Is Whatsapp Plus legal?

We can say Whatsapp is a grey list app because it is declared illegal by Whatsapp, but the authorities remain silent about the matter. It was removed from Google Play also, but now it is available for download. 

What is Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus is a popular mod of Whatsapp along with multiple privacy and customization features for the demand of users. 

Is Whatsapp safe to install?

Yes, the app has fool-proof safety and proved to be free of any type of malware or bug. 

Can we use Whatsapp Plus for iOS devices?

Because of the security barriers by Apple for the devices, it is not possible to use Whatsapp Plus or any other modded version on iOS devices. Only one way is available that you need to use the jailbreaking process for the purpose. 

Can we use Whatsapp Plus and Whatsapp simultaneously? 

Yes, it is possible to use both apps on a device at the same time. 

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What is WhatsApp Plus? and History of its releases?

Whatsapp Plus was released by the senior XDA member Mr. Rafalete in 2012. Mr. Rafalete is the person who modified the source code of official WhatsApp.

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