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Google Play Store APK Download for Android is exclusively launched by Google for downloading Android apps. Millions of apps are housed in the digital library of the Google Play Store App download and install. Open the app; write the name of your required app, and a list of related apps will be displayed in front of you for selecting your required app. You can also get through the info of Android apps such as user’s feedback, another option, description by author, images, etc.

Before launching of Google Play Store, three different products were; Android Market in 2008, and Google eBookstore in 2010. But the difficulty was remaining and a solution was required. In 2012, Google Play Store was presented as a combination of the three mentioned above. It has changed the digital distribution strategy of Google. The Chrome version came in 2016. The changes were added gradually and different services are becoming part of this wizard app. In 2017, Google Play Store offered 3.5 million applications from 150 different locations and gives 85% of revenue to the developers while taking only 15% of revenue to itself.

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Google Play Store APK

Google Play Store Apk App Safe & Secure

Google Play Protect is the bonus security feature for scanning the mobile to detect any type of malicious content. The auto-running of the feature secures your smartphone and enables you to avoid viruses, malware, Trojan, and other suspicious data. So the claim of Google that only 0.05% of apps may be malicious is correct. The ‘Data Safety section’ informs you about the collecting and sharing of user data by developers such as the purpose of collecting data, sharing data with third parties, app safety, and following the Family Policy of Google Play. All the information is declared by developers in the section. Enter your online payment detail seamlessly as Google seriously takes steps for safety. It also setups some measurements for preventing fake reviews and the system for human intelligence and machine learning to avoid fake reviews is also introduced. You can satisfactorily download any app after reading reviews or the details on the play store.   

Fast & Unlimited Downloading 

The app boasts a downloading speed of up to 5 times more than any other program. Just click the “Download” button and download a small file within moments. Creating multiple real-time connections for a file source and optimizing the download speed helps you to download the file immediately. Additionally, two million free apps and games are available with daily highlighting of professional editors. The app also gives offline installation of apps.  


Addition of Multiple Services

Google Play Store is the one enormous giant of downloading stuff online. Whatever free, as well as paid content you need, is available, come to the store and find it seamlessly. As time passes different categories of services are added such as;

  1. Games are a big part of online services and Google introduced Google Play Games in 2013. It is the best platform with some amazing functions; real-time multiplayer gaming capabilities, cloud saves, social as well as public leaderboards, and achievements.
  2. Books are another service point where you will find around five million ebooks and purchase them easily. You can upload your own eBook up to 1,000 in different formats. It was presented in 2017 to 75 countries.
  3. Google Play Pass was launched in 2019 that is a subscription service for games and apps. You can now purchase the games and apps with ad-free and in-app purchases.
  4. Teacher Approved is another amazing part of the Google Play Store that is used for academic purposes.

Auto-Updating of the App

The auto-updating feature updates the application regularly.  But if you can manually update the app through the APK file and enjoy the latest functions of the app. The updating process is very simple and easy. Just follow the given steps and update your favorite app like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Lite


Simple Interface

The simple and easy interface gives easy access to downloading the apps. The intuitive screen is divided into different categories which helps you to search for apps easily. On the top is the search bar for searching content via adding the app’s name or keywords. On the downside, they categorized top apps with features such as the number of installations of the app which shows its popularity. A different color for counting downloads in a badge such as a badge will be grey in case of 100 to 5,000 downloads of the app. 

Perfect Choice

No doubt, several alternatives such as Aptoide, Mobogenie, or Apkpure are persuading users to download content. These apps are also best with some extraordinary features, but Google Play Store Apk is a full-fledged hub offering millions of apps with detailed information.


How to Payment Process for Apps

Google Play Store is a plethora of games, apps, ebooks, and everything you want to download for your device. Login to your Google account and access to Google Play Store to start an amazing time-spending procedure. It’s a simple process; log in to your Google Play Account, click ‘Add a payment method, and follow the given steps to complete the process. Google Play is connected with some network carriers for getting bills and offers options for users to charge their bills. You can use a credit card or monthly phone bill, and even refund your charges within 48 hours for any purchase.

How to Fix Google Play Errors

Sometimes Google Play Store stops working and gives some error signs. It is easy to fix the issue by following some steps;

  • Clear Cache; open settings, go to the Apps Manager, search Google Play Store from the All Apps option, press the “Force stop” button and next ‘Clear cache’ button, and download the app again.
  • Clear Data; open settings, go to Apps Manager, search Google Play Store from the ‘All Apps’ option, press the ‘Force stop’ button, and next to the ‘Clear data’ button.

The error will be solved by performing of two above steps, but if not then go to the third one.

  • Remove Google Account; open settings, tap the account from the Accounts option for removing, press ‘Menu’, and press ‘Remove Account’. Enter your account again after restarting the device and downloading the app.

Avoid Permission Feature

It is possible with the Google Play store to avoid the permission feature like you can decide to accept or decline the permission of the app to access your location. It is also upon you to decide on one-time use or all the time. For this purpose do to the ‘Android Privacy dashboard’ and change the permission features for your sensitive permissions such as camera, microphone, or location data.

How to Google Play Store Download and Install APK Latest Version

The Google Play Store already installed the app on the menu list of newly bought smartphones. In case of any damaging situation, the application cannot be available. You have to install the app via the APK file. Follow the given instructions for only play store download and installation.

  1. Download the Play Store Apk file and click on the Download button from Softmany.
  2. Click on the “File Manager” option and go to the download folder located in the internal memory of default.
  3. Find the already downloaded APK file.
  4. On tapping APK for running it, a warning pop-up will be displayed on the screen, this will warn you about stopping the installation because of the activation of an unknown source.
  5. You can activate the APK file by clicking the “Enable” button, or go to the setting select the “ Allow install of non-Play Store applications” option, and click the “OK” button.
  6. Go to the APK file and complete the installation by following the simple steps.

Final Words

Google Play Store Download Apk is a full-fledged hub of apps and games with a completely secure and safe downloading process. It requires only a Google account and offers simple synchronization to all of your devices. Don’t worry, all of your online activities are safe and secure with the amazing wizard.


  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Apps synchronization
  • Unlimited apps and games are available


  • Limited apps are available for extra money
  • Limited offers than the competitors

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