Android Auto for Android 4.6.593333-release

Oct 5, 2019 - Google Inc (Freeware)
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Android Auto Apk is a platform of smart apps that are used through the phone to a car’s screen. Android Auto used network connectivity for utilizing the apps and updating the current apps———Google Maps, Google Play, and much more. A popular application which supports about 30 brands of cars. You can easily navigate and control the volume, address book as well as reminders.

Android Auto Apk

Android Auto App Apk Features

1. Interface

With a dark theme, fresh fonts, and the color combination gives the interface a flashy look and make it easy for the driver to handle it while driving.

2. Respond to Notifications

The new version introduced a notification system that enables the drivers to watch or listen to them as well as respond them easily.

3. Use of Navigation Bar

Navigation bar with a different look enables the drivers to control apps as well as the phone on the same screen.

4. Average Rating

Android Auto is a part of Maps and Navigation category and developed by Google Inc. the app got 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

5. Free Application

Download the application free of cost and you need the 5.0 and above version of your device for installing the app. The app was launched on November 13, 2016, and all of its downloaded versions are available in the English language.

6. Updated Software

With latest updates such as a pop up will appear on the car’s screen while the car is turning on. You can continuously play the media and tap for suggested location and navigate a new place.

7. Embedded with Different-sized screens

Android Auto offers different sized screens which will adjust to your car easily. The broad interface gives extra information easily.

Main Features

  • A platform of smart apps playing on car’s screen via phone
  • Supports 30 brands of cars
  • Easy control on navigation, volume, address book, and reminder
  • Interface with a dark theme and latest fonts
  • Reply more conveniently to your notifications
  • Control apps through the navigation bar
  • Free of cost
  • Embedded with different-sized screens
  • Updated software

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