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Jun 24, 2024 - ChelpuS Free

Lucky Patcher Apk Download permits you to modify your app's permissions, remove ads

App NameLucky Patcher
Latest Version11.4.3
UpdateJun 24, 2024
Size(10.44 MB)
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
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Lucky Patcher Apk Download makes changes to your favorite apps and games to give them a modified version with easy access. We love to use a lot of apps and play multiple games. The freeware versions of apps and games are with limited specifications, and we want some extra. It is not possible as the locked gaming or app resources can be unlocked using in-app purchases that are expensive. 

You can use a tool to enhance the resources, characters, and levels for accessing to in-app purchase level for free. Lucky Patcher is one type of tool to modify your favorite app or game. It is equipped with multiple features including ad blocking, unnecessary cache file removing, backup creation, moving extra material to external storage, removing the license verification from paid apps, and so on. It is one of the best solutions for getting paid apps for free right from the Google Play Store. Simply enhance the resources of your favorite games such as gems, coins, and bucks while unlocking the characters, levels, and a lot of other cool things free of cost. 

What is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher enables gamers to modify Android games for getting full benefits. Along with games, multiple applications are also modified by the tool that very cleverly pulls down advertisements, removes system apps, system app modification, bypassing of license verification, modifying of app permissions, and so on. It works with rooted devices, but some functions can be performed with non-rooted devices. It is better to root your device using this cracking tool.

A lot of people specifically the young generation are fond of online gaming section, but multiple games are paid and a lot of us can’t avail of them. Therefore, multiple processes are developed for the purpose, but it is difficult for all users as it is involved different steps to modify the games or applications. Luck Patcher offers a hassle-free process using a few steps and modifies the game as well as its permissions. No matter what game you are using including Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Rail Rush, Highway Rider, and a lot of other such exciting games.

Bypass the credit monitoring system of Google Play Store and get access to the in-app purchases of games free of charge. It is lightweight only with a size of 6.5MB and supports Android devices with a version of 2.3.3 and higher. It is safe and secure in spite of Google Play Store’s concerns about it. 


Apps Modified using Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher works flawlessly for Android devices, but it requires rooting your device before starting your work. It gives better flexibility for rooted devices. Completing the installation process, open the app, and you will find the complete detail of the installed apps on your device;

  • The green color represents licensed applications.
  • The yellow color is for specific patches.
  • Azul is including apps with advertisements. 
  • Violet is for the apps that are listed with the startup list.
  • Purple is for in-app purchases.
  • Red is for the apps that can’t be patched and can’t remove licenses.
  • Orange is for system apps.

How to get Gems & Coins with Lucky Patcher?

You need to follow the given steps to get gems, coins, or other prizes without spending money;

  1. Open Lucky Patcher, go to the app, and click on the ‘Open patch menu’ option.
  2. Tap to ‘Create Modified APK’ and select ‘Rebuilt APK’ for In-app and LVL emulation. 
  3. In case of disability activate the ‘three check boxes’.
  4. Click on ‘Rebuild the application’, it is usual that if the process fails, everything will be all right.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and click on ‘Rebuild & Install’.
  6. Next, follow the path; Lucky Patcher<Modified<Modified application while selecting the app for modifying and clicking it to open the APK inside.
  7. Select Uninstall & install.
  8. Permit the app to uninstall, and finally, permit the app to install the new app.
  9. On the way, you can get coins or other prizes. 

How to Block Ads with Lucky Patcher?

You need to follow the given steps to remove irritating ads;

  1. Open Lucky Patcher, select the app for hacking, and click on the ‘Open patch menu’.
  2. Tap to ‘Create Modified APK’.
  3. A pop-up will appear to enable you to select ‘APK without Google Ads.
  4. Leave the step to uncheck if you are asked to select patches.
  5. Tap to ‘Rebuild the application’, it is normal if any process fails.
  6. From the bottom of the menu, select ‘Rebuild & Install’.
  7. Follow the path; Lucky Patcher>Modified>Modified application while selecting the app and opening the APK inside.
  8. Click on ‘Uninstall and install’.
  9. Ask the app to uninstall it, your data can disappear.
  10. Finally, ask the app to install a new app. 

How to Remove License Verification with Lucky Patcher?

