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Mar 29, 2024 - StefanoYG Free

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MB Whatsapp is an iOS-style with an anti-ban capability that offers all the demanding features that are missing in the original one. StefanoYG developed the app with a different UI from the original one and a user-friendly chat screen to contact your loved ones. 

iPhone-based Interface

The developers have tried their best to give the app iOS style as you will find the UI completely similar to Whatsapp iOS14. The lower bar includes different options that are categorized into the status and message tabs and group tabs. You can modify the colors and position of the tabs if you like. Download package and run dual account options are also available. 

Additional Settings

Some additional settings are also possible like iOS Whatsapp such as dark mode, cutting off Wi-Fi for your app only, iOS style emojis and themes, sending of messages to unsaved numbers, and uploading different styles of status. You can change the size of emojis from Settings> MB Preferences > Other Options > Emojis Size.  Additionally, similar to Instagram and Messenger, MB Whatsapp also enables you to add reactions to any message or status. Go to Settings, open MB Whatsapp Preferences, Conversation screen, Bubble and tickles, and enable message reaction. 

Copy Captions

Sometimes we receive a picture with a caption from our friends. It attracts us, but we can’t save it to our storage. The problem is solved by the app and it is possible to copy the picture including the caption. 



Avail of the voicemail feature with a textual way to respond to your contacts on time without your interference. The feature is best for people who are busy with some critical job or are not in a position to reply on time. The situation sometimes may cause some tension for related people. So type an automated message and enable the option, and everything will be settled down easily. 

In-built Locker

Save your private chat, images, and other personal content from the prying eyes of others using the in-built locker. You need not download any third-party locker. Just set a password, or PIN, or use your fingerprint to lock the app. You can lock the entire app or an exclusive chat screen also. 

Status Saver

Forget to ask your friend to send his uploaded status on the screen or to download any third-party downloader for downloading the status. Just enable the ‘Status Saver’ features from the Settings, select contacts whose status you want to download, and save it to your device storage automatically. 

Freeze your Last Seen

If you don’t want to show you’re last seen to your contacts and love to live in a ghosting position. Go to the app’s settings, enable the hide last seen option, and freeze your last action for the time you like. You can disable it anytime you want. 

Hide Typing & Recording Status

When you type or record your reply to any of your contact, the person views a typing or recording status on the top of the screen. This causes a little hassle as we type quickly sometimes senselessly as the other person is waiting. Avoid the bothering position and disable the option and type or record a reply with complete satisfaction to your loved ones. 

Contact Unsaved Number

Get rid of adding the number of any unknown person to your contact list before messaging or calling him. Just open the app, call the option, touch the number, and talk to or message the required person. Delete the number and save your contact list from unknown numbers or keep it only for personal contacts. 

Message Bomber

Avoid limitations of messages to your friends and family and enjoy limitless chatting with your loved ones. Additionally, you can forward messages received from your contacts to all of your contacts while cutting off the ‘forward tag’ from the message. The forward message can be sent to up to 5 people at a time. 

Dual Account

The app has the option of working with the original one. You need not uninstall the Whatsapp account. Download and install the app, create an account, and use switching between the two accounts any time you want. 

Hide Media

Some friends or groups share unlimited multimedia and other images that go to our phone gallery and can cause a hanging position for the phone. Avoid the alarming position, open the required chat screen, click the name of a friend or group, scroll down, click media visibility and press the ‘No’ option. Everything will be limited to the friend or group without going to your gallery. 

DND Mode

Use DND mode for stopping the sending and receiving of messages for your MB Whatsapp. It works like airplane mode and cut off the internet connectivity for your Whatsapp for the time you need. 

Large Sharing

Now you are free of bounding in the limitation of sharing media files. You can send 90 images, 50 MB audio, and 700MB video at one time to your contacts.

Customize your Screen

Several customizing options are available to create attraction onto your chat screen; around 3000 themes are for you to select and apply to your background, use stickers offered by the app, or you can create your own stickers also. 

Final Words

MB Whatsapp gets rid of the several limitations of official Whatsapp and enjoy the limitless features including privacy, security, customization, media sharing, and so on. 

App NameMB Whatsapp
Latest Version9.96
UpdateMar 29, 2024
Size(86.51 MB)
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