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Jun 23, 2024 - Fouad Mokdad Free

App NameFMWhatsApp
AuthorFouad Mokdad
Latest Versionv24.10.79
UpdateJun 23, 2024
Size(114.81 MB)
RequirementsAndroid 4.0+
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FM WhatsApp Apk Download 2024 Latest Version offers the best-modified services to users around the world. We know, the modded version of any popular app is equipped with all additional features that are missing in the original one and is in high demand by the users. Likewise, you will find a lot of new and fantastic features as part of the app that makes the app one of the most lovable app. You will find a plethora of mods of Whatsapp, but a lot of them are only copies of the original without giving any extra addition to new features. 

Currently, the world is entered into a digital style with a thunder revolution in communication sources. Multiple communication apps like Telegram, Imo, and FB Messenger are here to connect you with the entire world, but we can say Whatsapp is the king of all communication apps. It connects people around the world with fool-proof security and privacy option. 

Whatsapp is a fool-proof security app unlike FB, as it works with your original phone number and you just add only personal people to your contact list. FM Whatsapp Apk is one of the most used communication apps around the world specifically for personal use. But, it lacks some extra features for privacy tweaking such as hiding your online status. So third parties decide to develop modes of Whatsapp to satisfy the common user. As a result, multiple modes are developed successfully including GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, YoWhatsapp, and so on. 

You will find solutions for every missing capability of the original app. it will give you some unique features along with an audio/video calling option. You can avail of extra sharing of media, large group creation, and a lot of such amazing features in these modes of Whatsapp. 

What is FM WhatsApp (Fouad WhatsApp)?

FM Whatsapp is the second most usable mode of Whatsapp while offering enhanced features. FMWhatsApp is embedded with an easy-to-use interface and end-to-end encryption to offer strong security and privacy issues.  It is developed by FoudMakkad and you can download it from any authentic or official website of it, as the modded versions are not available on the Google Play Store. Follow some instructions such as the use of an Antivirus to avoid the viruses or malware of third parties. You will find wonderful unique features such as last seen freezing, multiple customization features, 4000 themes, hide typing or recording status, a large sharing option for media, group or broadcast creation, and a lot of others. In fact, you will find everything you have missed in the original one. 


FM Whatsapp Features

Freezing of Last Seen

In the original app, you can freeze your last seen, but it will also enable you to view the last seen of others also. In comparison to the official one, you can simply disable your last seen while keeping an eye on the last movements of others on Whatsapp. You can enable the feature by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of the app, next click on Fouad mods>Privacy>freeze has last seen. On the contrary, you can enable the ‘Always Online’ feature to give your contacts an always online impression. 

Stealth Viewing of FM Whatsapp Status

Simply sneaking off the top stories of others as their FM Whatsapp status without informing them is quite easy with FM Whatsapp. Some of our contacts don’t want to display their status to everyone and they can disable the feature. But, you can watch it by enabling the feature from your Settings option.

Hiding of double & Blue Ticks

On Whatsapp when a message is sent, it has a single, on delivery, it has a double tick, and when the receiver sees it has blue ticks. But FM Whatsapp Apk the most wanted feature of Whatsapp users hides blue ticks as it is necessary for the receiver to reply as he reads the message. Because not replying on time can cause some issues between friends. Enable the feature and read messages without letting to know your sender, and the ticks will be blue when you reply to him. 

Hide Typing & Recording Audio Option

When you are busy chatting with your friends, sometimes it takes time to type a reply or record an audio. It can cause a little bit of confusion for the receiver. You can enable the feature and comfortably type your reply or record easily. 

Call or Message to Unknown Number

Call or Message to an Unknown Number is necessary for Whatsapp; you need to add a number to your contact list before sending a message or calling. FM Whatsapp is also embedded with the feature to contact an unknown number without adding it to your contact list. For this purpose, go to Settings by clicking on three dots from the top right corner and tap on ‘message a number’ add the required number, type the message, and hit the send option. 

Hide Forward Tag 

Sometimes we receive a message and want to forward it to others or specifically in groups or broadcast lists. A lot of users want to present it as original, but in the official app, it is tagged as forward. In FM Whatsapp you can hide the forward tag from Fouad Mods>Privacy>Disable forward tag.

