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May 30, 2024 - SamMods Free

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InstaPro 2 Apk Download is the mod version of Instagram with some unique features as you can get rid of the frustration of taking screenshots and next cropping them for your use. If you are a constant internet user, surely you have some know-how about Instagram. It is the most popular photo-sharing app around the world. As billions of people use it to share their photos and get updates about their favorite celebrities by following them, and a lot of such amazing features.

Like other social media apps, Instagram also required some improvements as the users demand extra capabilities that Instagram is providing. For the demanding features, users are compelled to use some other third-parties applications. The introduction of multiple mods on Instagram has resolved the issues. You will find multiple mods such as OG Insta, GBInsta, AeroInsta, and one of the most favorite InstaPro, which we are discussing today. 

As we know, a mod is the cloned version of the original. Multiple modes are introduced by multiple developers. The mods are created by editing and modifying Instagram’s Source Code and Rebuild the app to offer new capabilities. 

What is InstaPro?

Sam developers have introduced the InstaPro app with three package names i.e. com.insta, com.instapro, and com.instapro2. It was launched in 2019 and works like a game changer for Insta users. It makes you feel free from the frustration of taking screenshots of your favorite posts and cropping them before using them on another platform. Or if you want to download content from Instagram using any third-party downloader, you have to face different irritating issues such as privacy, ad watching, and so on. Moreover, you have to try several websites for downloading a simple video which is time-consuming.

The solution to all these and other such issues is simple, download InstaPro, and have fun with multiple capabilities such as downloading Instagram posts, stories, reels, IGTV videos, and so on. You need not worry about your privacy such as continue browsing anonymously through Instagram, making changes to your screen, selecting a font, lot of other interesting features that are missing in the official app. 


As it was launched in 2019, it got viral immediately, and now it is used by millions of users around the world. It is free of charge while enabling the users to simply click and copy the bio or comment of any other user. It is commonly considered the modded versions are not safe and has different security issues, but the app has a lot of positive reviews from users. no doubt, it is updated regularly with a safe installation process to make you feel free from the entry of any malicious content. It is compatible with all types of Smartphones without any requirement for jailbreaking or rooting. 

How to Use InstaPro 2?

Complete the download and installation process, launch the app on your device, and log in by entering your username and other formalities. Head to your official Instagram, and you are eligible of downloading the posts of Instagram by tapping the download icon in each Instagram post. The app will ask the permission of accessing to your Storage, simply hit the ‘Allow’ option and go ahead. 

You can select any specific or all pictures of a post for downloading and saving to your storage.  Likewise downloading Instagram Stories is also possible with the app. here we are discussing the downloading of different types of content one by one;


How to Download Instagram Posts?

  • Open the app on your device and go to your main screen.
  • Select the post you want to download.
  • An icon for downloading the post will be displayed along the post.
  • Tap the icon and ‘Allow’ option to give the app access to your storage.
  • You can select a specific or all-picture option in case of downloading the carousel.

How to download Instagram Stories

  • Go to the Instagram Story option.
  • Select the story you want to download.
  • Tap to three-dot on the side of the story.
  • A drop-down will be opened, select the download option.
  • Wait for a moment to complete the downloading process.

How to Download Instagram Reels?

  • Go to the Reels option of your Instagram.
  • Select the reel you want to download.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu at the bottom of the reel.
  • Select the download option from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for downloading the reel and moving it to your storage.

How to download IGTV Videos?

  • Go to the IGTV Videos option on your Instagram.
  • Select the content you want to download.
  • Tap on the three-dot menu at the bottom of it.
  • Select the download option from the drop-down menu.
  • Wait for downloading the video and moving it to your storage.

Features of InstaPro

Anonymous Browsing

Cover your presence in the app and browse content as well as stories uploaded by others by letting them know. In this way, you can read messages also and hide the status of typing messages from the screen of others even when you are writing.

Fast & Limitless Downloading

 You have the option of downloading any type of content i.e. posts, Reels, IGTV videos, and stories easily. It was a frustrating situation to take screenshots of your favorite post and edit it. Now, simply click on the required post or video and download it to save on your device. 


The app has no advertisement, so you can work reliably without any interference from any type of irritating advertisement. 

Share High-quality Content

It maintains the quality of photos or videos when you upload them from your Insta account. Commonly, the quality of content drops when you upload it using your Android device. Avoid irritating situations and enjoy high-quality content for sharing.  Simply go to Settings and click on the Enhancement option to control any type of quality issue.

Customize your Settings

Check your followers on Instagram. It also informs you about the people who unfollow you. In addition, you can customize settings options such as changing of usage of Instagram, disabling sponsored posts and advertisements, removing liked posts from your Profile Feed, loading the Lowest Photo and Video Quality to Save Data, and other such features. 

