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May 23, 2024 - Shane Israel Freeware

App NameSnipping Tool ++
AuthorShane Israel
Latest Version6.4.5
UpdateMay 23, 2024
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16 votes, average: 4.94 out of 516 votes, average: 4.94 out of 516 votes, average: 4.94 out of 516 votes, average: 4.94 out of 516 votes, average: 4.94 out of 5 (16 votes, average: 4.94 out of 5, rated)

Snipping Tool ++ for Windows is a wonderful tool for creating snips and saving them from Windows 7 and onwards. The snipping tool equipped with some other editing tools enables you to capture live images of the screen with the display of a webpage. You can also share the snipped image online easily and quickly.


Snipping Tool ++ Features

Earlier users have to take 8 tiresome steps for capturing one shot. To complete the job, the tool offers 4 steps given below

  1. Draw a free-form snip around the selected object carefully.
  2. Apply Rectangular Snip while drawing a rectangular shape around the image.
  3. The window Tool is also easily used to capture the object.
  4. Use Full Snip Tool if you want to capture the entire screen.

Just use the shortcut WinKey+Shift+S for applying the above four tools easily and save your captured image on the clipboard without going into files.

Share on Social Media

An uploading feature helps you to share multiple snapshots on any social media platform. The Snipping tool ++ can place unlimited captures effortlessly on image hosting sites like Imgur, and Reddit. The Preferences menu offers some controls as well as hotkeys for direct upload to any site.


Quick Editing

Quick and easy-to-use editing tools give a desired shape to your object. Use blur for different parts of the image, input text, add borders or frames to the image, and freehand designs via a digital pencil. 

Free & Lightweight

A lightweight app takes only 2MB of space as well as consumes very low resources of your device. The simple interface with navigating tools completes the tasks quickly and free of cost.

Helpful & Effective

The program is more effective and helpful in taking screenshots and uploading them online. As the latest version is equipped with active screenshot window features for general improvements like making the multi-snip shadow white.


Main Features

  • Tool for capturing images
  • Equipped with some other editing tools
  • Share the snipped image online
  • Quick Editing
  • Free & Lightweight
  • Helpful & Effective

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