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DU Recorder Apk Download allows you to record what is going on on your Android screen and live stream for different social media apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and so on. You can easily record short videos of your games, live shows, or sports. The app offers high-quality video along with editing tools that enable you to adjust resolution and other options before uploading your recorded video. You can take screenshots also.

How to Use DU Recorder

The app with a simple interface offers a very easy process to record videos or capture screenshots. You will find a floating widget that can adjust anywhere. Just click the widget and carry on your recording sessions. Click the button and start ‘the recording process. And pause the processing using the same button. Just drag and drop down the widget to the bottom of the screen, if you want to turn off the recording of the video. You can take screenshots using the same widget or from the notification bar also. After saving the screenshots or videos to your device using the in-app editing tools to edit them. 

Multiple Mods

The app offers two different modes; basic mode and standard mode for you to select any one for recording your screen. It is suggested by the app also according to the device specs, but you can select also using the app’s settings. 

  1. Basic Mode: basic mode is best suited for slow or old devices that have limited storage. It saves your device from posing while recording videos in low resolution.
  2. Standard Mode: the device with the latest or advanced specs can select standard mode. It will record videos in high resolution that offers high audio quality. This type of recording is important for live-streaming games that play online. 

Screen Recording

Just use the one-click floating icon for recording your screen and tap it again to stop recording. After recording use the built-in editing tools including trimming, merging, adding audio, and so on to make your video unique and attractive. 

Video Call Recording

Use the floating DU controls for recording your video call from beginning to end. Just press the button again and stop recording any time you want. 

Edit your Video

No need of using any third-party video editing tool, as the built-in video editing tool with a plethora of editing features enables you to edit videos easily and save your time and energy. Saving videos within any format; 360p, 720p, and 1080p is also possible. Using the app editing tool you can remove any extra part with the help of the trimming feature, add audio using the app’s library, add text and subtitles as a little description for the plain video, and add filters, stickers, or watermarks. Adjust the volume and speed of the video, crop and rotate it, and apply multiple types of filters and effects for your video to give it a fancy look. Convert video formats to GIFs and record video reactions using the Facecam feature.  And merge different parts of the video into an exclusive video. 

Live Streaming 

Have fun live streaming on any social media app using the mind-blowing app. it allows broadcasting to different social media apps, TV Shows, films, or games also. You need to log in to your YouTube account or any other app, select settings and set your privacy level, allow viewers to comment on the streaming, and start streaming using the front camera. The app offers multiple advantages relating to living streaming such as it offers high-quality resolutions, select your viewers (public, private, or unlisted), and support for live tools including custom watermark, live themes, live pause, and so on. You can record the microphone and internal audio simultaneously. It also supports RTMP addresses. 

DU Recorder Premium Version

The app offers the basic version free of charge and also a free trial version for the pro version. You can avail pro version to enjoy multiple advanced features including watermarking removal, custom pause picture, speed, cropping, RTMP broadcast, VIP feedback channel, and so on. You can pay a subscription fee using your iTunes account which will renew automatically after a specific period. You can turn off the auto-renewal from the Account Settings of the app. 

App NameDU Recorder
AuthorScreen Recorder & Video Editor
Latest Version2.4.6.7
UpdateMar 27, 2024
Size(34.32 MB)
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