Translate your Content

The app is equipped with an integrated browser to make your navigation process fast and smooth. Likewise, use the inbuilt translator to translate content into your language or the language you understand better. As sometimes you get comments from your foreign friends in a language, you can’t understand, so enable the translator and get the translation into your native language with one click. 

Customize your Screen

No need have continued with the same or boring default screen. Use multiple customization tools to change your Background Colors, Text Colors, Font Style, and Custom Background Wallpaper. It will decorate your chat screen and make your conversation unique and beautiful. Similarly, Gesture settings are also possible to modify i.e. enable/disable double-tap gestures, Triple Tap for Download Media, and disabling or swiping the navigation of gesture.

Fool-proof Privacy

On Instagram, Important Privacy Features is not available, and the user of today demands them a lot. So come to InstaPro and find everything in detail. Similar to GBWhatsapp, you are capable of hiding your online status, typing or recording status, last seen status, and a lot of others. You can disguise your presence and watch the stories of others without knowing them about it. 

Lock your App

Use Fingerprint, Facelock, or PIN number to lock your Instagram as it is possible with InstaPro APK 2024 latest version. It is also possible to hide the icon of the app from your device. 

High-quality Graphics

Same as sharing high-quality content, you are capable of receiving flawless high-quality content i.e. photos, movies, or images. It is only possible with InstaPro’s new edition to download and watch HD-quality videos. 


The app offers free-of-charge services to users for utilizing its administration of it. You can download any type of content without spending a penny by simply adding your Android telephone display. Same as take screenshots of any post and share with your friends without editing. 

Special features

Have fun with a lot of special features that are missing on the original app. you can copy the comments or bio of your friends by simply holding on to the picture for a while. Check your followers and the people who unfollow you. Direct open comments links with a single click. Add different material to your stories such as music, stickers, and other animation. Just give a long tap to zoom any picture, and so on. 

Create Friend List

You can attract a lot of friends as your followers by creating unique and interesting content. It is upon you to create content that is relevant to your users and magnetizes them. Simply, go to Settings of the app and create a ‘Friend List’ for sharing suitable content with someone special. You have the option of adding as well as removing the followers also.

App Icon

You have the option of changing the official app icon. Simply, go to the app’s Settings and change the icon from under the left menu. Similarly, you can avoid the boring single theme colors, and change theme colors by switching between black and white.  


How to Download and Install InstaPro 2 on Android

The downloading as well as installing of the app is simple and straightforward. You have to download the app using different browsers as it is a third-party app and will not be available on the Google Play Store

  • Go to any authentic website and download the APK file of the app, as you can download it by pressing the ‘Download APK’ button from the given page.
  • Open your device’s Settings and tap on the ‘Security’ option and select ‘Unknown Sources’ and click on it to enable it for allowing your device to install third-party installation.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file from the storage of your devices such as File Manager or the Downloads option.
  • Open the app and click on the ‘Install’ option.
  • Wait for completing the installation process.
  • Log in with your already have Instagram account.


  • It safeguards your privacy and protects your personal information from delivering to any third party.
  • You can easily download short videos and Stories from your Instagram.
  • The Advanced AI-based Graphic improver is available for increasing your image quality up to 1080p. It depends on the graphics supported by your phone.
  • The app offers a source code to eliminate any type of ads and enables you to get ad-free Instagram without spending a penny.
  • You are capable of locking your Instagram with the help of a fingerprint, Facelock, or PIN code. 
  • Directly downloading IGTV videos from your Instagram account to your SD card. 


  • The updating process is slow as you will find any new feature added by Instagram a little later.
  • The dark mode is ineffective as the cards at the bottom of the screen remain white.


Can I use the InstaPro app along with the original app?

Yes, you can use InstaPro and original app equally on any device.

Is it possible to change language of InstaPro?

You can change the language using the built-in language option, by simply clicking on the ‘Translate into’ key and selecting the language you want to translate the bio or comments of your friends.

Can I use InstaPro for my iPhone?

No, the app is only available for Android devices.

Can I download content without any watermarks?

Yes, app offers a simple process of downloading content from Instagram without watermarks.

Is InstaPro safe and secure?

The app offers fool-proof security and there is not any threat of malicious content or malware. 

How can I Update InstaPro?

Go to the Settings of the app, tap on the Notification option, and click on the ‘Update’ button. In case of not availability of any update, simply visit and update your app.

Final Words

The InstaPro 2 is mod of Instagram that offers multiple amazing and exciting features and one of them is downloading short videos, IGTV videos, Stories, and images from your Instagram and directly saving them to your device storage. The premium advanced feature ‘Ads-free’ is also available for you to avoid annoying ads. Moreover, you can customize your screen using different customization tools i.e. colorful themes, fonts, wallpapers, and backgrounds. In the end, the app is not associated with official apps, as it is third-party development created by third-party Developers. 

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