Zapya for Android

App NameZapya
DeveloperDewmobile, Inc
Latest Version6.2.2
UpdateApr 1, 2022
Size(16..23 MB)

Zapya Apk is a great platform for sharing files, videos, and photos without using mobile data or network connection. A free app that can transfer files from Android, iPhones as well as PC using QR codes. Zapya uses three methods for sharing files through scanning QR codes, creating groups, and send files to a nearby device.


Zapya Apk Features

Watch Videos

Share short videos with your contacts and watch videos with the ease of mind.

Easy Transfer

You can easily transfer data from an old device to your fresh one. Just use the permission(CALL-LOG)

Offline Connection

Connect with your nearby friend offline, chat and share files with them.

Use QR Code

Without any cable or Wi-Fi connection just scan QR code and share everything to make life easy.

Group Chat

Chat with unlimited persons while using the instant chatting feature. 

Use Remote Camera

This feature enables you to watch your friend’s camera through your device.

Easy Installation

Easily install your required apps or save data from old mobile to a fresh one. Just go to 

Local>Files>Apps, and push the button ‘Install All’ and save time.


Transfer to Mac or PC

Transfer of files from phone to Mac or PC. This app works as a wireless mouse while giving a presentation.


Works as a cross-platform supporting all types of devices————Android, iOS, Windows, Mac as well as a web browser.


The application supports up to 20 distinctive languages.

Main Features

  • Work as a cross-platform
  • Share files or videos without using internet
  • Usee three methods for sharing
  • Share files through scanning QR code
  • Create a group between two or more devices
  • Send files to a nearby device
  • Transfer data of old mobile to a fresh one
  • Offline connection
  • Use remote camera
  • Transfer data from mobile to Mac or PC
  • Support up to 20 languages 
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