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Mar 27, 2024 - Whatsapp Lite Free

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Whatsapp Lite APK proves the best substitution of Whatsapp specifically for Android devices while occupying a little storage, consuming very few resources, and working with slow network connection easily.  It has become an integral part of the digital world with one billion monthly active users. You can make audio/video calls, share photos, images, important documents, live location, and a lot more with the freeware app. the reduced modified version of the original one is basically the best option for users with low-stop devices and make the battery frivolous. 

The developer of GB Whatsapp, Atnaf Koaks also created the lite version while offering an easy-to-use UI with simple functionality. It is quite reliable for beginners and professionals with complete compatibility with Android and PCs. 

Similar Interface with Official Whatsapp

The app offers a UI quite similar to the genuine one. If you are a constant Whatsapp user, there is no difference between both with an easy switching option. You will find all features housed in the older one with a number of new and amazing features. 

Simple Processing 

  • Complete download and installation process.
  • Go to the program’s Settings.
  • Tap to open the Home Screen Option.
  • Click on the Header Option.
  • Select Tabs from the navigation UI Style option.
  • Disable Separate Chats/groups and Instagram-like Stories.
  • Press the ‘Done’ option.
  • You are ready to use the app. 

Lightweight & Fastest App

The lightweight app with low resource consumption and takes very little space on your device works in the fastest way. It is specifically designed for low-capacity devices while offering all demanding features by the users. 

Freeware Whatsapp API

An API is provided to you by Whatsapp for launching Whatsapp or using a phone number for delivering messages using Whatsapp. Go to Whatsapp Lite Tools 2 and open the phone number for a broadcasting phone number to the entire contact list. Using two Whatsapp accounts is the best for businessmen including with marketing as well as commodities trading. You will find the Open Lets Free Whatsapp Web API option in the conversation feature. Sending and receiving messages privately is possible as there is not any fear of hacking or snooping. 

The phone numbers that are used to send messages are saved twice in your contact list. You can messages through the app without locking it with Whatsapp. The UI is including with Open Chat, Send Message number, and Light tool making it easy to spend your time with friends, family, clients, and so on. You will find two buttons;

  1. First, is Open Whatsapp using a phone number? It allows you to open any chat number of any contact using Whatsapp that has zip code + Whatsapp number to open the accurate nation and country.
  2. Secondly, send a message to GB Whatsapp that enables you to open any chat screen without saving it to your contact list. 


The irritating advertisement interrupts us a lot even in the standard version also. The ads viewing option can’t be ignored in any other modified version. But, with the GB Lite version, you feel free to avoid the irritating advertisement. 

Customize your Screen

Multiple customizing features are available for you to change your screen as you like. You can change themes by selecting themes from the big variety of themes, and applying your favorite wallpaper to the background. Make you’re writing impressive and unique using different styles of fonts. 

Multiple Mods

The app is equipped with different mods for you to apply and avail of your preferred results. You can enable ‘DND Mod’ for disconnecting your Wi-Fi for your app, use ‘Airplane  Mode’ for stopping the delivery of messages to your app for the time you want, and most important ‘Dark/Light mods for using day and night time 

Bulk Messages

Send a mass number of messages to your multiple contacts simultaneously. The feature is exclusively available in the GB Whatsapp Lite version and works quite differently from the group messaging feature.

Edit your Content

Use different editing features before sharing your content with your friends and family. Use effects and filters to your videos and images to make them attractive before sending them to your contacts. 

Privacy Option

Avoid all of your privacy concerns and have hassle-free chatting with your contacts. You can hide all options that you don’t want to show to any of your contacts such as disabling your ‘online status’ so no one can know when were you online or offline. Hide blue ticks, double ticks, typing status, recording status, and so on. All the options enable you to enjoy the ghosting position and use the app as you like. 

Anti-delete Messages

The option allows you to read the deleted messages from your contact. Similarly, you can watch the removed status of your contacts before time. 

Schedule & Auto-reply of Messages

You can set a message to send to any of your contact at some specific time and date. Enable Wi-Fi and the message will be delivered to the required person on an accurate time and date. You can update your contact specifically your family using the auto-reply option. This will reply to any message from your contact automatically. 

Filter your Messages

You can filter your important messages and clears all unnecessary content from your app. in this way you can enhance the functionality of your app as it responds quickly. 

Share your Live Location

Live location sharing makes your meeting with your friends quite easily. The option allows you to inform your family about your current position using the feature.  

Media Sharing

Share your images, photos, videos, and audio files with your contacts without any bother of size and number. Just select the content and send it to multiple contacts simultaneously. 

In-built Status Downloader

No need of downloading a third-party downloader, just enable the downloader option and select the contact you want to download the status. The status will be downloaded and saved to your phone gallery automatically. 

Language Support

You can set your preferred language by default. The app supports multiple languages for you to select and understand the chat of your friend in a better way. 

History & Logs

Check the entire report of your activities in the app. this will inform you of all things you have done. You can easily restore any of your important chats from the history option. 

Cloud-based Storage

The app is fully encrypted with cloud storage and enables you to save your important files in the cloud storage instead of on the device. This will make you free from the hassle of deleting your important data because of any mishandling. You can easily restore your data back anytime you want. 

Use of GIFs

Several stylish GIFs and emojis are provided to decorate your chat in an impressive way. You can express your feelings using stickers and emoticons in a unique way and impress your friends a lot. 

Final Words

Finally, we can say GB Whatsapp Lite is the best alternative to the heavy official app as it takes a little space, consumes few resources, and make your battery flippancy. It is quite reliable for low-stop devices and even with slow internet connection. 

App NameWhatsapp Lite
AuthorWhatsapp Lite
Latest Version2.6.0
UpdateMar 27, 2024
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