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Jun 15, 2024 - Yousef Al Basha Freeware

App NameYoWhatsapp
AuthorYousef Al Basha
Latest Versionv24.10.78
UpdateJun 15, 2024
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YOWhatsApp Apk (YoWA): 2024 latest version is a third-party presentation as a mode of Whatsapp to overcome the missing capabilities in the official one.  If we ask any person about their favorite instant chatting app. he would probably reply; Whatsapp. No doubt, Whatsapp is the most favorite chatting app around the world. No one can deny its crucial importance in this digital world. Simply open your device, head to Whatsapp, and contact any person around the world.

With every day passing, users want a little extra what Whatsapp is presenting. We want to hide our last seen, customize our chatting screen, use unlimited themes, and change wallpaper. All this is possible with any of the modded versions such as YoWhatsapp. 

YoWhatsapp offers all important features related to privacy or customization and gives flexibility in user experience. The best choice with the addition of all the advanced features that a user insists on in an instant messaging app.


What is YoWhatsapp (YoWA)?

Yousef AL-Basha is the name of the developer who develops YoWhatsapp. The name of the app was also in the name of the developer. But, suddenly he gives up the development of the app and hands it over to Fouad Mokdad, the developer of FM Whatsapp. Fouad Mokdad started to update the app. similar to other mods of Whatsapp such as Whatsapp Plus, GBWhatsapp, FM Whatsapp, and so on.

YoWhatsapp is also embedded with a lot of exciting features. You can experience the super features related to all parts of an instant messaging app such as customization, locking of private chat, applying of amazing themes, hiding of different online activities, using of DND mode, and a lot of others. You can download and install it from any authentic or official website without any fee. So avoid the typical boring style of the official app and enjoy a different style with a plethora of capabilities.

What is the Difference between WhatsApp and YoWhatsapp?

No doubt, it is quite difficult to decide what app to select, Whatsapp or YoWhatsapp. We know clearly that both are performing the same services, but there is a difference as Whatsapp is the officially developed app while YoWhatsapp is the modified version of the official app. you will find differences in features as the official app offers specific features including messaging, calling, and group conversation. On the contrary, you will find limitless features in YoWhatsapp with a customized interface. Whatsapp is embedded with a forever green theme whereas YoWhatsapp offers a plethora of themes to make your chat screen colorful and attractive while using the theme according to your taste. The developers of the official app are limited to rules and can’t add features with any illegal issue, but the mods can use any feature. 

Specific Block Contact CallsX
Hide Online StatusX
Anti Delete StatusX
Change App IconX
Customize ThemeX
Freeze Last SeenX
Download Status/StoryX
Deleted Messages RecoveryX
Sending Limit (Media Files)16 MB700 MB
Change Ticks IconX
Change App FontsX
Auto-reply FeatureX
Watch “View Once” Images UnlimitedX
Hide Double TickX
In-Built App LockX
Image Resolution Change Before SendingX
Contact Color CustomizeX
Schedule MessagesX
Forward Limit (Messages)5250


Features of YoWhatsapp


YoThemes is an interesting feature divided into categories. You can select any themes from the categories for applying on the chat screen with a single tap. A great variety of themes gives an attractive and colorful style to your app. 

Emoji Collection

The latest version of YoWhatsapp is equipped with different emojis that make your conversation exciting and interesting. Simply, select an emoji instead of typing entire sentences and explain your feelings. The best style of expressing your feelings using a tiny thing.

Large Video Sharing

Enhance your size of video from 100MB up to 700MB using YoWhatsapp. It is possible for you to send lengthy videos and even movies without any limitation of size or format. 

Built-in Locker

Make your private chat protected from the prying eyes of your friends or any other person. Simply, enable the app lock while selecting password, fingerprint, or PIN, and lock your entire screen. You can select most private chats to lock exclusively. 

Dual Account Capability

YoWhatsapp offers dual account capability. If you want to continue with the official app also, it is easy, simply use the app as a secondary account. For this purpose, you required two different phone numbers as one number is not allowed for two accounts on the same device. 

Block Call Option

In the official app, you can block a person if you are not satisfied with it. But the app offers the facility of block-only calls option for any person. Because some people irritate us by constant calling. Simply go to your phone list and exclude the contacts for calling. 

Message to Unsaved Numbers

No need of saving the contact in your phone list before contacting. Now, YoWhatsapp offers the ability to send messages to unsaved numbers also. Simply, enter the number, type the message, and hit the send option, and delete the number if you don’t want to contact us again. 

Easy Recording option

Just click on the mic icon to record your voice message and swipe up. It will start to record your voice and tap again when you complete your message. It helps you to get rid of holding the mic all time during recording. 

Share Images 

Often with official apps, the shared images lose their quality, or the received image is compressed before downloading. In YoWhatsapp share your image with high quality. Similarly, you can share documents in different formats including Zip, exe, apk, JPG, png, PSD, pdf, and so on. 

Hide your Online Activities

Unlike the official app, avails limitless hiding features relating to privacy options such as you can erase your last seen from the chat screen of your contacts so they have no idea about your online presence. Hide your typing or recording audio option and type your message reliably without making it hurry. Same as hiding a double tick or blue tick and reply your contacts whenever you are free or want. 

Pin Important Chats

Pin your important chat to stay on top, no matter how many messages you receive, the pinned chats will be on top and make it easy to access them. In YoWhatsapp, you can pin up to 1000 chats. 

