11 Best Email Service Providers

Email Service Providers is the platform for sending as well as receiving messages. You can manage the contact list, fabricate the email templates, and send or track campaigns on a high level. The fastest way of communicating, networking, downloading resources, file transferring, reminder setting, and contacting co-workers or friends. 

Best email service providers are consisting of two types of email accounts; email clients and webmail. The email client is the software for installing a computer for sending and receiving messages. For this purpose, the client requires to connect with the remote email server. On the contrary, webmail manages via the internet browser

Multiple email service providers are available with free as well as paid versions. It is difficult to select one with positive features. Here we arrange a list of the best email services for you to select and use for composing, sending, receiving, and reading your emails. 

10 Best Email Service Providers

  1. Gmail
  2. Outlook
  3. Yahoo Mail
  4. ProtonMail
  5. Zoho Mail
  6. AOL Mail
  7. HubSpot
  8. Mail.com
  9. GMX Mail
  10. Sendinblue
  11. Yandex Mail

1) Gmail

Gmail was published in 2004 by Google and now become one of the most used mailing processes with one billion users. It is compatible with all types of devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and so on. It uses 3rd-party programs that are synchronizing the email details by IMAP or POP. It is freeware, but you can s purchase the pro plan also for further features. 


Gmail Features

  1. The interface is including with three categorized tabs; Primary, Social, and Promotions. The messages are filtered automatically between these three tabs. 
  2. It is equipped with 15 GB of storage for messages, drive, and photos.
  3. Spam tab is also available for avoiding unnecessary mails.
  4. It can be used in offline mode also. 
  5.  It offers three subscription plan; Basic with $5 for per month, Business with $10 for one month, and Enterprise with $25 for one month. The plans are available for per user. 

Website: https://gmail.com/

2) Outlook

Outlook is a web-based service provider developed by Microsoft. It offers a complete suite of features; recovery of deleted messages, add-ins support, and integration with other apps like Skype, and a lot of others. The easy-to-use interface is including with organizational tools on the left, the current folder’s content in the center, and the preview panel on the right side. 


Outlook Features

  • Right-click on the folders and view everything related to the app and easy access to the common feature via the toolbar.
  • A powerful in-built calendar is available for tracking the appointments and schedule meetings with others.
  • Auto-detecting of mails and placing them in Focused Inbox without any distraction, you can even add schedule of flights and dinner reservation to your calendar. 
  • It is compatible with mobile apps like iOS and android devices also. 
  • Hover any contact name and find all details, messages, and documents easily. 
  • The app offers pro plan along with free version; Office 365 Home with Outlook Premium is available for $99.99 for one year and Office 365 Personal plan is available for $69.99 for one year. 

Website: https://outlook.com/

3) Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail was launched by an American company Yahoo in 1997. The web portal with a search engine offers four subscription plans, three for personal use and one for business. The service with a smart amount of storage is also equipped with spam-blocking capabilities. It is including with Yahoo mail, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Groups. 


Yahoo Mail Features

  • Set a reminder for any specific mail and get a pop-up notification on the specific time in future. 
  • Unsubscribe feature enables you to avoid spammer and keep your mailbox clean and filled only with relevant messages.
  • You can create up to 500 fake mailing addresses without using your personal information. 
  • Just a single click will give you access to view any of your attachment and photo. 
  • Check all of your meetings, schedule for flights and other Smart Updates within one app. 
  • Easily import the files from Facebook, Google or Outlook account. 
  • The mail service is free of cost.

Website: https://www.yahoo.com/

4) ProtonMail

 The open-source service with end-to-end encryption is a great development by MIT scientists and CERN. The Swiss-based service enables you to sign up anonymously without requiring an IP address. The lightweight app is with the capability of sending 150 messages daily having short organizational tools like folders, labels, and smart filters.  


ProtonMail Features

  • The app is freeware as well as offers pro plans; Plus with $5.66 for one month, Professional with $9 for one month, and Visionary $34 for one month. 
  • End-to-end encryption and setting of expiry date for emails is available.
  • The incorporation with Switzerland makes the security of mail fool-proof as all the content is protected with Swiss Privacy law. 
  • The two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection that saves your password. 
  • Create secure account without using any personal information.
  • Accessible for all types of devices without installing the software.

Website: https://protonmail.com/

5) Zoho Mail

Zoho mail is a fast, sleek, and ad-free email service provider for businesses. The app is including with full-fledged email service, calendar, and contacts.  You can lock in your business with the help of multiple features and extension packages because pricing, features, reliability, and security are the most important components of any business email service. 


Zoho Mail Features

  • The service is free for up to 5 users. It offers three subscription plans; Mail Lit is available with $1 for per month, Standard is available with$3 for per month and 30 GB, Professional with $6 GB for per month with 100 GB. 
  • Protect your account with automated actions and stay safe from unusual activities of spammers.
  • It is available for iOS and android devices, and personalizes your experience even in offline.  
  • The main control panel can be easily configure, customize, and moderate your email content by adding users, managing of group aliases, and setting up of policies. 
  • Search the emails from any sender by right-clicking and offers more than 50 keyboard shortcuts. 

