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Jun 24, 2023 - Hola VPN Ltd Freeware

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UpdateJun 24, 2023
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Hola VPN Proxy Apk for Android commonly known as Hola Better Internet is an unlimited free VPN used for skipping the browsing restrictions. The VPN offers two more unique features such as saving 3G data via fast navigation and compressing up to 70% HTTP via catching URL, and secondly, the app allows you to browse anonymously while crossing the geographical limitations. A fast-speed VPN connected you to blocked websites. Another important feature of the Hola is the P2P VPN service which means using a user system instead of connecting with any server. 


Hola VPN Proxy Apk Features

Anonymous Browsing

 The powerful software enables you to hide your online identity, as well as protect your personal data from being tracked by hackers. Enjoy complete encrypted and safe online browsing. The app makes surfing online safer and easier. You can see unblock videos or apps without being tracked. Browse privately and anonymously while protecting your network traffic.

Free of Cost Service

The app offers free-of-cost service without any limit of bandwidth as well as trial time. With fast speed and reliability search anything, you want with your online encrypted traffic.


Fast Speed

Turbo VPN is capable of creating Virtual Private Networks with the help of P2P networks and NAT technology. Use Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, and mobile data as well without slowing down your network speed. It helps you to connect within seconds and load screens or download at a very high speed.

Wipe all Storage

The VPN clean all of your online activities and left no sign of any log which can be traced by the government or hackers. The powerful software enables you to hide your online identity, as well as protect your personal data from being tracked by hackers. 

Vary Compatibility

The Hola VPN is useful for all types of Android and iOS devices as well as compatible with multiple browsers Firefox, Google Chrome, and some others. 


The Process of Hola VPN

To create an account on Hola VPN you have to enter your personal information such as name, IP address, conditional information, as well as the use of VPN for which type of pages or websites. This information will be secure as the app does not sell or give anyone personal information to any third party. You are capable of entering this information or deleting it. 

Main Features

  • Anonymous Browsing
  • Free of Cost Service
  • Fast Speed
  • Wipe all Storage
  • Vary Compatibility
  • Simple process

Hola VPN old version

Hola Vpn for Android Apk offline installer

Hola Vpn 1.184.486 (Arm)

Hola Vpn 1.184.486 (x86)

Hola Vpn 1.162.464

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