Oct 11, 2022 - SamMods (Free)
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InstaPro Apk is the modded version of Instagram for downloading the posts, videos, Reels & IGTVs of Instagram without using any third party. The app with an attractive and eye-catching layout offers multiple privacy features that enable you to lock, download, and save the videos or images. The freeware version is also known as GBInsta like GBWhatsapp and is developed by SamMods. 


How to Download Content from Instagram through InstaPro

It offers a simple process of downloading content from Instagram without using any 3rd-party. Download InstaPro on your device and download posts from Instagram by following the given steps;

Download Instagram Posts

  • Go to your Instagram page and select the post that you like to download.
  • Tap the “download” option.
  • Allow the required permission to store from the app.
  • Start downloading.
  • You can download the carousel or a single picture also. 

Download Instagram Stories

  • Open ‘Stories’ on your Instagram.
  • Click the three-dot menu on the screen.
  • Allow app required permission for accessing to storage.
  • Start downloading the story on your device.

Download Instagram Reels

  • Open ‘Reels’ on your Instagram page.
  • Tap to the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Download Reel’ option.
  • Allow the permission to ask for access to phone storage.
  • Start downloading the reel on your device.

Download IGTV Videos

  • Open Instagram Story on your device.
  • Click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Allow permission for accessing phone storage.
  • Start downloading Instagram IGTV videos on your device

Copy Bio

Just click any bio of your contact and copy it. You can copy the comment of any person. Just hold the comment and a copy option will appear to copy it. Zoom any profile and download it easily. It offers a reliable downloading process without requiring rooting of your device.

HD Images

The offers advanced Ai-based graphics that can enhance the quality of the image up to 1080p. It also enables you to share your photos in full resolution. The in-app browser option enables you to visit any other link if you like. 

Security Lock

Enjoy a strong level of security for your Insta profile. Apply for a secret pin number on your Instagram account and save your profile from prying eyes. The in-built security lock option releases your bother of selecting any third-party lock and downloads it for your account. 


The ads-free feature is one of the best features because it saves us from the unwanted display of advertisements on our screen.



It offers multiple privacy options such as you can view anyone’s story without knowing him, hiding marks of reading of messages, and hiding typing status in the Direct Messaging option. Check your followers and also who have unfollowed you.

Translate you Messages

The app supports all important languages and enables you to translate your messages into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and so on. It will make your understanding of messages easy and you can reply to your contact quickly.  

Use Shortcuts

Multiple shortcuts are available for you to carry on the app in a quick way. You can tap exclusively to open the post and double-click to like the posts. Triple-clicking will start downloading process. Give a long tap for zooming of any photo. Open the camera or DM option by disabling the swipe.


Add effects, filters, and background audio to your video. Different interesting stickers and animation are also available for you to add some extra and give a unique look to your downloaded content.


Safe & secure

It is 100% safe and secure as it takes the content from your Instagram account and transfers it to your device. It is free of any type of bugs or malware. You need not worry about the banning of the app as it has an anti-ban option also. 

Final Word

Whole details about InstaPro or GBInsta show the clarification of the app. It is the best choice because it offers multiple in-built features that save you from downloading 3rd-party apps. Don’t hesitate and install the latest version of the app that is located in the ‘Android apps category’. 


  • Download instantly
  • Direct saving to your device
  • Fool-proof security and privacy


  • No auto-updates are available
  • Sometimes the low image quality
App NameInstaPro
Latest Version9.15
UpdateOct 11, 2022
Size(56.85 MB)