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VMuslim offers a complete schedule of prayers for the Muslim faith along with all other important features. It informs about the azan and Salat time via notifications. The app is developed by Al hiwar that belongs to the lifestyle category. It is equipped with all necessary content that a Muslim requires such as Quran recitation, Qibla direction, Hijri and Gregorian calendar, maps, and so on.

VMuslim Ramadan Update

Convenience and smooth Ramadan updates are the part of the app since 2021. It informs about the fasting as well as iftar time. You will find Ramadan Calendar and Ramadan greeting Al Hiwar incomplete details. 

Prayer Times

You can get accurate times for azan and prayer that are according to your own location. It is available within different azan settings and azan 5 times a day notifications. 

Holy Quran Recitation

The free Holy Quran with an audio recitation in MP3 from several reciters is available. You will find the correct position of Aya and Aya repetition is possible as many times as you like. You can change the font size of Aya also. Built-in colored Tajweed options enable you to improve your pronunciation. 

Live Streaming

Live streaming of multiple Imams is also part of the app. Some of the famous Imams are Amir Mounir, Islam Sobhi, Yasser Mamdouh, Ahmed EIAzab, and so on. You can ask your question and ask for duas in these live shows.

Qibla Finder

GPS and network-based Qibla finder compass are also for you to know about the correct position of Qibla from your location. You need to enable the Location Services settings of the app, open settings, click the Prayer Time section and next Location, and press the option ‘Locate Me’. If you are in a low networking area, then you can select ‘Select Manually’. No doubt, it is critical but fixes your problem easily.

Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

The app offers a rich content of sayings of Muhammad (ﷺ) that is including with all six Hadith books; Sahih al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan ibn Maja, 40 Hadith Nawawi, and other 10 books. 


The app also supports some languages for easiness of the followers to translate the Quran and Hadith into their own language. The languages are English, Bahasa, Indonesia, French, and Urdu. You can listen to the recitation from more than 30 sheiks.  

Islamic Updates

All knowledge about the religion of Islam including Holy Quran stories, Seerah, fatwas, Islamic stories, duas, azkars, and quotations of Islam are also available. You will find everything you required about Islam like morning and evening duas, Islamic wishing or greeting cards, and articles.

Hijri Calendar & Maps

Learn about any Islamic happening like Ramadan, Eid-ul-fiter, Eid-ul-Adha, Eid Milad un Nabi (ﷺ), beginning of Hajj using the Hijri calendar. You can use the maps feature for finding halal resources for eating, close mosques, and other such things.  

Beautiful Names of Allah

Learn about the glorious 99 names of Allah. It is the best feature for new followers to know all about the sovereignty of Allah.  

Final Words

Vmuslim is a premium app on Android that is freeware and does require not any rooting for your device. It gives correct information about the Muslim faith such as prayer times, azan notifications, Qibla direction, finding locations, and shares your locations also.

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