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Google Meet Apk offers group video conferencing capabilities and was developed by Google officially as a constituent of Google Hangouts and Google Dou. End-to-end encryption offers secure one-on-one and group audio/video calls using a phone number or Google account. It was launched in March 2017 as a web app, Android app, and iOS app. it is used by academic institutions, Governments, and business enterprises around the world. 

What is Video Conference?

Video conference is one of the best developments in the digital world to connect multiple people remotely simultaneously using all digital devices. The program empowers different communities to communicate with each other relating to their business, educational, or personal activities. Just create your Google account for arranging an online meeting between 100 participants for one hour. The pro version with advanced features enables you to include 500 inner and outer members and live streaming to 100,000 viewers. 


Security Features

Overcome any type of security patches entirely while working efficiently with your browser, Google Meet requires no other software or plug-in in case of using Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.  Just install the app on your Android and tick terms of privacy with the assurance of accessing only authorized members of the app services. The 2-step Verification option makes the app secure including hardware, phone-based security keys, and Google prompt. Enroll all participants’ accounts to APP and get protection from phishing sites and hackers. Additionally, the ‘Access Transparency’ option is available for G Suit Enterprise and G Suite for Education customers to store their Meet recordings to Google Drive for later use

Secure & Reliable Infrastructure

End-to-end encryption by default makes the data between Google and the client completely secure on your web, Android or iOS apps as it adheres to IETF, DTLS, and Secure Real-time Transport programs. For every meeting, an exclusive encryption key is generated for every participant just for the running meeting only and it is expired as the meeting ends.  An efficient team of professionals just like other Google products remain busy contributing with software engineers for creating given capabilities for G Suite customers;

  1. Secure-by-design infrastructure: For secure and safeguarding the privacy of users avail of the Google cloud’s defense-in-depth for approaching security with built-in protection and a global-private network.
  2. Compliance certifications: avail independent verifications for security and privacy such as SOC, ISO/IES 27001/17/18, HITRUST, and FedRAMP. It also supports Compliance requirements including GDPR and HIPAA, and for educational purposes COPPA and FERPA as well. 
  3. Incident Management: manage several security issues and data for several specific actions, escalations, mitigation, resolution, and notifications that are impacting customer data in any situation.
  4. Reliability: Google offers a reliable network for accommodating high-end demands and future growth. 
  5. Transparency: the data on Google Cloud has been processed according to the customer’s demands and terms with fool-proof security without sharing with any third party. 

Multi-purposes Video Calling

Google Meet offers video calling ability for multi-purposes to a single person or group. You need to follow some terms to adopt the calling services.

Personal Calling

If you are a regular user of other Google products such as Gmail, Google Photos, and YouTube, it is easy, just sign in with your already created account to Google Meet.

Business Purpose

If you are using Google Workspace, simply sign in with the existing account, and you are not a customer of Google Workspace, it is better to visit the ‘Plans and Pricing’ option to learn the rules and regulations.

Google Workspace Admin

Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Educational Fundamentals are also part of Google Meet. Go and enable the video calling option for your organization.


Unlimited Participants

You can add up to 100 participants to your free version of Google Meet and up to 500 to the pro version. Just invite and add your customers, workers, collogue, class fellows, and a lot of others to your list and start meetings with them without any limitation of location. 

Interact easily

Interaction during meetings between participants is very easy. You will find an easy interface with all related options. Speech recognition technology introduced by Google offers automated captions in real time.  Click three dots on the screen, and tap on the option to enable it. 

Screen Preview

Learn about the joined participants using the preview option. You can also enable the ‘layer’ option by clicking the three dots on the screen and watching the most active content and members of the meeting. Only the admin of the meeting can pin, mute, or remove the members of the meetings.

Screen Sharing & Messaging with Participants

You can share your screen with other participants for sharing presentations and collaborating on multiple issues. Similarly, you can message other members, and share files or links by clicking the ‘chat icon’.

Apps Integration

Google Meet has integration with multiple other Google apps and offers ease of mind while performing multiple tasks. You can use Gmail or Calendar to join the meeting directly 

Contribution of Google Meet with Google Workspace

Google Meet proves the best addition for multiple fields of Google Workspace as educators, non-profits, and healthcare professionals are in need of such a video calling app with fool-proof privacy and security. In the business community and banking line, it offers assistance for customers and manufacturers. It was the best option specifically in the big epidemic of Covid-19 when everybody was bound the home. It was the time when we have to recover from the loss in every field specifically in the educational system. Today, a lot of schools, colleges, and Universities are busy scheduling Google Meetings including PTA meetings, Parent-teacher meetings, tutoring, and so on.  

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