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Mar 11, 2023 - Wattpad Free

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Wattpad Apk is a social storytelling platform where you can read and write original content with the basic objective of creating harmony among story readers around the world. It is designed by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen in 2006 that was acquired by Naver Corporation in 2021. The app with 90 million monthly users offers direct interaction between them to enhance their creative writing or reading abilities and share with others. It offers 10 million free books including Sci-Fi, fantasy, mystery, suspense, and so on.

Tagged Stories

Tagging a story by the writers can make searching for required content easy. We know, that social media works on hashtags on multiple contents because this enables easy access to your favorite content in the fastest way. Users use the tags and know about the convenience of content as it is accurately tagged or appropriate for them. 

Story Ranking

The content on the app is available for all types of ages and readers. As you will find your favorite content easily. It is better to rank the content according to age limit even ‘Mature’ or ‘Everyone’. You will find mature or new adult stories for 17+ readers but users of all ages can also read these. It’s upon you to discuss with your child what type of content he/she should read. 


Enlist your Favorite Stories

The app offers a ‘Reading Lists’ option for saving your favorite stories and accessing them easily. The option is available on your profile and it enables the users to collaborate with each other on their favorite points. Additionally, the in-app facility enables mobile users to write anything from anywhere without waiting for a PC. 

Notification Updates

You need to follow your favorite stories or authors and get notified with fresh updates on time. You can receive the updates via mobile notification or email address. It enables you to read the content before completing the entire work. 

Privacy Settings

The content on Wattpad is available without any age limit. It offers some privacy options for you to apply and try to stay safe your child from unwanted or risky content;

  1. Click on the ‘Report’ option by tapping the three lines on the top right corner; select the reason for complaining about the story and tap to submit it.
  2. Click three dots on the top right corner of ‘User’s page’; select the reason for complaining about the user and tap to submit it. 
  3. In case of any misunderstanding with any user, you can block it from your list. For this purpose, go to ‘User’s page’, click on three dots on the three dots, and tap on the ‘Mute’ option. 
  4. Manage the ‘Notification’ option and get notified about your required updates only. Open your profile, click the ‘gear icon’ from the top right corner, open the ‘Notification’ option, and untick the related options. 
  5. Click the icon on the left of the profile image, tap ‘Toggle’ for blocking the inclusion of ‘Mature content, open the ‘Blocked Tags’ option and add tags of the required content, and tap the ‘Save’ option. 

Keep your Child Safe 

The digital world has made our life easier while closing the whole world together in one place the internet. But with facilities, a lot of risks are also part of it specifically for kids. You should take some steps to keep your child stay safe online;

  1. Advise your child to keep his or her personal information private and don’t give their original name, address, phone number, or email address anywhere. 
  2. Create a shared account with your children and check their online activities.
  3. Guide them to report any inconvenience content on Wattpad.
  4. Share your style of staying online with them and the language and behavior they should adopt online. 
  5. Make sure their awareness of community guidelines. 

Share your Story

Wattpad enables you to share your original content and discover it via the power of community and technology on the app.  Start your writing journey with the thought of making your content one of the blockbusters.


Unlimited Content 

LGBT meet-cutes, cyberpunk fairy tales, and fresh technothrillers are the different styles of content that you will find on Wattpad. Go into the world of science fiction, mystery, comedy, action-adventure, fantasy, and fanfiction and be a part of the international community. Read the interesting fiction, comment on it, and support the writers for their original content.

Wattpad Premium

The app offers the ‘Wattpad Premium version and enjoys ads-free reading along with a lot of other fantastic features. You can purchase the pro version using your Google Account which will renew automatically. If you don’t recharge the auto-renewal will be turned off at least 24 hours before the period. 

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