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May 31, 2023 - WhatsApp Inc Freeware

App NameWhatsapp Business
AuthorWhatsApp Inc
Latest Version2.23.12.4
UpdateMay 31, 2023
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Whatsapp Business Apk is the latest version published for the business community to deal with their business by chatting. You can use the Whatsapp Business channel along with your personal account on the same Android. With the addition of B in the middle of the main logo and including with Analytics, Auto Responses, Chat Migration, and Business Profile feature, the app requires you to verify yourself as a legit establishment.


Whatsapp Business Apk Features


The installation method is the same as the original Whatsapp. Install the app, create custom on the profile, and follow the instructions for verifying your account. The main window is divided into two functions; Statistics and Business Setting. You can enter your basic content about your business such as category, location, website address, description of the business, and email address in the ‘Edit Business Profile’. Preview your profile through the preview feature.  

Supports Landline Number

In case of using a landline or any fixed number, you have to select the “Call me” option during the verification process, and a code will be sent to you over a phone call. 

Texting Tools

The app offers different tools for contacting your customer through texting such as;

  • The greeting message is the way you can impress the customer by giving him value. You can provide detailed information like give them a phone number for a quick response. 
  • Away message is the automatic response that will inform your absentee to your customer.
  • A quick reply enables you to inform your customer about your quick availability.  

Free Access

The app belongs to the Business category used for Androids and desktop PCs both. The app is free of charge and demands no hidden charges. 

Main Features

  • The latest version published for the business community
  • Including Analytics, Auto Responses, Chat Migration, and Business Profile features
  • Supports Landline Number
  • Texting Tools
  • Free Access

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