Restore & Backup

You create a backup to save your content from any unexpected situation of losing, stealing, or crashing your phone memory. Simply create a backup and save it to different cloud storage including Google Drive, Mega cloud storage, Dropbox cloud storage, and so on. 

Support Multiple Languages

The app as a mode of Whatsapp offers multiple amazing features and one of them is the support of multiple languages. According to the developers of YoWhatsapp, you can avail 100 languages to use. It allows you to use your own native language and easily communicate with any person related to any part of the world. 

Icon Launcher

The in-built icon launcher makes it easy for you to create your favorite icon packs and share them with your contacts.  In addition, identify different names in groups using different colors for them. It is one of the fantastic features that easily change the color of names in groups and make your chat exciting. 

Anti-Delete messages

The app is embedded with an anti-revoke message feature that enables the users to read even deleted messages from the senders. It is an irritating situation as our contact sends messages and in hurry deletes the message before you read it. Now you can easily enable the option and simply click on the deleted messages the message will be recovered. 

Anti-Delete Status

Similar to anti-delete messages, you can also watch the deleted status of your contacts before the time duration. It will become confusing especially if the status is related to the person you loved most and don’t want to miss anything uploaded by him/her. It is the best feature for you to enable it from Settings of the app and easily watch even deleted stories. 

Schedule Message

 The option is the best option for people who are commonly busy or have some important meeting and can’t reply to their loved ones. It creates a little hassle for both parties. Avoid the irritating situation and set some messages according to most of the situations and feel relaxed. It will send a related reply to the message of your loved ones. 

Airplane or DND Mode

Use Airplane mode if you are not in a position to reply to your contacts all the time. It will stop messages on WhatsApp. But in some devices, it stops the messages as well as call options from all other apps. It is better to use DND mode which will restrict your internet connection to YoWhatsapp only. 


How to Download YoWhatsapp for Android

YoWhatsapp requires not to have any special requirements, but for your information, we are mentioning some important requirements of the app. 

  • It required an Android version of 4.0 and higher.
  • A strong internet connection.
  • Uninstall the official app as YoWhatsapp does not have dual account capability.

Check all given above requirements and download the app. All we know, YoWhatsapp is a modded version and isn’t available on the Google Play Store because of a violation of policies. So you need to download the APK file of the app from any authentic site or use the given ‘Download APK’ shared on the page. 

Installation Guide

  1. Complete the downloading process and save the APK file to the File Manager. 
  2. Open your device, go to Settings, and select the Security option to enable ‘Unknown Sources’ for the permission of third-party installation.
  3. Go to your File Manager or the folder you have downloaded the APK file.
  4. Click the file to open it, and tap to ‘Install’ button, and the installation will start within moments. 
  5. On completing the installation process, tap on the icon of the app to open it.
  6. It will ask you to enter your phone number and click on the ‘Next’ button after entering the number.
  7. A six-digit code will be sending you to enter the given space to verify your phone number automatically. 
  8. An auto-restore option will enable you to restore the Backup of your old Whatsapp account. 
  9. Finally, add your name and set your profile picture as well. 
  10. You are ready to use the YoWhatsapp now. 

How to Create and Restore Backup from WhatsApp to YoWhatsapp

You need to follow the given steps to restore your backup from your old Whatsapp account to YoWhatsapp;

  1. Tap on three dots from the top right corner and select the Settings option.
  2. Click on the Settings, Chats, and Chat Backup options. 
  3. Click on the Backup to Google Drive.
  4. Wait for completing the Backup process.
  5. Open the newly installed app on your device.
  6. Tap on the ‘Restore your Backup’ option while selecting your account.
  7. Entire of your backup will be restored to your new account. 


  • Custom themes will change the style of your app.
  • Limitless sharing with limitless friends.
  • Remove the forward tag from forwarding messages.
  • The anti-delete message, as well as the anti-delete status, is available.
  • Use Airplane or DND mode to avoid irritating messages during other important online activities.
  • Compatible with Google Drive and make possible the restoration of backup automatically. 


  • The baking of data into Google Drive is not possible.
  • Multiple security issues have existed in the mod. 
  • The working process is slower than the official app.
  • The threat of banning by the official app also exists.


Does YoWhatsapp require rooted or non-rooted devices?

You can download the YoWhatsapp for both rooted and non-rooted both type of devices.

Is there any issue related to the privacy of YoWhatsapp?

No, you have the option to control your privacy from the Settings of the app. You will find a high level of privacy offered by YoWhatsapp.

How to update YoWhatsapp?

Simply, visit the official website of the app and download the latest version of the app. You can download it from any other authentic site. 

Is YoWhatsapp safe?

Yes, YoWhatsapp is the safest app because it offers the same functionality as the official Whatsapp.

It is anti-ban?

Yes, the app has anti-ban capability; you can download it without any threat of banning it. 

Final Words

All-in-all, YoWhatsapp by YoWA similar to all other mods of Whatsapp is the best app with additional features. It is updated regularly with new amazing features that make us satisfied and save us from boring situations. It is also available with bug bug-fixing capability to save our device from any type of malware or bugs. You can use it as a secondary account and in case of banning; simply download it again, but the anti-ban quality saves it from banning. It is embedded with different most wanted privacy features to give you hassle-free entertainment such as you can hide your online activities to remain away from the constant interference of others. 

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