Removing license verification is another wonderful function of Lucky Patcher. In this way, it helps you to use the in-app purchases for free. You need to follow the given steps;

  1. Open Lucky Patcher, head to the app for removing license verification, and click on the ‘Open patch menu’.
  2. Tap to ‘Create Modified APK’, and a pop-up will appear to ask you to select ‘APK without License Verification’.
  3. Click on ‘Other patches Extreme Mode’; in case of any issue, select other alternate patches.
  4. Tap to ‘Rebuild the application’, in case of any process fails, don’t worry, everything will be all right. 
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and select the ‘Rebuild & Install’ option.
  6. Follow the path; Lucky Patcher>Modified application>Open the APK inside.
  7. Click on the ‘Uninstall & install’ option.
  8. Ask the app to uninstall it, your data can disappear.
  9. Finally, ask the app to install a new app. 

How to Custom Patch

  1. Open Lucky Patcher, select the app for hacking and click on the ‘Custom Patch’ option.
  2. Check the internet and run the app for testing.
  3. The patch will start working, or if not try another app.
  4. You can return to the original form of the app by clicking on the ‘Remove ODEX with Changes’ or ‘Restore’ option.

Change Permission of Apps

  1. Open Lucky Patcher, select the app and click on the ‘Change Permissions’ option.
  2. Disable Permission by clicking the ‘Red’ option.
  3. Enable the Permission by clicking the ‘Green’ option. 
  4. Click on the ‘Apply’ option for rebooting.

How to Create Modified APK

  1. Open Lucky Patcher, select the app for hacking and click on the ‘Create Modified APK’ option.
  2. Select Patch for ‘Modified APK’.
  3. Locate installed Modified fill from Folder/sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified. 
  4. As we know rebuilding the APK files and the already installed patch is not the same. The patch application can be easily tested for changes that will not be failed for installation. 

Features of Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher offers fantastic features for game lovers to gain limitless resources. It supports multiple android devices with regular updates. Here we are discussing different features of Lucky Patcher;

Ads Removing

Advertisements may be the most important source of collecting revenue for websites. But it makes us irritated especially since we are at the peak of our favorite game, and interference from any ad destroys our entire momentum. Sometimes it interrupts our gameplay and frustrates us a lot. No need to worry as removing these irrelevant advertisements is easily possible with Lucky Patcher. Simply a few clicks and avoid the interference of ads to enhance your gaming experience. After editing your app, a pop-up will be appearing on your screen to show the availability of your selected features successfully. 

Avail of Coins & Gems

Multiple games offer different prizes such as gems, coins, weapons, or characters. In fact, these resources are sources of getting money for the users. Avoid the trick of greedy game developers using Lucky Patcher. It will give you the chance of unlocking multiple game resources, keys, coins, and so. It enables you to modify your favorite game and play any level, avail your favorite character, avail weapon, vehicle, and so on. 

Convert Apps into System Apps

You love any app a lot and want to save it permanently on your device. Lucky Patcher fulfills your wish and offers the chance to save your favorite app from any type of damage while offering a copy of the app to your system folder. Simply install Luck Patcher and convert your user app into a system app, or use the backup feature of the app for storing information, and easily reuse the information anytime you want. 

Transfer Apps to SD Card

Multiple apps are heavy and consume huge resources of your storage; the result is slow performance of your device. It is not possible with standard logic to transfer them to internal storage as a lot of apps are not allowed for the purpose. Move to Lucky Patcher and avail multiple advanced features and one of which is to transfer apps to SD cards easily. 

Get In-app Purchases

Get free-of-cost in-app purchases as the tool has the ability to bypass Google’s billing system. You can avail of the modified play store app offered by the developers to get in-app purchases for free.

Backup & Restore

Lucky Patcher offers an authentic backup option that enables you to save your backup to an external file. It can be then moved to cloud storage or to PC. Anytime you want the data, you can easily retrieve your data. You can create a backup of your installed apps and games and even patched apps also. Here you can also check the apps with Google ads or the apps with modified patches. So it is better to reboot your device as the rebooted device can avail of limitless benefits. 

Permission Adjustment

The tool requires some permission from the device to perform the patching process more reliably. It requires some different permissions such as rooting your device, specific modifying skill, and so on. The rooted device is the first requirement and modified skill is also necessary as the process without any modified skill can be risky for your device. 

Safe & Secure

The completely safe and secure app gives you a lot of amazing features. But it is considered a risk for your device, as you will receive a notification from ‘Play Protect’ or from other malware detection tools when you install it. Simply disable the notification and move to the world of great entertainment. 

