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Mar 27, 2024 - Free

App NameIMO Beta
Latest Version2022.12.1072
UpdateMar 27, 2024
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IMO Beta is the latest version of the popular app IMO Messenger while offering all new and experimental features for you to preview and enjoy a lot. The sign-in process is simple and you need not say yes to asking permission for accessing your device, as the app will automatically scan all contacts used by your official app. 

Well-organized Interface

The simple and well-organized interface is including with three main options; Chats, Explore, and Contacts. The app supports all types of Wi-Fi or mobile data, but a strong internet connection enables you to talk to your friends and family reliably. Just tap on the ‘Contact’ list and click anyone contact that will take you to an exclusive window where you can view your profile, photo album, chat history option, and so on related to the specific contact. 

IMO Beta Talk Freely

The app allows users to talk to anyone, anywhere, and on any type of device, they are using. It is the best option for gamers for communicating with other Steam users. You can talk simultaneously to different people on different platforms such as communicating with your gamer friend on the Steam app, chatting with family on Facebook Messenger, and collaborating with your colleagues on Skype. So the app regardless of the platform connects you with your contacts reliably. 


Audio & Video Calls

The crystal-clear audio/video calling option offers free and stable calls around the world. As we mentioned above, the app supports all types of internet connections such as Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, or 4G. You need not sign into the IMO Video Call option twice, as the app offers a simple switching between sign-in screens. The app offers options for saving, browsing, and searching for a chat. 

Share with Fun

The app works very fast and connects users globally while offering different amazing features. You can share and send videos as well as exchange photos with your friends and family. A great variety of stickers and emojis are available for you to use in your texting to express your feelings properly.  

Preview New Features

The app is the latest version of the official one and has the capability of previewing new and experimental features. You will find a lot of functionality such as improvements in connection, enhancements in video calls, and so on. 

Free Calls & Text

Call your friend or family from anywhere without using a penny. You can make audio calls, video calls, or conference calls while creating groups using any type of internet connection. You can talk to anyone who is not adding to your friend list. Same as audio/video calls, the message recording option is also available. Just record your message using your microphone and share it with your contacts instead of wasting time typing your message. The app uses the most favorite Android smileys in its conservations. 

Upload your Story

Uploading a story on any social media platform is the most favorite feature. Similar to other social media platforms, you can also upload your photos, videos, images, or typed texts on your story using the ‘Story tab’ on the top of the main screen of the app. 

Share Files

The app proves the fastest way of sharing files in different formats including audio, video, PDF, and so on along in any size or format. 

Create Groups

You can join any big group and be a part of the vast community while sharing your feelings and ideas. You can create a group of your own and invite different people to join you. You can make conference calls with your group fellows and share everything with unlimited people at one time. Additionally, the Chatroom feature enables you to add your contacts relating to the same country and send friend invitations to them. 


Decorate your Profile

The profile is the important thing in any social media platform that shows everything about you to your contacts. You can customize your profile and change everything including the audio widget, background, motto, bio, and so on. 

Subscription Plan

The basic version is free of cost, but you can avail subscription plan for different purposes. Get rid of irritating ads along with 25GB of cloud storage. You can pay a subscription fee using your google account which will renew automatically after a specific period. You can turn off the auto-renewal from the Account Settings of the app. 

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