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May 30, 2024 - Omar Badeeb Free

App NamePink Whatsapp
AuthorOmar Badeeb
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UpdateMay 30, 2024
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6 votes, average: 2.67 out of 56 votes, average: 2.67 out of 56 votes, average: 2.67 out of 56 votes, average: 2.67 out of 56 votes, average: 2.67 out of 5 (6 votes, average: 2.67 out of 5, rated)

Pink Whatsapp is another third-party presentation for avoiding the entire restrictions of the official app. the pink theme is basically designed for girls by the famous developer Omar Badeeb. It is known by the name of OB2Whatsapp. Like other mods of Whatsapp, you need to download the app from another authentic source as it is not available on Google Play Store.

Stylish Interface with Unique Features

The appearance of the main screen is quite different from the official app as the default color of the screen is pink. It is equipped with floating buttons for access to the contacts and settings. The app is available in dark mod and DND mode also. It offers the ‘Omar Adds’ option for controlling the lower and upper bar, the story format activation, and so on. The default color can also be changed and you can select any other color or picture for applying to your background. For this purpose, go to settings, open themes, and background color, and select any new theme and color for your screen.

Support Multiple File Formats

Forget about sending videos with limited size with limited file format support. Move the new wizard of sharing videos with limitless size with any type of format. 


Privacy Options

The app offers several ways to make your security and privacy fool-proof. You can set privacy type without downloading any extra source of security. You will find multiple options for the purpose such as using an app lock to lock your entire screen, setting a password, PIN, or fingerprint to set manually using the Settings option. 

Multiple Hiding Options

In the official app, we can’t change anything and are bound to the default settings, but with Pink Whatsapp or any other mod, we have multiple choices to make the app as we love. We can hide multiple options to make our activities on the app completely ghosting position. 

  1. We can hide our ‘online status’ and use the app freely without bounding us to respond to everyone to contacts us. 
  2. Hide ‘forward tag’ from the received messages before sharing with others.
  3. Hide blue or double tick 
  4. Hide recording or typing status
  5. Hide blue mic option
  6. Block any person from calling
  7. Hide message from the main screen using a password

Unique Fonts and Themes

Several amazing theme designs are available along with the capability of downloading new themes for your library. Changing of style and color of fonts is also possible. You make the regular fonts into bubble style and color from black to any other corresponding to your background. Just go to settings and select everything you like and you have the option of downloading fonts online from the app. 

Status Downloader

It is our daily routine to check our Whatsapp as soon as we wake up and also the status uploaded by our contacts. The status of some contacts attracts us a lot and we want to watch it again or upload it to our social media platform. We feel awkward asking the person to send us the status. Get rid of the bothering situation and download the status of any contact and save it to your gallery using the built-in downloader. This will save us from the hassle of downloading any third-party downloader as they have also a lot of complications. 

Copy Text

If you like any image uploaded by your contact on the status. As with the official app, we take a short screen, but the problem is that it can’t copy the caption along with it. Feel free with the app and copy the status rightly and paste it anywhere you like. 


Auto-reply & Message Scheduler

Arrange some messages for different situations that will be automatically sent to your contacts at the time you are busy or not in a position to reply. In addition. Enable the message scheduler option, type your wishes to say happy birthday or any other event, select the date, and time, and forget the hassling of sending the message on time. It will be delivered to your required person on the fixed date and time without your interference. Make sure the availability of Wi-Fi is on time. 

Download Deleted Media

The app allows you to read the deleted messages from your contacts and even deleted media by your sender can also be downloaded and saved to your device for watching again and again. 

How to Update Pink Whatsapp

The app offers amazing updates from time to time. You can like a message by double-clicking on it, showing your reaction to any emojis to click the plus button, disconnecting any call without notifying the caller of your online status, and so on. The updating of the app is very easy. Download the app using the given download button and avail the latest version. You can check the latest versions by clicking Omar Adds>Updates>Searching new updates. 

Final Words

All-in-all, the app with attractive pink UI offers a lot of amazing features to give you free access to your friends and family. 

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