Google Play Services for Android 21.48.16

Jan 12, 2022 - Google Inc (Freeware)
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Google Play Services Apk monitors the already installed apps of your device and stables them up to date Apk Apps. The app validates its users and improves the productivity of the device by overhauling the apps. In fact, a compulsory feature of Google Plays Store for updating downloaded Google apps.

google play services Apk

Google Play Services Apk Features

Quick Offline Searching

The app gives quick searching while you are offline. The app offers maps as well as gives a wonderful gaming experience through an optimized RAM.

Improve functionality

The app is now a necessary feature of your Android and a new version of Androids is already equipped with this. Because you can’t run or update your device smoothly with it. It improves the functionality of mobile by providing several features.

Google Play Services Apk Download


Google Play Services offers a new version client library which gives users easy access to these services. These also solve the flaws that you have to face while using your device.

Menu options enable you to improve the performance of your installed apps. You can update your privacy setting, or also accomplish your Google Fit account.

Google Play Services for Android

Main Features

  • Monitor installed apps
  • Easy access to Google services
  • Guaranteed security   
  • Search things while on offline
  • Deliver thorough maps
  • Manage Google Fit account
  • Install automatically in the latest Androids
  • Improve performance through menu options
  • Gaming functions

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