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Mar 27, 2024 - ZeMods Freeware

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ZEWhatsapp Apk was developed by ZeMods modded version of Whatsapp specifically in Brazil, the Netherland, and Poland. Like other mods, it also offers multiple features that are not available in the original one. You can send messages to multiple groups simultenosouly with one click. It is based on GBWhatsapp owing to all its features of it. The gold and Arabic nuance make it quite unique and different from other mods. 

How to ZEWhatsapp Apk Download and Install

You need to install the ZEWhatsapp Apk on an Android version 4.0 or above, activation of “Unknown Sources”, and it is compatible with both Rooted as well as Non-rooted Android devices. It is not available on any distribution services like Google Play Store, because it is the modded version of the original app, so you have to access any other legal website for downloading the app. 

One thing is important to keep in mind before starting the installation process; you need to create a backup copy of the content of your original Whatsapp. Tap to three dots on the corner,  open the Settings option, click Chats, and then the Chats Backup option, click the option and save your data on the cloud storage.

You have to follow the given instructions for downloading as well as installing the app;

  1. Go to the settings of your device, open the security option, and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Start downloading process by pressing the given “Download” button.
  3. The downloaded file will be saved in “Downloads” by default, or you need to open the “File Manager” and locate the file.
  4. Next, press the “Install” button, and wait for completing the installation process.
  5. Open the application after completing the installation process.
  6. Insert your personal information and phone number.
  7. Lastly, enter the receiving OPT and verify your account. 

ZEWhatsapp Update Process of the latest version

You can easily update the app to the latest version while following the given steps;

  1. Open the app, and tap ‘Settings’ from the right corner of the UI.
  2. Press the‘ Updates’ option.
  3. Check if any new update is available by clicking on the ‘Check Updates’ option.
  4. Tap the ‘Update’ option.
  5. By pressing the ‘Update’ option, the website will be open for downloading the latest version of the app.
  6. You can install the latest downloaded version of the ZEWhatsapp.

Easy-to-use Interface

The interface is very simple and easy to use similar to other mods. It offers a lot of customization features to change the UI. It requires 4+ versions of Androids without any specific limitations of storage or RAM. Only 1GB of storage as well as 1GB of RAM is sufficient. 


A lot of users avoid using any modded versions of Whatsapp because of the banning policy of Whatsapp. If the mod is doing against the rules of Whatsapp, it will be banned by the official app. But ZEWhatsapp comes with an anti-banning option and makes the users feel free from banning conditions.  

Anti-deleting Messages

In the official app, sometimes we are curious about the deleted messages from our sender. But we can’t read them as there is no anti-deleting option is available. In ZEWhatsapp, you can read the deleted messages and even reply to them easily. 


ZEWhatsapp Status Downloader

You need not install any third-party status downloader, as the app offers a built-in status downloader for downloading the status of your favorite contacts. You can save the downloaded status to your phone’s gallery. 

Anti-revoke Status

Use the anti-revoke status feature and view the status of the contacts if they have deleted it before 24 hours. The feature enables you to view as well as reply to the deleted status and gives you the chance of impressing your friends and other contacts.

DND Mode

If you are busy with some important online activities and don’t want to attend chatting sessions of ZEWhatsapp. Go to ‘Settings’ enable ‘DND mode’ and stop the notifications from ZEWhatsapp. You are free from sending as well as receiving messages. When you are free, disable the mode and start enjoying conversation with your contacts. 

Hide Last Seen

The online status in Whatsapp is a sign of our present as well as absent position to our contacts. It can’t possible in original Whatsapp to hide this status, but you can avail this high-class feature with ZEWhatsapp. Enable the feature from ‘Settings’ and scroll the app freely without coming into the knowledge of your contacts that you are online. 


App Locker

The app offers multiple security features such as using an app locker. You can make your private conservation safe and secure by applying a password, PIN, or fingerprint. The feature saves your critical personal information specifically in case of using your device by others also.

Simple Process of Sharing Unlimited Data

You can send 90 images to multiple people simultaneously. The app offers unlimited sharing, unlike the official Whatsapp. You can send images as well as videos using simple steps;

  1. Open the app; select the contacts name for sharing the images.
  2. Tap to “Image Sharing” button.
  3. Six categories Image, Videos, Contacts, Documents, Location, and Audio will be opened.
  4. Select the category and tap to ‘Send’ option.
  5. You can the sharing content from the Gallery of your device.

Themes Customizing

Avoid the usual boring themes of official Whatsapp, install ZEWhatsapp, and enjoy an amazing customization process. You can change your chat screen, call screen, and even the entire UI. Unlimited stunning themes, wallpapers, and bubbles are available. 

Translate the Conversation

An inbuilt translator enables you to translate the messages with unknown languages into your own language. You need not go to Google translator for this purpose. Just enable the feature and send or receive the messages in any language you want. The app is available for all big countries and is now available in India, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Bangladesh also. Additionally, you can download the app from the Play Store in the beta version.

Use of Stickers

The app offers two types of stickers; local stickers and dual stickers. Local stickers are the default stickers and are used like Instagram stories, just select the sticker, adjust in the required space and paste it easily. Whereas, dual stickers are used for emotional forms. You can join two stickers and make a new one. You can create a sticker pack on your own;

  1. Suggest a name for sticker pack
  2. Cut stickers from selected photos.
  3. Give the stickers more character by adding of captions.
  4. Drag the stickers to your Whatsapp and share with your exposures. 

Main Features

  • Installation & System Requirements
  • Update Process
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Anti-ban 
  • Anti-deleting Messages
  • Status Downloader
  • Anti-revoke Status
  • DND Mode
  • Hide Last Seen
  • App Locker
  • Simple Process of Sharing Unlimited Data
  • Themes Customizing
  • Translate the Conversation
  • Malware-free
  • Use of Stickers
App NameZEWhatsapp
Latest Version6.65
UpdateMar 27, 2024
Size(32.09 MB)
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