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Mar 27, 2024 - Sam Mods Free

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AZ Whatsapp is the modified version of official Whatsapp while covering all shortcomings of Whatsapp and giving a pleasant user WA experience. We can say it is the updated customized version of FMWhatsapp or YoWhatsapp. It is designed by Sam Mods.

Anti-ban Update

AZ WhatsApp is the latest version V10.90 denies the banning situation by the official app. just follow the given steps while downloading the version and avoid any type of banning issue;

  1. Create a backup and save it in your cloud storage.
  2. Start installation process of latest version V10.90 with anti-ban ability.
  3. Remove the old version of AZ Whatsapp 10.00. 

Protect your Chat

No need of downloading third-party app locks, instead use the in-built app lock for protecting your chat from any third person. In this way, you can protect the entire app and secure any exclusive chat using a password, PIN, or fingerprint. 



The official typical red color is the same as at the time of publication. No doubt, multiple new updates became part of the official app but nothing changed with UI. Don’t worry, let’s move to AZ Whatsapp and customize your screen in a different style. You will find 30 different unique fonts to make your writing style attractive. Around 3000 themes are available for you to change the background of your UI. In addition, easy import emojis from other apps like Google, Facebook, Emoji 3, and so on. 

Fool-proof Privacy Options

Make your Whatsapp activities secure using several privacy options and keep your private chat safe. Minimize extra feature clicks and save your battery life. Hide multiple features and anonymously use the app. 

Freeze your Last Screen

Online status displays our presence in the app and our contacts connect us, message us, call us, and wait for our replies. If we are busy with some other person and can’t reply, it is possible to go to ‘Settings’ and disable your online status and easily connect with your favorite person instead of giving replies to all of your contacts.  

Hide Multiple Options

Stay in a ghosting position while using the chatting app as you can disable the typing or recording option from Settings and write your replies in a completely satisfactory position. You can disable double or blue ticks if you don’t want to reply to the read messages on the spot. 

Use Multiple Mods

The app offers different mods for you to avail all satisfaction of using the app such as you can DND to stop the devilry of unlimited unwanted messages or Airplane mode for cutting off your network connection for your Whatsapp and disable the calling and texting option for the time you want. 

Translate your Chat

The support for multiple languages enhances your community as you can connect a person with a different language. Just go to Settings and enable the ‘Translate option’ and get an easy translation of any language into your own language. 

Anti-Delete Option

Enable the option and read the deleted messages from your sender. You can get rid of the irritating situation when opening a chat and found deleted messages or the status before you watch. It is possible with AZ Whatsapp to read the deleted messages and watch the removed status. 


Notify Online Info

You can be notified the preferred person is online using the magic option. This will send you a notification hurriedly when your required person got online. 

Download & Share Media

In the official app, we have to download a third-party downloader for downloading the multimedia files including status and profile picture. Get a hassle-free downloading process with AZ Whatsapp and enjoy unlimited sharing with your friends and family. You can have more than 30 images simultaneously, and video file up to 700MB without compressing image quality.

Save your Battery 

The battery in mobile may be the most important hardware; all of the device performance depends on the battery. You can save your battery consumption and enhance the battery life while disabling all features related to your online activities. 

Final Words

AZ Whatsapp offers the users complete authority of customizing the app while using different unique materials. Enable multiple surprising features such as hiding online status double or blue ticks, typing or recording status, and enjoying the shocking position of your friends. No doubt, it is the best alternative to Whatsapp like other mods such as YoWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp, and so on. 

App NameAZ Whatsapp
AuthorSam Mods
Latest Version10.90
UpdateMar 27, 2024
Size(45.01 MB)
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