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May 30, 2024 - AGWhatsApp Free

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UpdateMay 30, 2024
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AG Whatsapp was developed by Assem while offering four different copies including AG Whatsapp Blue, AG2Whatsapp Pink, AG3 Whatsapp APK Green, and ER Whatsapp Gold. The app has the ability to run entire four copies on your device. The unique interface gives you a pleasant user experience while organizing the chat option into three categories such as general chat, archived chat, and group chat. 

Customize Interface

If you are a constant Whatsapp user, the use of the app is not difficult as it is quite similar to the original one. But the app has the option to change the UI as you like. The main screen is divided into three parts; the Main interface, chats, and widget. You can move the bar down and hide any icon from the main interface. Chats option enables you to change the color of the bubble and background. Control your notifications from the Widget option. 

As we know the chat feature including with general chat, archived chat, and group chat. You can change the settings of these three options. Additionally, changing font style, story style, chat icon, or style is also possible along with the ability to switch between iOS and Android styles home page. 


Lock you Screen

Tap to AG Whatsapp, select lock style and lock your app to save your private chat from the prying eyes of others. You have the option of selecting a pattern, PIN, or fingerprint for locking your app. 

Create Your Backup

Backup is an important feature for any app as we restore our accidentally deleted content. But the feature is not available in any Whatsapp mod. The developer Assem make the app designed in a way that you can save your backup to your phone without the help of Google Drive. Go to Settings>Adds>Chatbackup

Navigate Quickly

Use the ‘Navigation button” and quickly navigate different chats and you need not open your main interface every time. 

Multiple Privacy Options

Avoid all of your privacy concerns with the app and enjoy fool-proof privacy and secure chatting with your friends and family. You can avail following privacy options;

  • Hide your online and last seen status from your friends.
  • Share received messages with others while removing the ‘forward tag’ from the messages.
  • Live in a ghosting position and watch the status of others without knowing them.
  • Hide blue or double ticks.
  • Hide typing or recording option. 
  • Hide your contact name and only the profile picture will be shown.


The developer of the app has used the legal codes to make it anti-ban. Feel free to use the app without any hassle of banning by the official app. 


Read all deleted messages from your contacts to avoid any misunderstanding between you and your contacts. You can also watch the deleted messages from your friends. 

Pin Chats

In comparison to the official app where you can only pin three chats, the app allows you to pin unlimited chats.  

Additional Features

Get the limitless sharing option of sending 100 images, 100MB audio, and 50MB video to several contacts at a time. Dark activation for nighttime helps you to save your eyesight and you can use the auto-downloading button for downloading the media. You have the 1000+ themes to apply to the background and send messages to unsaved numbers. The app is free of irritating ads.

How to Update AG Whatsapp

The app updates regularly and you can update by downloading the latest version offered by the app. don’t uninstall the old version otherwise you will lose your important chats. you will find some different unique updates including with reply with emojis by clicking on the icon, ghost mode hiding your online status even when you are calling, downloading profile pictures using the Modified Icon, check the person who has blocked you. 

Final Words

AG Whatsapp gives complete control over your Whatsapp while offering a lot of unique and amazing features. You will find privacy and security features, auto-downloading of media, regular updates, and ad-free. And a lot of others. 

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