Call Blocker

The app offers the fantastic option of blocking the person you don’t want to contact. Because some people irritate you by constantly calling you. In the official one, we can block the person completely. In FM Whatsapp, you can block only the calling option of the selected people instead of blocking them completely. 

Anti-revoke Messages

Sometimes our sender deletes the message before we read it. It will make us curious, but of no use in the official app. on the contrary, you can enable the feature and easily read the deleted messages easily. Similarly, you can also watch the status of your contact that is deleted before you watch it. The feature gives you access to stories that can’t be watched by others. 

Customized Interface

Are you bored with the forever green interface of your Whatsapp, don’t be irritated by the boring situation, let’s move to FM Whatsapp, and try a stylish interface with multiple customization features. Apply any theme selected from a big library that is including with 100 themes. Pick your preferred theme and enjoy a new look on your Whatsapp every day. Similarly, you will find 60 new font styles including Roboto-Light, Bariol, ComicSans, Cheri, Pacifico, Oswal-Heavy, and so on. 

Large Broadcast

Make your broadcast list a little extra long, specifically reliable for business affairs. In official Whatsapp, you can send broadcast messages to up to 256 people at one time, but FM Whatsapp offers a big deal as you can select up to 1024 people simultaneously. It helps you to save time and energy.  

Contact Name Hiding

If you are chatting with anyone and don’t want that the person sitting near can watch the name of the person. Simply enable the feature to hide the name of your contacts. Additionally, you can enable the ‘Contact Toast’ option which will inform you about the online status of any special contact. It will send you a notification as soon as the required person becomes online. 

Change your Voice

The offers different voices including robots, babies, teenagers, deep, drunk, fast, underwater, slow, reverse, and so on to give you the chance to make fools of your friends and enjoy great fun. Just select the voice from the list, record your message and it will send it to your friend with the converted voice you have selected. 

Large Sharing Option

Unlike the official app, you are capable of sharing as many images as you want at one time. Just enable the feature to disable the limit and share media without revising the process. Similarly, you can share an audio file up to 100 MB and a video file of any size can be shared using FM Whatsapp Mod.


You can install FM Whatsapp along with the official Whatsapp because of the different package names of both apps. So there so not any inconvenience of using two accounts on the same device. Additionally, the anti-ban feature of the app makes it bother-free from any risk of banning position by the official app. 

Status Downloader

No need of downloading a separate downloader from any third party, as the app is embedded with a status downloader. It will save your device from any type of bug or malware in case of downloading a third-party downloader. Tap on Internal Storage>FM Whatsapp>Media>FM Whatsapp Statuses and download any of your favorite statuses from your contact, you can copy the caption also. 

Message Scheduler

The feature offers hassle-free services to enable you to send messages related to any event to your friends and family without any hassle of remembering of the exact date. Simply, type your message, add the date & time, and contact number. The message will be sent to the required person on time without your co-operation. 

App Lock

An in-built app lock makes your security and privacy foolproof. You need to set a password, PIN, or fingerprint to lock your chat screen. 

Amazing Emojis

Avoid dull and boring emojis and have fun with a great variety of emojis offered by FM Whatsapp such as Facebook, Android, Emoji One V3, Old Stock Emoji, Apple Emoji, and so on. Just select a suitable emoji and share it to express your feelings in a proper way. 

Backup your Chat

It offers a backup feature for your convenience. Simply, create a backup copy of your chat and transfer any other device easily. 


How to Download & Install FM Whatsapp APK Latest Version

You can download the latest version of the app by following the given steps;

  • Just click the given ‘Download APK’ button on the page and download the APK file.
  • On completing the download process, go to File Manager to navigate to the Download folder, and tap to download the APK file.
  • Before installing the APK file, you need to go to Settings and enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from the Security option.
  • After enabling the ‘Unknown Sources just go back to the Download folder, tap on to Install button, and a new page with installation instructions will be opened.
  • The APK file will start to install. 
  • On completing the installation process, open the app by tapping on the app’s icon that appeared on the home page.
  • Create your new account or use the available account.
  • A code will be sent to you to verify your phone number.
  • Enter the code, and you are ready to use FM Whatsapp

The Affected Reasons for Downloading FM Whatsapp

In case of accruing any issue with the process of downloading FM Whatsapp. You need to check the following possibilities;

  1. Internet Connection: download process requires a strong network connection. It can cause of not to download the latest version of FM Whatsapp. It is better to check your internet connection before starting the downloading process of the FM Whatsapp app.
  2. Less Storage: the app requires a specific storage space. If you have less storage on your device, so better to clear up the space by removing any unnecessary material. 
  3. Old Android Version: the latest version of the app requires the latest version of your device. You need to update your device. 

