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Mar 27, 2024 - OGWhatsapp Free

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OG Whatsapp PRO version is now available for Android devices while providing limitless functionality to send and receive free messages, documents, photos, videos, and a lot more. It offers you all desired features and saves you from the bothering of lack of functionality. Manage multiple privacy concerns with fool-proof security options and you can use the app as a secondary account along with your official Whatsapp. It is a presentation of third-party developers and not by the official app. two different developers have created the app manually;

  1. OG Whatsapp by AlexMods; its design takes inspiration from the official one. It offers multiple amazing features that make it a popular version.
  2. OG Whatsapp by HeyMods; after the creation of AlexMods, came to HeyMods in action and create an OG Whatsapp version with additional features that are not available on the official Whatsapp.

Pre Built-Message Scheduler

Message scheduling is one of the most wanted features from users as it helps to send your messages on time and date to your loved one. Just enable the option, type your best wishes, and schedule the time and date. The auto-sending of the message works properly and will be sent at a fixed time to your loved one automatically. The feature works even when you are not using the device, but make sure the network connectivity is at the time of sending a message. 


Anti-Ban APK

100% safe and secure account with Anti-ban feature that makes sure the running of the app and no one can ban the app even the official Whatsapp also. Because some features used in mode versions are working against the policies so they can be banned. The pro version of OG Whatsapp is safe and enables you to get rid of the banning position. 

Built-in Status Downloader

We upload our feelings on our status in different styles including images, videos, or typing our own words. The status uploading time is for 24 hours and after the specific time, we can upload another one. We can share our feelings on status with our friends and family. The pro version enables us to download the uploaded status of our friends without using any third-party downloader. Just enable the feature, download the status, and save it to your gallery. You can copy the status to your clipboard and paste it anywhere you want. 

Make a Call to the Unsaved Number

Open your app, dial any phone number on the app dialer, and talk to any person. It enables you to get rid of the bother of saving the required number in your contact list before making calls. You can simply make calls without saving the number and remove the number from your app easily. 

Create Group Name with 35 Characters

No doubt, Whatsapp brings a great revolution in our lives and gives us a lot of chances to contact our friends and family. The creation of multiple modified versions of Whatsapp has covered the features that are missing in the official one. Group is one of the important features where we can chat and talk to multiple people for a long time without spending a penny. OG Whatsapp pro version has exceeded the limit of characters up to 35 as it is 25 in the official one. You can create a funny or unique name for your group with 35 characters. 

Block Unwanted Contacts

Avoid annoying constant disturbing calls from some of your contacts. The latest feature enables you to block an exclusive number that is making you feel uneasy. Just open the contact info and turn off the receiving option of the required call and feel relaxed. 

Limitless Sharing 

Simultaneous sending of images up to 90 to multiple people saves you from the bother of selecting limited images again and again for sending limited contacts. This was a complicated exercise, but now with the pro version just select and send with one click.

Anti-provoke Messages or Status

Enable the feature and read the deleted messages as well as the status of your contact. You need not ask the person to send the message again. In this way, you can also watch the deleted status of your contacts. 

Hide Online Status

The latest version provides a lot of privacy features such as it gives you the chance of hiding your online status so no one knows about your online position. In this way, you can hide the ‘Typing or recording’ status. Just enable the related features and go to a ghosting position. You can also hide the blue mic, double tick, and blue tick also. 

Unique Themes 

More than 1000 custom themes are available in the store of the app for you to select and apply on your chat screen. You can easily customize your chat screen while avoiding the typical boring themes of the official one. 

Write Limitless Characters for Status

In the official app, you are limited to writing only 250 characters on your status.  In the app enjoy limitless writing of characters to express your feelings properly. 

Amazing Emojis

Make your chat more expressive and funny while adding interesting emojis to your conversation. These emojis are according to the situation in your chat. You can use the emojis for different situations such as sending sorry emojis in case of someone is angry, and so on. 

In-built Whatsapp Locker

Lock the entire app using the in-built locker. In this way, you can save your chat from the prying eyes of others. Additionally, you can set a password for securing your private chat or an exclusive chat screen.  

Dual Accounts

The dual account is another amazing feature that enables you to run two accounts simultaneously on your device. You can control both accounts while switching between them seamlessly. Both accounts enable you to make audio/video calls free of charge. 

Create Backup Copy

Backup is one of the most important features of any messaging app. it retrieves all of your important data including images, documents, photos, videos, and other such content. So create a backup copy before installing the latest version of OG Whatsapp to save you from any type of incontinence.  

Productive Extensions

AlexMods provides the ad-ones feature for the pro version and you will find two extensions; 

  1. Stickers pack and Sticker Maker
  2. Wallpaper App

How to Update OG Whatsapp

Updating any app or version is the most important feature. The app is also regularly updated from time to time with different updates including new feature addition, bug fixing, error controlling, and so on. You can easily update the app following the given steps;

  • Download the latest version of the app.
  • No need of deleting the current version of the app.
  • Tap to ‘Install Update’ and wait for a few seconds. 

Final Words

All-in-all, the app is with multiple unique and additional features that are missing in the official one gives you a lot of excitement. Connect with your friends and family and share everything with them anytime from anywhere. The freeware app retains privacy concerns and makes you feel free to contact your friends and family. 

App NameOG Whatsapp PRO
Latest Version17.00
UpdateMar 27, 2024
Size(51.50 MB)
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