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Jul 10, 2024 - Adobe Systems Inc Trial

App NameAdobe Photoshop CS3
AuthorAdobe Systems Inc
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UpdateJul 10, 2024
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RequirementsWindows (7/10/XP)
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Adobe Photoshop CS3 for PC Windows is the part of product cycle CS with the ability to support Windows machines.  The streamlined interface boosts up the performance, speed, and effectiveness. A collection of unlimited new features with an updated interface, the application transforms the images according to your requirement. The industry-standard software helps you to create extraordinary 3D and animated images though composite, edit, and pain capabilities. The free application is the first choice preference for graphic designers, professional photographers, as well as novices with a lot of gears and textures.


Adobe Photoshop CS3 Features

Intuitive Interface

The slick and intuitive UI is very appealing and easy to use. The new style of Photoshop is Platte Panes which is reduced into icons. You can maximize the main window for getting better consequences. The toolbox consists of two columns and presses F-key for full screen. The main window has 4 following modes,

  1. The standard for the default view.
  2. Maximized is to enlarge the palettes.
  3. Fullscreen with Menu is for hiding the status bar as well as filling the screen with pasteboard.
  4. Full Screen without Menu is for performing the same job as number 3 but without any menu at the top.

Black & White Adjustment

The Black and White adjustment lets the users create a custom conversation that is contained on RGB-based values of the image along with handling the CMY values. You can create a custom grayscale mix by selecting the luminosity values which are containing 6 colors. To apply an exclusive color for creating a monochrome image press the tint button. 

Multiple Drawing Tools

The CS3 is the best collection of drawing as well as painting tools for creating or adjusting images. The customized pain settings, drawing tools, as well as creative brushes along with a perfect play area enable you to get computerized pictures and change them into any style. 


Camera Raw 4

For the high-class quality of images, Photoshop added the feature of Camera Raw for processing raw images. You can open JPG and TIF files in ACR. Open Photoshop; select Camera Raw from the format list. 

Multiple Adjustments

Fresh options for multiple adjustments help the users to create the superior design and artwork such as parametric curves are for anxious users for point curve, use recovery and fill light sliders for inserting shadow or highlight features into ACR, 8-band HSL sliders are for controlling the colors and light and offers a matchless grayscale adjustment too. Split tones are for targeting specific colors as well as adding saturation to them.

Multiple Filters

The CS3 provides a large variety of nondestructive filters, just go through the Preferences and find unlimited custom brushes, shapes, and actions for imported and exported. The filter tool lets you flatten the curves more skillfully and can be adjusted within two steps before washing. With a single click change an original picture into the edited version. Use the Selective editing option for changing selective parts of your image. The app doesn’t support 3rd party filters.

Layer Adjustment

The program with hundreds of layers also provides some unique and amazing features such as images, adjustments, text, vector layers, and effective objects. The layer panel is distributed between four methods such as Auto, Perspective, Cylindrical, and Reposition. You can easily blend different images via using the Auto-Align Layers. Use the eraser tool for the final touches of your masterpiece of art. 

Free Access

Photoshop CS3 with free license available for Windows 32-bit operating system of a laptop and PC, presented for all software users as a free trial for a specific period, free download with potential restrictions. It is belonging to the graphic editor category and was developed by Adobe INC.  


Compatible with Windows

With vary compatibility with all types of devices, the app has special compatibility with all types of Windows———-Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP are mainly operating systems to run the app very smoothly and reliably. In addition, it requires a 32-bit and 64-bit setup. 

Main Features

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Black & White Adjustment
  • Multiple Drawing Tools
  • Camera Raw 4
  • Multiple Adjustments
  • Multiple Filters
  • Layer Adjustment
  • Free Access
  • Compatible with Windows

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