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Apr 22, 2024 - Jimtechs Freeware

Download JTWhatsApp (JiMODs) is the most usable modded version of Whatsapp for anti-lock systems

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JTWhatsApp or Whatsapp+JiMODs 2024 New Version APK offers all features presented in any mode of Whatsapp. We find multiple instant messaging apps to download for our Android devices. Whatsapp is commonly pre-installed in a lot of the latest Android versions as it has become a vital part of our lives. We can discuss family matters with our relatives, organize get-togethers with our friends, share our live movements, and get business advantages. In fact, today there hardly any person doesn’t know about WhatsApp. We use it along with our everyday activities. 

The crucial importance of WhatsApp is proven, but it still lacks multiple customizations as well as privacy features. As a result, several third-party developers came into the competition field to develop different mods of WhatsApp such as GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and a lot of others. Similarly, JTWhatsapp is another modified version to solve the issues of Whatsapp. It makes the communication system a lot easier while offering all important features related to customization and privacy. Now you can talk to your contacts without showing your online status, watch stories uploaded by your contacts as their status without letting them know, and a lot of such fantastic features. 


What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsapp was developed by Jimtechs as one of the mods with some extra functionality incorporated with an anti-ban system and a lot of additional features. It offers an easy solution to miscapabilities of Whatsapp, in fact, a redesigned lightweight utility of Whatsapp Plus with a pink interface. You will find several other cool themes, up to 2GB media sharing option, full-fledged customization, different online privacy option along with your control, and a lot of other amazing features. It is regularly updated by Jimtechs every 2-3 days. The dual account capability and improved functionality enhance the flexibility of the user experience. 

What is the Difference between JTWhatsapp and Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is one of the most favorite communication apps around the world. It enables the current digital world to connect easily anytime from anywhere. Gradually, users demand extra what WhatsApp was offering, but the official app remained with typical customization and other privacy features. As a result, multiple modified versions came into the field with a plethora of features. JTWhatsapp is one of them with an anti-ban system. It is redesigned lightweight utility of Whatsapp Plus as users are feeling some banning issues, so it is developed with a strong anti-ban system. In comparison to Whatsapp, it offers different most wanted advanced features from hide last seen to limitless customization features. But, the official Whatsapp is strongly safe and secure from all third parties developed modified versions. 


Features of JTWhatsapp

Hide your Active Online Status

No need to worry about monitoring your elders or some other personality. You are free of using Whatsapp anytime no matter if it is late at night or during your work time. No one can ask you about your spending time on Whatsapp as you can enable the ‘Hide Last Seen’ and enjoy limitless time on Whatsapp.

Large Media Sharing

You were not capable of sharing a large video, audio file, or images in the official app. but everything changed with the development of modified versions. Now, you can send up to 700MB of video and up to 100MB of audio files to your friends. Similarly, share limitless documents with high quality and upload status for more than 30 seconds. In addition, you are capable of updating your bio using up to 500 characters. 

Mesmerizing Themes

Unlike the official app, enjoy several categories of custom themes as you are capable of selecting from a great variety of up to 4000 themes. Simply select from the library or even use the side-load a theme option for applying already saved themes into your phone storage. Similarly, save JTThemes to your phone storage also and restore them anytime you want. 

Customize your Screen

An amazing collection of customization options enables users to enhance their user experience. You will find different attractive themes and font styles to make your chat screen as well as your writing style unique. App icons can also be changed or hidden in the app drawer, beautiful wallpapers for making your chat screen attractive, different Colors and Styles of ticks, and a lot of such amazing options are available to give you a different style. 

Multiple Privacy Options

Avail of all privacy features that make your app most reliable and enjoyable. You can use the features to protect your chat according to your choice. There are different options that are not available in the official app including hiding of last seen, online status, double ticks, blue ticks, typing or recording status, and so on. 

Anti-ban System

Most of the modded versions of Whatsapp are banned by the official app because of crossing the limitations. But, JTWhatsapp is equipped with an anti-ban system. it will save your account and enables you to get rid of banning risk by the official app. you can make your account fool-proof by using it as a secondary account with another phone number. 

Interesting Emojis

No need of typing long sentences full of emotional words. Simply select an emoji from the great variety that matches your current chatting situation and send it. It is an easy and reliable way to express your feelings for your receiver. It is also helpful in situations when we have no words to describe our happy or sad feelings. The app offers a set of emojis same to Google Hangouts.  

Anti-delete Messages

Enable the feature from the Settings of the app and get access to the deleted messages from the sender. It is a wonderful feature offered by the app, as we can’t read the deleted messages in the official app which make us curious about the message. Now you can simply click on the message and it will recover easily for you to read. 

Hide Forward Tag

Sometimes we receive a message and we want to forward it, especially in groups. But a forward message will be tagged as ‘Forward’ automatically and a lot of us don’t like this tag. If you also want to remove it, simply go to Settings and enable the option and reliably share received messages as original or fresh ones. 

Anti-view Once

We received different messages in the ‘View Once’ option that give us access to the media file only for one time. But with the app, you can freely view the media file any time you want. 

