VPN Master for Android 7.5.9

Jul 3, 2021 - Innovative Connecting (Freeware)
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VPN Master Apk for Android is a miracle to disguise your identity and gives smooth access to any unreachable website. You need not give your password, username, register yourself or even it is free of bandwidth limitation. The tool helps you to get unlimited data worldwide without location limitations. You can use the tool for UDP as well as TCPS encryption for your network connectivity to shun unwanted fears.

VPN Master APK

VPN Master Apk Features

Free Tool

VPN Master serves its users without charges. But if you want to make it more effective and productive than purchase its premium version. After installation of the tool a VPN network will be created which offers you to use the server of any region you want. Unblock the geographically blocked websites with a simple click.

Cross geographically limitations

The VPN Master gives smooth access worldwide. You can get your required data or apps that can’t be delivered in your region. Your Android can work smoothly in any part of the world without any particular browser or application.

Anonymous Browsing

The tool replaces your identity and you can browse privately without giving your username, password or anything relating your identity. Just change the server you required through the setting.

Free Navigation

The tool gives you 200 megabytes to search for free of cost. But don’t worry you can get more navigation through installing apps or offering some scores. As well as you can purchase more megabytes too.

Avoid School Firewalls

The tool enables you to unblock firewalls of school or any workplace and enjoy Wi-Fi by avoiding internet filters or censorships.

Data protection

The tool saves all of your personal information, privacy, and security.

Work with all Data Carriers

The tool has the capacity to work with all Android data carriers. You can use it in Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G as well as LTE with ease.

Avoid Downloading of Any P2P

To work smooth or fast avoid P2P because this will block your VPN account.


Main Features

  • Smooth access to unreachable websites
  • Used for UDP and TCPS encryption
  • Free of cost
  • Browsing anonymously
  • Free navigation up to 200 megabytes
  • Avoid school firewalls
  • Protect the security
  • Work with all data carriers

if you are Window User then Try it