Facebook Lite

Nov 16, 2022 - Facebook Inc (Freeware)
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Facebook Lite Apk 2022 for Android is lightweight consuming very little data on your device. The official version of Facebook demands no high-class Android device as well as a 4G data network and Facebook lite for pc you use on your windows through android emulators. Simply designed for a 2G network with multiple features like taking less than 2MB space, fast loading, timeline sharing, searching for people easily, editing profiles and groups, and liking pictures. 

  1. Lightweight app
  2. Consuming very few resources
  3. Fast sharing of data
  4. Compatible with Android
  5. Keeps Up-to-date
  6. Friendly Interface
  7. Receive and send messages without installing the messenger app
  8. Loads data faster

Facebook Lite Apk Friendly Interface

The reliable and clear-headed interface with intuitive use gives you easy access to social networks. The upper bar guides us towards activities of users as well as pages for following, here you can request friends, messages, notifications, search people, and the user menu. The app enables you to send or receive messages without installing the messenger app.

Lightweight FB Lite App

A lightweight FB Lite app takes only 2MB of space as well as consumes very low resources of your device. In fact a hundred times less than the original version. 


Stay Connected

The tiny app with great capacity enables you to stay connected with network activities, in addition, to a personal organizer that store, save and share your memories very quickly. You can share your memories right from the Android camera. The app offers a privacy setting for keeping your pics safe while setting up a secret photo album.

Keeps Up-to-date

You can be updated about the world’s most famous celebrities, brands, and sportsmen by subscribing as well as following their News Feeds.   

Work Fast

The app with fast installation quickly loads the data. Additionally, working on a very low network can keep you in contact with friends in a faster and more reliable way.


Compatible with Android

The app is more smooth and more effective with all types of Android devices while using very low data, as it can work on 2G, 3G, and 4g in the same style.

App NameFacebook Lite
DeveloperFacebook Inc
Latest Version330.
UpdateNov 16, 2022
Size(1.90 MB)