Pros of FM Whatsapp 

  • The anti-delete feature enables the user to read deleted messages.
  • A great variety of themes gives you the chance of customizing the interface as you like.
  • Share large files up to 700 MB
  • The anti-ban feature enables you to use the app without any risk of banning the app.
  • Lock your screen using the app lock 

Cons of FM Whatsapp

The app has lack privacy features as the developers keep an eye on your messages and it will be a great flaw in any app if the developers spy on you. The slow speed of the app is another big disadvantage that can irritate the users a lot. 


FM Whatsapp VS Whatsapp

No doubt, WhatsApp has taken a great revolution in the communication system. We can say it king of all communication apps with fool-proof privacy features. FM Whatsapp is an exclusive app used for personal purposes where you can share highly critical issues related to your family, friends, or business without any hesitation. But, it is also the fact that developers of WhatsApp have not added some most wanted features. As a result, most of the third parties started to develop mods of WhatsApp

FM Whatsapp is one of them that offers flexibility and enhanced user experience. Have fun with a customized interface and multiple fantastic features including high-profile privacy options, themes & fonts, amazing wallpapers, call blockers, anti-revoke, and a lot of others.

Along with a plethora of amazing features, FM Whatsapp has some disadvantages such as your conversation can be seen by the developers and sometimes the slow speed can irritate you.

Media Sharing50 MB15 MB
Custom ThemesX
Anti-Delete Status/StoriesX
Security LockX
Hide Online StatusX
Disable CallingX
Free Last SeenX
Disable Forwarded TagX
Airplane ModeX
Fast UpdatesX
Backup to Google DriveX

Best Alternatives to FMWhatsApp

OG Whatsapp

OG Whatsapp is the modified version of Whatsapp that offers several additional features. OG Whatsapp is simple, secure, and reliable and can be used as a secondary or primary account for you. Enjoy hassle-free chatting as well as sharing capabilities.

Whatsapp Transparent

Whatsapp Transparent is also proven the best alternative to the official one. Whatsapp Transparent bug-free and offers perfect performance while offering all additional features like other mods of Whatsapp.

NS Whatsapp 3D

As the name shows, the app offers 3D features for an enhanced user experience. The flexible user interface gives fast and easy access to multiple fantastic features that are insisting by the users a lot. 

TM Whatsapp

TM Whatsapp is also a third-party development with the ability to download from the Google Play Store. 

Delta Whatsapp

Delta Whatsapp is the updated version of GB Whatsapp. It is developed by Deltalabs Studio and offers great customization features.

Fouad Whatsapp

Fouad Whatsapp is developed with the same package name as Whatsapp, so you can’t use it with Whatsapp on the same device. It is also similar to FM Whatsapp while offering all the most demanded features.



Is FM Whatsapp safe?

The app is 100% safe and secure from any type of malware or bugs. It is available with the anti-ban feature as well as it doesn’t require any rooted device, as a lot of mods require a rooted device.

What is the difference between Whatsapp and FM Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is the official app while FM Whatsapp is the modded version developed by a third party. Whatsapp is the most popular communication app around the world. FM Whatsapp offers a lot of extra features that are missing in the official app. 

How to download the latest version of FM Whatsapp?

You can download the latest version of the app from any authentic website, as the modded versions are not available on Google Play Store.

Can we use FM Whatsapp along with Whatsapp?

Yes, it is possible as FM Whatsapp offers a dual account feature and you can use it with an official app on the same device.

Final Words

All-in-all, FM Whatsapp (Fouad WhatsApp) is one of the best-modified versions of WhatsApp. It is developed based on multiple privacy features that are missing in the official app and demanded by the users a lot such as last seen freezing, app lock, message scheduler, status downloader, and so on. Regular Visit on Softmany APK for Update Links.

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