For Users when the Device is not rooted

Luck Patcher works with the first requirement of rooting your device. But, if your device is non-rooted, you are capable of availing only a few features for your device. You can’t avail of advanced features such as the risk of bloatware, the uninstallation of some installed apps not possible, modification of permissions, deleting of ODEX files, freezing of applications, and so on. 

Besides, the disadvantages you have also some good points such as it print all installed apps on the interface, and you can easily select the app for patching. It enables you to get rid of irritating ads, give easy access to paid apps for free, easy manipulation of license verification, remove specific permissions, bet backup of your device, and so on. 

How to use tools without rooted devices?

  1. Open the tool and go to the main screen.
  2. A list of installed apps on your screen will be here.
  3. Click the menu to open the ‘Custom Patch’ option.
  4. Several patches are available for you to select and click the ‘Apply’ option. 

How to Download Lucky Patcher?

As we know, Lucky Patcher is an advanced tool and demands some requirements to install;

  • It requires an Android device with a minimum version of 2.33 and higher.
  • 2GB RAM and 8GB internal storage.
  • A rooted device is the first choice.
  • The non-rooted device is also included but with some features.

Required Permissions

The tool also requires the following Permissions;

  • Ask permission for drawing the apps and the modification of system settings
  • Ask permission for reading SD card data
  • Ask permission for modifying as well as removing the data from the SD card
  • Ask permission for the approximate location

How to get Shopping Options using Lucky Patcher

You can get a shopping option for android version 3 or above to apply the first patch. You need to enable ‘Emulation Google Billing’ in case of purchasing via Lucky Patcher, and disable it when you go for normal purchases. 

  1. Install Lucky Patcher and open it.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Lucky Patcher<Tools<Patches Android.
  3. Apply the ‘Signature Verification is always true’ option.
  4. If the process fails, you can try the Xposed Lucky Patcher module.
  5. Check your internet connection before running the Lucky Patcher while selecting the lower panel ‘Tools’> Install the modified Google Play.
  6. Install while selecting the correct version.
  7. Test ‘Google Play ‘Tools’>Test modified Google Play. 

Installation Guide

  • First of all, download the APK file of Lucky Patcher from the given ‘Download’ button on the page. 
  • Open your device Settings option, go to the Security option, and click on ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable it. It will consent to 3rd-party installation on your device.
  • Open your ‘File Manager’ or ‘Download’ list to locate the downloaded APK file of Lucky Patcher.
  • Click on the ‘Install’ button to install the installer.
  • On completing the installation process, open the installer, give the required permissions, and click on the ‘Yes’ button.
  • On receiving a popup about security, go to Settings, and click on ‘Allow from this source’ to enable it.
  • Tap on to the option of ‘Install the official version of Lucky Patcher’ and wait for completing the installation. 
  • A warning pop-up notification by the Play Store appeared, don’t worry and avoid this error. 
  • All is over, simply open the installed app and enjoy unlimited features.


  • Capable of removing license verifications
  • Capable of removing irritating Google ads
  • Modify Google Play
  • Patch lot of famous apps and games
  • Enable the users to get several prizes in a game
  • Clone version of programs
  • Capable of giving access to paid apps for free


  • Only patch apps with open code
  • It works flawlessly with rooted devices


Is Lucky Patcher illegal or not?

In fact, some features specifically removing license verification may be illegal, but a lot of people are using it for other interesting features.

Is Lucky Patcher risky for a device?

It is a safe app as it performs every task with the permission of the user.

Is Lucky Patcher a virus?

Google Play Store and some other antivirus tools considered it a virus, but it is truly 100% safe and secure. Some of the hacked apps may be defective, but a few examples only. 

Is Lucky Patcher supports non-rooted devices?

Yes, you can use Lucky Patcher for non-rooted devices, but it offers a few features.

Final Words

We find a lot of entertainment online including social media platforms, apps, and games. A lot of us love to play games and use multiple apps for other purposes. But the basic problem with all these games or apps is their in-app purchases ability. No one can purchase the apps as a lot of them are expensive. To solve the issue, Lucky Patcher is the best option that enables the users to avail unlimited benefits including keys, coins, gems, characters, weapons, and so on. 

Lucky Patcher helps you to patch apps and games with simple steps. It bypasses the Google Billing system to remove license verification of paid apps and remove irritating ads from your screen. It is compatible with Android devices starting from 2.33 versions. No doubt, the best solution for enjoying paid apps or games for free. It only requires rooting your device. 

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