SAM Broadcaster PRO for Windows

Jun 11, 2023 - Spacial Audio Solutions, LLC Trial

App NameSAM Broadcaster PRO
AuthorSpacial Audio Solutions, LLC
Latest Version2023.1
UpdateJun 11, 2023
Size(29.01 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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SAM Broadcaster PRO for PC Windows proves the best online radio solution. Now you can carry on your internet radio career, expert superiority at a part of the rate. Link two lac radio locations in 150 states. The SAM Broadcaster PRO in-built progressive audial CPU will create your location sound unbelievably. Aspects an Equalizer, Gated AGC, Stereo expander, Bass EQ, 5-band processor, 2-band processor, and clipper.

SAM Broadcaster PRO 1

SAM Broadcaster PRO for PC Features

Sound Expert

Progressive audial structures such as cross-fade discovery, crack destroyer, capacity standardization, and 5-band compressor and regulator.

Web mixing

our simple to mix widgets offer your location website an expert appearance. You can remain your addresses involved, and display them “currently playing” information. It allows them to browse your radio collection. As well as fulfill the request of their desired audio!

Media Collection

You can establish a great audio collection fast into many groups, significant info from labels, and routinely. Find out audio info through


Stream in numerous setups

Setups contain AAC, aacPlus, AAC-HE, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg as well as Windows Media. Servers contain,, Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2, Icecast, and Windows Media.

Hearer Figures and reportage

your listeners will grow in a very short time. Right to use of data records for presentation reportage and other valuable gossip on your location replay account.

SAM Broadcaster PRO old version

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