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May 30, 2024 - WhatsApp Pro Free

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Whatsapp GB Pro is the latest and updated version of Whatsapp including more options, a new style, and privacy options. Billions of people around the world are using Whatsapp for sending messages in different styles such as images, photos, audio/video files, documents, and so on. You can also make audio/video calls, conferences or group calls with the help of leading applications globally. With all these facilities, Whatsapp has lack some vital features such as themes, colors, emoticons, and so on. So we recommend you to go to a mod version and enjoy all the required features you want. 

Disable DND Mode

Continuing with other vital online activities sometimes chat apps or other such social media apps create a disturbing situation. It is better to turn on ‘DND mode’ offered by the app to disconnect your Wi-Fi connection only for the app and you can complete your other important tasks to avoid all types of disturbance. 

Filter your Message Option

The feature is more reliable for the people who use the app frequently. Just go to Settings, open the filter option, and add some specific words or phrases for organizing them into different categories.  In this way, you can arrange your message according to its importance and also filter spam messages easily. 


Switching Dark & Light Mods

The pro version is equipped with two types of mods; Dark & Light mode which was not available in the official one. You can easily switch between the mods for using dark mod at night and light mode during daytime. 

Whatsapp GB Pro Anti-Ban Feature

It is true that the official Whatsapp team can ban the modified versions of Whatsapp. It is because they found any misleading about the terms and regulations. But, now third-party developers are adding some specific features so the mod can’t be banned by the officials. 


Fool-proof privacy feature makes your online activities safe and secure. You can take multiple actions using several privacy features to make your chat and other activities safe and hide it from the prying eyes of others. Entire of your content including your chats, call logs, file sharing, and others will be completely private. None of your personal info such as Name, City, Phone Number, and other cannot be shared with anyone. 

Self Destructive Messages

Clears all read as well as viewed messages from you and your contacts and cleans the space for coming activities. 

Hide Stories

If you want some selective people to watch your ‘Stories’. Feel free, just go to the settings and hide all the required contact names from the list. In this way, you can save your ‘Stories’. 

Hide Writing & Recording Feature

When we receive the text of any contact and want to reply. But it takes some time to reply as sometimes we have no convenient words to reply. This situation looks awkward and we can write or record some incontinence words. Avoid the terrible situation and disable the feature from the settings and reply to your contact with complete satisfaction. 

Backup & Restore your Data

Create your backup copy before installing the app on your device. We can lose our important chats, images, or photos because of our little mishandling of the app or our device. If we have a backup, we can easily restore our data. 


Theme Store

An in-built Theme Store with 700+ different attractive themes helps us to apply any theme of our choice. Open the store feature and select any theme you want to apply. Similarly, a plethora of wallpapers are available for you to decorate your chat screen. 

Emoticons & Stickers

Multiple types of emoticons with sticker packs make your conversation colorful and impressive. Add an emojis or sticker instead of writing words cans your time and energy and you can easily express your feelings of happiness, sadness, or excitement.  

Schedule your Messages

Message Scheduler is one of the best features to give inconvenience chat. Just enable the feature, type your message, and select the date and time. Feel free of remembering the accurate time and date of wishing a birthday or any other event to your loved ones. The message will be sent to your preferred person on time automatically. 

Share your Live Location

Sharing of live location with your friends is another amazing feature. You need not worry to call again and again to your friend or reply back to your family about your present position. Just enable the feature and contact anybody to whom you want to correct the location. The feature is quite productive for parents in tracking the location of their children. 

Edit your Video & Photos

The in-built video and photo editing feature enable you to edit your content. You need not download a third-party editing app for this purpose. The editing tool offers different filters, stickers, and other exciting options for you to customize your video or photo to make them beautiful before sharing them with your friends and family. 

Interface Customization

Customizing the interface in the app is also an exciting feature. You can customize everything related to your UI such as navigation position changing, hiding as well as displaying floating buttons, and so on. You can use the ‘Color Change’ option for changing the color of icons, notifications, and fonts. 

File Sharing

Unlike the official app, avail of unlimited file sharing with your friends and family. 

Final Words

All-in-all, the GB Whatsapp Pro is the best substitute for the official app. you can avail of all the missing features with complete privacy. The freeware app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. 

App NameWhatsapp GB Pro
AuthorWhatsApp Pro
Latest Version10.10.20
UpdateMay 30, 2024
Size(44.42 MB)
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