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Mar 27, 2024 - GBWhatsappPlus Free

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GB WhatsApp Plus is another sister app that offers you exciting features and other functionalities. It enables you to communicate with your friends and family with end-to-end encryption of messages. It was developed in 2012 by XDA member Rafalete as a modified version of Whatsapp with a changed code and a new gold interface. You can use it along with another Whatsapp account on the same device simultaneously. It is available for all types of Android devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and so on. A team of XDA developers designed the app in 2012 and the last version of the app was published in 2020. Now HeyMods and AlexMods are working more reliably to develop the app.

AlexMods GB Whatsapp Plus

Four different mods besides Whatsapp GB Plus were created by AlexMods. The developers offer the APK in the zip file that requires extracting, saving, downloading, and installing process. It offers multiple different features including dark and light themes, base updates, animated emojis, blue ticks hiding, changing the color and theme of the background, a lot of stickers, and so on.

HeyMods GB Whatsapp Plus

The version released by HeyMods was quite similar to the old versions of XDA with few improved features. You will find multiple features in the HeyMods version such as base updated, DIY theme, hide privacy terms and chats, changing of blue tick colors, hide story view, and so on. 


Unique Themes

Around 700 unique, versatile, and attractive themes are available in the app to enable you to customize your chat screen. Unlike the official app, you can use multiple customizing features including selecting the text color, button color, graphics, and a lot of others. You need not of downloading the themes as the app offers a complete set of arranged themes by name, date, and version. It gives you hassle-free downloaded themes with an easy customization process. 

Add Emoticons & Stickers to your Chat

The digital world has changed the human lifestyle and enabled us to describe our feelings in different styles. Like in our past, we need not use words for expressing our feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, or excitement. Just add an emoticon or vibrant sticker to your chat and impress your friends and family a lot. In the app emoticons from Google Hangouts and several trendy sticker packs are available, keep in mind, that the exchanging of amazing emoticons is possible with the same Whatsapp Plus account. 


Clean every unnecessary chat, image, or video from your app using the in-built cleaner. Avoid the downloading of any third-party cleaner and clear all extra content from your app and boost up the speed of the app. 

Hide all Unwanted Options

We are sometimes busy or sometimes we are not n the mood to attend any chat or call. In the Official app, we can’t avoid all this as we can’t ignore some of our contacts. In GB Whatsapp Plus, we can do this, because we have the disabling option of multiple features such as;

  • Use DND mod and turn off Wi-Fi only for your Whatsapp and perform all other online activities easily.
  • Disable ‘Online Status’ and go to in ghosting position as no one can view your ‘Last Seen’.
  • Disable “blue ticks’ and ‘double ticks’ and save yourselves from answering on time.
  • Hide the ‘typing or recording’ option and write or record your reply satisfactorily. 
  • Hide the ‘Blue mic’ option and reply to your contact after any time you like. 

Anti-Deleting Messages or Status

If you open your Whatsapp and watch some messages deleted by your contact before you read them. It is a very incontinent situation, you can’t ask your contact why he/she has deleted the messages or resend the messages again. Similarly, it is not possible with deleted status by your contact. But with the app, you can easily read the deleted messages and watch the removed status by just enabling the ‘Anti-revoke’ option.  

Auto-reply & Scheduled Messages

If you are busy or stuck in any critical situation you can’t reply specifically to your family or any other loved one. Enjoy the relief offered by the GB Whatsapp Plus and record some messages that will send to your contacts automatically without your co-operation. Similarly, scheduled messages give you chance to wish a happy birthday or any other event by scheduling messages with the required date and time. Make sure the availability of Wi-Fi on the delivery time of the message, so the message could be delivered on time and date to your contacts. 

Share your Content Limitlessly

Avoid stimulating tension by sending only 16MB files through the official Whatsapp. Let’s enjoy the limitless sharing of files up to 50MB of video and 100MB of audio files. It is a great option for data distributors. Additionally, the HD quality images and videos uploaded on your status for more than 30 seconds up to 7 minutes can be also shared. 

Wallpapers & Fonts

Unique and stylish wallpapers are the most wanted customizing feature in any app. the wallpapers, fonts, and styles are the amazing customization features that give your app a thrilling position. A plethora of wallpapers, fonts, and styles are available in the app for you to try and apply on the chat screen to make your contacts impressive. 

History & Logs

Keeps an eye on the complete record of your app using the ‘History & log’ feature. The feature gives you every bit of activity that you have done on the app. 

Fool-Proof Security

Security concerns are basic demand of any online user in the digital world. You are online and are in contact with a lot of people. Some of your social media contacts, some for business affairs, and multiple other affairs can be dealt with online. It is really difficult to maintain your online privacy and security foolproof. The app offers a built-in locker for you to make your WA secure while setting a password or using a PIN or fingerprint. 

Hassle-free Calling Option

In the official app, you can’t make calls to a person who is not saved to your phonebook. Avoid the bothering situation of adding the number to your list before calling the required person. Open the app, dial numbers, and talk to any person you like. 

How to Migrate Whatsapp to GB Whatsapp Plus

The migrating procedure is simple and completed by following some simple steps. It is applicable for Android and iPhone both reliably.

  1. Make sure the stability of Wi-Fi.
  2. Go to the navigation option and create a backup copy.
  3. Download the APK file of GB Whatsapp Plus.
  4. Allow ‘Unknown sources’ and start installing the app. 
  5. Use OPT method to confirm your phone number after completing the installation process.
  6. After verification, sign in to your account.
  7. Upload your backup to your new app and start chatting and calling. 

Final Words

GB Whatsapp Plus like other mods of official Whatsapp offers a lot of unique and exciting features. It can fulfill your all requirements related to your privacy concerns. The freeware and easy-to-use app with millions of downloads daily enable users to contact anyone and anywhere around the world. 

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