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May 9, 2024 - Viber Media Freeware

App NameViber
AuthorViber Media
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UpdateMay 9, 2024
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39 votes, average: 4.82 out of 539 votes, average: 4.82 out of 539 votes, average: 4.82 out of 539 votes, average: 4.82 out of 539 votes, average: 4.82 out of 5 (39 votes, average: 4.82 out of 5, rated)

Viber Messenger Apk with free service of chatting, video, and audio calling connects millions of people worldwide. The free and high-quality calling system enables you to contact your friend, family, and other business or any type of dealing. The best alternation of Skype requires a network connection for connecting you in a worldwide relationship. Share your memories through sending videos, and live chatting using different stickers and emojis. 

if you are windows user then you can also try Viber for PC


Viber Apk Installation & Usability

Download the app from Google Play Store and after downloading insert your mobile number and username. The registration will be completed after confirmation of a text message on your mobile number. Allow the app access to your phone book, media, and gallery. Click on the + button in blue color and view the contacts used by Viber for starting one-to-one or group calling. Viber users are marked with a purple icon whenever you tap one, you will get the option of free calling, messages, video calls, and a Viber-Out call. 

Group Calling and Chatting

It enables you to have video communication with up to 200 of your contacts. You can add any of your friends by clicking the contact into your group. You can create groups for organizing different interesting events. Like or comment on other messages or voices. 

Exchange information

Viber has made it very easy to search, discover, and search for any type of entertainment. You can know more about restaurants, events hotels, and much more while continuing your conversation.

Secure Audio/Video Calls

The app gives you the option of choosing basic voice calls or face-to-face live chatting with HD sound quality. The auto-encryption of messages, videos, calls, images, or group chats makes your connection more secure and reliable. The “Damage control” feature removes the message after sending it. And, the “Hidden Chats” feature gives you easy access later to your hidden specific chats. 


Use of Stickers

The sticker store provided by Viber enables you to express your feelings by sending awesome stickers according to the situation of chatting and your mood. 

Privacy Feature

Viber gives protection to your messages. No one can read your messages, even Viber itself too.

Main Features

  • Free call and messages
  • Group Calling and Chatting
  • Exchange information;
  • Secure Audio/Video Calls
  • Use of Stickers
  • Privacy Feature

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