What is WhatsApp Plus?

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Are you in search of the best WhatsApp Mod with a great breakthrough of innovative features to make your privacy and customizing settings perfect? Whatsapp Plus is the perfect and stunning mod of Whatsapp that can satisfy you a lot. 

In the modern age, a lot of inventions have made our lives easier, and one of the most credible things is the entry of mobiles and then Smartphones for a quick and easy communication process. Now, we don’t wait for a long period to send or receive our messages. Simply open your device, and go to the messaging app installed on your device, and start chatting, calling, or sharing your important content. 


Whatsapp Plus was released by the senior XDA member Mr. Rafalete in 2012. Mr. Rafalete is the person who modified the source code of official WhatsApp. The end-to-end encryption feature offered in Whatsapp and all of its Modes including Whatsapp Plus allows the users to send and receive messages, important documents, and other multimedia content without any threat of stealing or hacking. You will find all of your favorite features in this game-changer app i.e. hide online status, anti-view message, download status, and you also have the option a quick switching between Whatsapp Plus and the official app. 

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