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HeyMods is one of the most powerful teams of programmers for developing the mods for the most popular app; Whatsapp. It provides a long list of the best and latest Whatsapp mods such as HeyWhatsApp, GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, and so on. The team of HeyMods is efficient and loves to develop mods with a tribute to the developers of GBWhatsapp for developing their extraordinary mods. HeyMods offers Universal Whatsapp Mods for Whatsapp users with re-thinking mod features. 


HeyWhatsApp Anti-ban Feature

HeyWhatsapp is the fastest and latest way of conveying your messages to any part of the world. It offers multiple amazing features for you. It can’t allow any mod to run along with it and instantly ban it. But, HeyMods offers the mods with an anti-ban feature and dual account facility. You can easily install any mod by HeyMods along with the official app and run it without any bothering with the ban. 

Secure Chat

HeyMods offers a built-in lock for the fool-proof security of its mods. The security code can be set by the users and can’t open the app without entering the correct password. Here, you can set different passwords for different chats and save your private chats from prying eyes. 

Customized UI

In official Whatsapp, you can’t change anything from your UI. But in mods offered by HeyMods, everything can be changed as you like. Different themes and fonts are available in the mods to make your UI graceful. 


Update Mods for Whatsapp

HeyMods offers an AppUpdater specifically designed for informing you about any upcoming updates for Whatsapp mods. Keep in mind; that it is the only facility offered by HeyMods that you can check updates without waiting for the notifications from the app itself. 

Create Backup Copy

You need to create a backup copy of all of your chats before downloading another mod for your device;

  • Open Whatsapp, and go to Settings>Chats>Backup.
  • After downloading another mod. Click ‘Yes’ on asking from the app for restoring your chats. 
  • Follow the steps and easily transfer your chats to another mod. 

Different Mods of HeyMods

HeyMods offers multiple mods for Whatsapp with unique and most wanted features;


GBWhatsapp offers multiple amazing features that are absent in the official app. just install the app and go for unlimited entertainment.

  • Use a built-in locator to explore your friend’s location.
  • A plethora of animated stickers are available for you to express your feelings in a unique style.
  • Multiple language support enables you to convert your conversation into the language you like. 
  • Different privacy features make your private chat safe and secure.
  • GBWhatsapp by HeyMods is not available on the Google Play store.


Whatsapp has changed the world completely, but FMWhatsapp gives you a better connection at present. You can connect, chat, and call your friends and family without any limitation on time and location. Avail of multiple privacy features and share your media files with more than 30 photos as well as 700MB video files in a quick way. Additionally, use unlimited emojis; disable forward tags on messages, and a lot of other such functions. 

Whatsapp Aero

It is similar to the Fouad mod with a new look of UI that offers a lot of stickers. It is anti-restricted while offering security with in-built storage. Different customizations along with home screen customization are available. It offers the fastest performance than any other mod. 

Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus is another amazing development of HeyMods with multiple privacy controls such as calls control, hiding of online status, typing or recording status, reading deleted messages from your contact, and so on. A unique theme store, as well as a font store, is available for you to select and customize your screen. You can restore your chats manually.  


HeyMods offers different powerful features to YoWhatsapp such as dark mod, base updated, hide privacy terms and chats, blue and double clicks hiding, animation and stickers, backup feature, and so on. 

OG Whatsapp

OG Whatsapp is free of charge mod from HeyMods used by millions of users around the world. You can share unlimited media files, use emojis to express your feelings, and take care of your privacy using amazing features. You can customize your privacy options as you like and a lot of exciting features such as sending up to 90 photos and multiple videos at a time to multiple people. 

App NameHeyWhatsApp
Latest Version21.00.0
UpdateMar 27, 2024
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