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Search Google or Type a URL: Best Way to Search Web Address

Search Google or typing a URL are two quick ways of accessing your required information on the internet.  Currently, the internet has become the major source of connecting people, locations, and objects from all around the world. For this purpose, we have to go through the web.


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What is Omnibox?

Omnibox is a search engine that works like the address bar of any web browser. It works with a little different variation such as on the address bar, you have to enter the URL or website name, but, on Omnibox, you can search anything using related keywords. Clicking on New Tab will give you the choice of selecting the address bar or Omnibox.


Now the question arrives, which process is better, using the address bar to enter the full URL, or using Omnibox to get access to your required information? The answer is simple, both are correct ways to give you access to your content with a very subtle difference.

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How to Search or Type Web Address in Google

In our post, we will discuss different ways of searching for information online.

Method 1: Use Google Search Option

Google Search Option is the best option, especially in case you do not know the full URL of your required website, or the information you want may vary. because  Google search algorithm is the powerful algorithm of searching that provides you with the most accurate results. you need only to enter some keywords, and a string of related keywords will appear in front of you. Here is how it works;

1. Unlock your device, and launch your browser.

2. Navigate to Google.com by clicking on the New Tab.


3. Click on the Search Box, and type your query.


4. Click on the Google Search button, or press Enter key.

5. Multiple related search results will appear on the screen.


6. You need to select the most relevant result.

Method 2: Use the ‘Type a URL’ Option

Type a URL is also a useful method that gives quick access to your information. But it can be possible only if you know the URL of the specific website. Here is how it works;

1. Unlock your device, and launch your browser.

2. Navigate to the top of the screen, and click on the Address bar.


3. Type the URL, or paste it if you have copied it in the address bar.


4. Press the Enter key.

5. You need to type the correct URL including ‘www’ or ‘.com’, otherwise, the search engine will misguide you to the wrong website.


Method 3: Use Chrome Canary to Search Google or Type a URL

Chrome browser offers the ‘Search Google or Type a URL’ feature in its latest version of Chrome Canary. As we know, Chrome Canary is developed for testing ideas. So, you can use it by clicking on the ‘origin chip’ button. It is facilitated on the domain name, and you can enable it by navigating to Omnibox and typing ‘chrome: //flags/#origin-chip-in-omnibox’. You can edit it also by clicking on the domain.

Advantages of Type a URL

  • Accessing your required website quickly is possible.
  • No need to sift between irrelevant results
  • Direct access to the website without any ranking situation in search results

Disadvantages of Type a URL

  • You need to enter the correct URL
  • Missing alternative search results

Advantages of Search Google

  • Access to new websites and pages is possible
  • Select your most relevant site
  • Filtration of results according to your required criteria
  • Confirmed authentic and trustworthy websites are there for your help

Disadvantages of Search Google

  • The frequent results delivery makes it difficult to select the exact information.
  • SEO influences search results
  • It may affect your privacy

Tips to Navigate on the Web

Here are some tips for you to navigate safely on the web;

Use Bookmarks

Bookmarking is a quick and easy way of accessing your favorite content easily. It allows you to save your favorite website and access it without entering the URL.

Carefully Click the Link

Multiple Links are fake and can damage your system i.e. stealing private data, so you need to click any link carefully while making sure the link is authentic.


What is the difference between Google Search and Type a URL? Both are important to allow us to search and browse the web flawlessly. We have arranged a simple guide for your ease to select any or follow the steps to carry on.