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Mar 27, 2024 - Google Inc Free

App NameYouTube Go
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UpdateMar 27, 2024
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YouTube Go is officially developed by YouTube for downloading videos to your Android device and saving your mobile data from wasting. The freeware and the lightweight app is specifically designed for areas with slow network. You can share your downloaded videos with your friends using Bluetooth. 

YouTube Go Simple Work Process

Simply download the app and sign in using your official YouTube account. You will find a simple interface with an exclusive video list. Open the list, clicks any video, and find different options relating to the video; preview video, storage capacity on your device, and so on. You are offered two options for downloading; basic quality and standard quality. You can select anyone according to the storage capacity and mobile data. Next two more options are offered; play video or download it, just select any one manually, and the option will be repeated each time. You can customize settings for changing the storage capacity, just click and transfer downloaded content to memory or SD card. You can remove the data with a single click. 

All downloaded content will be saved to the memory of the device and can be watched again and again even in an offline position. Have fun with live streaming as well as downloaded content where you are. 

Unlimited Discovering

Get unlimited content relating to you and your family choice; TV Shows, funny videos, trending styles, cooking, and a lot of others. You will all have content in your own language while enhancing your browsing experience a lot. 


Mobile Data Saving

Just tap on the thumbnail and find everything you want such as taking a preview of the video, selecting the option of watch video or download, and also selecting the data MBs you want to use. All this will help you to save your data from wasting and you can avail the required facility. 

Easy & Fast Downloading Process

The basic purpose of the app offered by the officials is the download your favorite videos easily. So you can download the videos and save them in different ways such as saving them right to your device gallery or shifting them to an SD card or internal memory. You are capable of watching videos anytime and anywhere even without using your mobile data and playing them without buffering. 

Limitless Sharing Option

The app also offers the exclusive feature of sharing your downloaded videos with your friends on a P2P connection basis. Just open the ‘Download tab’ and click on the ‘Send’ option while activating Bluetooth. Ask your friend to click on the ‘Receive’ option, and the transferring process will start. 

High-quality Content

Whatever option of downloading or playing videos you select will be of high quality. So come and watch hassle-free downloading, streaming, and sharing of videos in high quality. 

New & Fresh Content

Get notifications about uploading fresh content. You can easily get your required content, just personalize your favorite content and take it on your home screen anytime it is uploaded. Subscribe to your favorite channels and get notifications from them about any advancement. 

Hassle-free Sharing

The sharing option is very simple and easy. Now with some enhancement, you can share the content from the home screen, and also batch sharing of videos is also possible now.  This will not hang your device and burden your storage. 


Difference between YouTube and YouTube Go

The first and foremost difference between both apps is their size. The standard app is the biggest app while covering huge storage of your device whereas YouTube Go is a lightweight app and consumes only a few resources of your device. You can’t use the official app without internet service, but YouTube Go makes you get rid of the internet requirement. It is available only for Android devices as the official app is cross-platform. You can keep checking on your mobile data and select MBs for use, but in the official one, it can’t be possible. You can share videos only with P2P connections and not with other social media apps as it is possible with YouTube.  

Final Words

All-in-all, YouTube Go is the best alternative for YouTube specifically for old devices with slow internet connections such as 2G or 3G. 

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