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Jan 19, 2023 - Psiphon Inc Freeware

App NamePsiphon Pro
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UpdateJan 19, 2023
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Psiphon Pro Apk Download for Android is used as a VPN tool to give unlimited navigation online like a news broadcast, any social media platform, and much more. Directed access to breaking all hinders safely. Download the tool and jump over any blocked site as well as censored content. The tool offers a VPN along with SSH and HTTP Proxy for concealing your identity. The most sophisticated and advanced VPN masked its users for protective surfing.

  1. Directed access to breaking all internet hinders safely
  2. Simple downloading and installation method
  3. Free of cost without any hidden charges
  4. VPN along with SSH and HTTP Proxy
  5. No registration or subscription required
  6. Secure & Safe Browsing
  7. Using worldwide access points as a native network
  8. Check your Data usage

Psiphon Pro Apk Simple Procedure

Psiphon Pro is free of cost without any hidden charges, not any registration or subscription is required, simply download and install the method, select your required country for connecting yourself, and start browsing totally with a new identity.  Before selecting the country, just check which country is providing the highest speed.


Secure & Safe Browsing

The app gives you secure and safe browsing by using worldwide access points as a native network. Once running the app, avoid any type of risk; just carry on, as no one can locate your present location.

Dual Service

Psiphon Pro works extra than any other VPN, as it relies not only on a VPN system but also offers an SSH system that enables you to unblock the sites that prove inaccessible through a VPN system. Its sophisticated and advanced tunnel creates more reliable and smooth surfing online.

Check your Data

The users with limited data plans can take an eye on their usage. Just click on the button and know about the traffic consumed by your device at any time. Get modified configuration through going inside the app and swindle configuration of proxy and modifying your own network connectivity. 


Get Upgraded Access

No doubt the app is totally free, but if you want to upgrade your access, just pay only two bucks and find multiple bandwidths for getting 2MB p/s network speed. Additionally, the app is financed through ads, if you don’t like these frustrating ads, pay a subscription fee and get rid of them.

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