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Jul 9, 2024 - Facebook Free

App NameFacebook
Latest Version473.
UpdateJul 9, 2024
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RequirementsAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
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Facebook Apk for Android is the biggest social media platform that enables you to read the news, play games, watch videos, and share your own posts with your ecosystem. The latest customized news feed helps you to prioritize friends whom you like to view first. The app also offers the “Messenger” app for sending private messages to your friends. Share upgrades and photos, participate with friends and Pages, and remain associated with communities relevant to you personally.

How to Facebook Apk Download and Installation

Facebook Apk stays connected with your social circle by organizing the app individually, storing, and saving data as well as sharing simply via the timeline.

  1. Download the apk file.
  2. Next, run the Facebook Apk file which takes some time.
  3. Now you are able to install the app.
  4. After installing log in by inserting your Conditional 
  5. Add a profile photo from the device gallery.
  6. After confirmation, you can add people as your friends.
Facebook App

Facebook App-Friendly Interface

The reliable and clear-headed interface with intuitive use gives you easy access to social networks. The tabbed menu on the left side guides us towards the activities of users as well as pages for following, here you can request friends, messages, notifications, search people, and the user menu. The app enables you to send or receive messages without installing the messenger app. The box “What’s on your mind” enables you to post your thoughts, photos, or anything you like.


News Feed Preferences

News Feed Preferences is the feature for housing your close friends at the top of your timeline. Through the setting of preferences, you can customize your News Feed. You can subscribe to your favorite celebrities, brands, sports world, and news channels. Here you can also see videos by clicking the Watch List option. 

Security & Privacy

No concern about security or privacy. Just change the default settings, and adjust “Privacy Shortcuts”. Multiple tools are presented to save your data from any third party. The feature “Who can see my stuff” enables you to share your content with only specific people. Selecting the “Friends Only” option will save your email address, phone number, and some other personal information from any third person.

Simple Sharing

Take photos directly from the device’s camera and use them according to your wish. You can upload it for your locality and also set up a secret photo album just for your private use. You can share your story; and upload photos or posts with your friends, groups, and pages. The notification feature enables you to know about other remarks for your posts. 

Some Limitations

No doubt, the app supports multiple video files such as .avi, MP4, and .mov, but the main issue with the videos is that you can’t download Facebook videos right to Android. The irritating ads are another complicated issue that interrupts the posts of someone special. 

Group & One-to-One Chatting

One-to-one free voice and video conversation, creating groups, and enjoying chatting with your friends and family are very easy with Facebook. Share your life memories with them and stay up to date always. Arrange any topic, event, or interest, and invite people to join this conference. 

Facebook Pages 

The app arranges pages of famous personalities for you to join as a fan. Users can also organize their own group pages for sharing the same information.

Transfer your Account

Facebook offers another exciting feature like insurance. You can select any friend from the list, who can download an archive of your posts and photos. For this purpose, you have to add the friend to Legacy Contact.

Easy Backup

Facebook enables you to create an easy backup of your posts and watch live videos. The app is a big consumer of the battery and takes a large place. However the developers have tried to solve the problem by introducing Facebook Lite. The Lite version eats up less battery and resources than the official app. 

Facebook Apk


The app is very simply compatible with all types of devices of Androids. The free-of-cost app has been presented for all software users, free to download with potential restrictions. It belongs to the internet-related category. Bug fixing, stability, and speed performance are the latest improvements for the new coming version. 

Business dealings

Facebook is a popular social network that enables you to introduce your business, attract clients, and spread your business internationally. The app helps you to spread your low-level business to a high-class level. Join different groups and pages and introduce your skill to a lot of people. 

Main Features

  • Friendly Interface
  • News Feed Preferences
  • Security & Privacy
  • Simple Sharing
  • Some Limitations
  • Group & One-to-One Chatting
  • Facebook Pages 
  • Transfer your Account
  • Easy Backup
  • Compatibility
  • Business dealings

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