Website: https://www.zoho.com/mail/

6) AOL Mail

AOL mail is a web-based service developed by AOL in 2015. It is also known as AIM mail. It supports multiple languages, themes, and import of contacts in CSV, TXT, and LDIF format. It will give you breaking news, top stories of today about politics, finance, and celebrity. 


AOL Mail Features

  • I n case of sending an email to any other AOL address can be undo.
  • Engage with the entertainment world giving you top stories, breaking news, and share your articles and videos via Facebook, Twitter, and email. 
  • It is bug-free and ads-free as well.
  • Manage your account from anywhere with fool-proof security with the help of fingerprint, PIN, or pattern. 
  • Just an exclusive click and find out the current update about weather in your location, hourly and daily forecast.
  • Spell-checker and an in-browser sound alert are also available. 

Website: https://mail.aol.com/

7) HubSpot

HubSpot offers Email Marketing Software for creating, personalizing, and optimizing marketing emails. Multiple amazing features like drag & drop editor, adding calls to action, and customizing of layout, A/B test are available. 


HubSpot Features

  • The Marketing Hub plan is available in three editions; Starter is for per month at $40, Professional with $800 for one month, and Enterprise is for one month at $3200. You can also use the free version. 
  • Delivering of personalize mails is very easy.
  • Data protection and privacy rules are very strict for keeping your private information safe and secure.
  • Sending of emails via CRM is also possible.
  • The auto-reply of messages, creation of professional-style campaigns, and detailed analytics are also the part of this amazing app.
  • Modify and personalize the email content. 

Website: https://www.hubspot.com/

8) Mail.com

Mail.com is a secure service while storing your private data in the data center owned by the company. You can select a domain name from the given list by the app. It provides Virus protection, Spam Blocker, and much more. Fast, convenient, and powerful service with 24/7 support service. 


Mail.com Features

  • Fool-proof security with SSL and TLS protocols and finger print lock.
  • Use Mail Collector for collecting mails from other accounts.
  • It is equipped with unlimited storage for both device and online.
  •  Integrated with social media apps like Facebook.
  • Enable the “Push email” function for fetching the emails and you will receive the notification on the home screen of your device.
  • Compatible with android devices.
  • Change the view of mail list by just clicking the “Compact Mail List”.

Website: https://www.mail.com/

9) GMX Mail

GMX Mail is a freeware mailing service for both; personal and professionals. The web-based mailing service uses the POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Quick access to your address book for finding contacts, viewing, receiving, and replying to messages. Select time for time duration to store messages in your mailbox and enjoy the file-sharing capabilities of the app. 


GMX Mail Features

  • Push notifications for incoming emails save your battery.
  • The attachment size is 50MB that is large than any other email service.
  • It provides 2MB free online storage.
  • Stay away from spam messages using the spam filters.
  • The subscription plan is GMX TopMail with 5 Euro for one month. 
  • PIN security protection is available.
  • Use “Empty Trash” and “Empty Spam” buttons for cleaning your mailbox and fast access to the important areas is possible using the “Floating Action” button.

Website: https://www.gmx.com/

10) Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing service along with the capability of taking care of all of your mailing requirements. It empowers businesses for building and grows contacts with the help of email campaigns, transactional emails, SMS messages, marketing automation, Facebook ads chat, CRM, and retargeting ads. 


Sendinblue Features

  • Plugin integration with Privy, OptinMonster, and PlugMatter enables you to send email addresses to the account automatically and show pop-ups on the exit target.  
  • Connecting email service with other apps like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, Zapier, and so on.
  • It supports 6 languages along with the Shared inbox feature for allowing you to sync your Inbox emails with any other email provider. 
  • The result history of your campaign is stored and you can export it and use Heat Map for watching the most interaction areas by your contact in real-time.  
  • Personalize email by adding names of contacts and creating groups of unlimited contacts.
  • It is freeware, but you can purchase pro plans; Lite with $25 for one month, Premium $65 for one month, and Enterprise.

Website: https://www.sendinblue.com/

11) Yandex Mail

Yandex.Mail also allows you to save emails on your device so that you can access them even if you don’t have access to the internet. You can now attach files to any email you send from your Android device. You can tell Yandex.Mail to keep an eye out for replies when you send an email. If you don’t hear back after five days, you’ll be reminded to follow up, if required. You may schedule email deliveries with Yandex.Mail (up to a little less than one year in advance).


This way, your birthday emails will always come on time. Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can look for your movie theatre order number, insurance policy number, address, or phone number. If you get disconnected while riding the metro, you may still read and react to your emails because all messages will be sent immediately as the connection is restored.

Website: Yandex. M


How can email sender reputation maintain?

the reputation of an email sender can be maintained via the quality of sending emails, frequency of emails, recipient interaction, bounce number of received emails, and so on. 

What is the difference between webmail and email client?

The email client is the software for installing on to a computer for sending and receiving messages. For this purpose, the client requires to connect with the remote email server. On the contrary, webmail manages via the internet browser. 

What can I do in case of blocking my account?

you need to write an email to the related mail company or wait for some time as it will be unblocked.

List some of the best email service providers?

here are some names of the best email service providers;
1. Gmail
2. Outlook
3. iCloud
4. Zoho
5. Sendinblue

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