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Jun 19, 2024 - Mozilla Freeware

App NameFirefox
Latest Version127.0.1
UpdateJun 19, 2024
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Firefox Apk Download by Mozilla is an excellent web browser for android, works very fast without any interruption. The browser saves your data plane and enables you to work on several web pages at a time. You can browse privately with the help of the incognito tab. Firefox gives you more chances of searching by blocking unwanted ads.

if you are Window user then try Firefox for PC


Firefox Apk Features

Improved Functionality

In fact, the best browser is very similar to Google Chrome but you will find some extra tools and features. Navigate simply through seamless scrolling. Easy access to the menu options shares your links to pages with other social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Email, and much more. Use the feature of Mute the Volume in all tabs while working in several tabs. You can also take screenshots of the entire screen with the integration of tools like retouching the images, adding text, colors, and much more.

Sync your Device

Firefox helps you to sync your device the same as with your PC. This will be a great update for the person who uses both. Just login to your Firefox account for synchronizing browsing history, bookmarks, passwords, and any other preference among your Android and other devices.

Simple Interface

The interface with a similarity to Google Chrome has a more outstanding design. On the main window press the square icon for opening the tabs page. You can view recently opened tabs with thumbnail views. Touch + symbol and open a new tab, as well as touch x for closing the apps in the upper right corner. 


Use Add-ons & Extensions

Much favorite feature of the browser is providing a wide range of add-ons for expanding default functionality. You can personalize your mobile for better control as well as spending online time more safely. Use these third-party services easily if you want to uninstall them from the extension manager. 


Firefox uses Private Browsing for keeping you away from irritating ads and trackers. Moreover, you have not given any extra personal information to the browser which is the main concern. Tracking Protection is the option for blocking parts of Web pages and saving your online activities from tracking. The auto-deleting option will remove all your activities.

Fast Surfing

The browser with its powerful engine gives the fastest surfing. Occupying very little space and consuming a few resources the Firefox runs more smoothly and load pages in a snap. The app is most likely its opponent browser Chrome has the same performance and speed according to several measurement tools.


Main Features

  • Improved Functionality
  • Navigate simply
  • Sync your Device
  • Simple Interface
  • Use Add-ons & Extensions
  • Privacy
  • Fast Surfing

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