Block Call Option

We have freeware messaging and calling options on Whatsapp around the world. But it also creates a sometimes irritating situation when any person calls us frequently and we are not in a mood or position to receive the call. It is the best option, simply go to your phone contact list and disable the required contact only for a call option. 

Anti-delete Status

Some of our contacts upload their stories and delete them on time. It irritates us as we love to view the stories of others. Come to the app and enable the feature from Settings and feel relaxed. It will give you access even to the deleted content easily. Similarly, you have the option of watching the status of others without letting them know. 

Hide Multiple Activities

You have the option to hide several online activities such as hiding double or blue ticks. Blue ticks are the signal that we have read or viewed the message of our sender. If you are not a regular user of Whatsapp or spend time on other apps, it is better to set the blue tick option as it will change the color when you reply, or completely hide the option from your chat screen. You can hide double tick also. It will give the impression of not receiving the message from you. Likewise, you can hide typing or recording option. It will make you relax to write or record your reply. Here is another amazing feature of hiding the blue microphone also. 

Secure your Chat

You can make your private conversation from prying eyes. JTWhatsapp offers several options for your convenience. You can use an in-built lock while selecting the lock style including PIN, Password, or Fingerprint. You also have the option of ‘Pattern Invisible’ which makes you’re drawing of a Pattern on screen invisible. Similarly, use ‘Disable Pattern Vibration’ for disabling the vibration during the drawing of the Pattern.

Color Changing

Forget the everlasting green chat screen with typical colors and go to ‘Color Settings’ and change the colors of the Universal color of the app, Universal ActionBar Text color, Background, List Background, Status Bar, Navigation Bar color, and so on.

Backup & Restore

You can easily create a backup copy of your old chat and restore it for your new app. you have also a lot of other options to change from your Settings such as App Language, Conversation Cards enabling, Disable Heads-Up Notifications, Disable the badge counter, and Disable Audio Playing Notifications. Similarly, Increase Forward Limit, Disable Swipe to exit convo, Enable Always online, and Send Images in full resolution. And disable the Image share limit, and so on. 

Customize your Home Screen

You will find multiple options for customizing your home screen such as the ‘Header of the App’ where you can change UI style, colors, and so on. Change the style and color of Rows, use the ‘Floating Action Button’, change the color and size of the ‘Status Screen’, customize photo corners, and a lot of other amazing features. Similarly, different chat screen customization options are also available such as customizing Action Bar settings to enable you to hide the DP, Name, Status, and Call button of your contact. You can enable or disable the Chat Contact pic or You Pic also. Set the ‘Translate’ option for easily translating the conversation of other languages into your own language, and so on.


How to Download JTWhatsapp for Android

We use mods of Whatsapp to avoid all limitations, restrictions, and privacy cookies of Whatsapp. The mods not only offer the same services as the official app but a little extra as the users want more. You will also find JTWhatsapp also a wonderful app and surely recommended as it is available with the any-ban system. 

We know Google Play Store doesn’t support modded versions as they are against universal policies. But you can download it manually using the link from any authentic site. Simply click on the ‘Download APK’ button given on the page and download the APK file. After downloading save the file to your File Manager or any other folder of your device storage. 

Installation Guide

  1. Head to your ‘File Manager’ and locate the downloaded APK file of the app.
  2. Open the app and click on the ‘Install’ button.
  3. Go to Settings, click on the Security option and select “Unknown Sources” and tap to enable the option. 
  4. It will allow third-party installation for your device.
  5. On completing the installation, you will receive an OPT for your device; enter it in the given space.
  6. Verify your phone number by entering the received code, and enter your Name and profile picture.
  7. Everything is ready, let’s move to your chat screen and enjoy.

How to Update JTWhatsapp

  1. Open your app on your device.
  2. Click on the three dots from the top right corner and select JiMODS and the next ‘Update’ option.
  3. Check if a new update is available.
  4. Go to the official website or visit us to download the latest version of the app.


  • Anti-ban system
  • Large media sharing
  • Built-in lock for security
  • Regularly updates


  • Malware viruses infection
  • Privacy risks


Is JTWhatsApp safe to use?

A modded version is always at risk, so it is better to use it as a secondary account.

Are Whatsapp and JTWhatsapp used simultaneously? 

Yes, JTWhatsapp can be used along with the official app on the same device easily.

Is JTWhatsapp available on Google Play Store?

No, you need to download and install the app from any other authentic website.

Is JTWhatsapp has an Anti-Ban system?

Yes, the anti-ban capability makes the app of a strong and safe choice.

How can I update JTWhatsapp?

As we mentioned above it is not available on Google Play Store, but you can check updates of JiMODS+ on Whatsapp Plus and get links to the latest version to update the app. 

Final Words

JTWhatsApp offers a plethora of features that enable you to surprise your friends. You can freely apply all privacy features and make your messaging application totally foolproof. Similarly, customize your home as well as chat screen in the way you like such as changing wallpapers, themes, fonts, and so on. It is anti-ban so you can easily download it for your device without any tension of banning by the official app. no doubt, as a modded version, you will find multiple risks also and it is better to use it as a secondary account with the official app. however, you can use it for multiple benefits, especially large media sharing options. 

App NameJTWhatsapp
Latest Version9.95
UpdateApr 22, 2024
Size(81.97 MB)
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