App NamePrimeOS
AuthorFlyodwiz Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Latest Version2.1.3
UpdateApr 6, 2024
Size(1.64 GB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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PrimeOS Download is a free Windows program offering a complete desktop experience to turn your mobile into an x86-based device like Phoenix OS and Remix OS. Enhance your gaming experience using the keyboard and mouse DecaPro tool. Floydwiz Technologies Private Limited develops it. We can say it is an emulator in a way, but it performs a lot more than an emulator and creates a complete ecosystem of mobile apps on your PC

Combination of Dual Devices

We can say, that PrimeOS is a combo of mobile phones and PCs. It enables you to switch between both devices and create the default OS of mobile on your big screen. It not only switches between the two but combines both, enabling you to enjoy mobile features and control your PC’s normal activities. Mimic the touchscreen features using the keyboard configuration. 


PrimeOS Desktop Interface

Launch the dual-boot mode along with regular Windows OS, run the .exe file, and install the program by following the given steps. The app works in the background and you can experience the Android OS on your PC or laptop. The attractive and minimalist interface will display all your Android device’s activities on the big screen;

  • The multi-window support offers top-notch features such as resizing, closing, minimizing, maximizing, and so on. 
  • GPU tools are available to fake the GPU information for gaming purposes.
  • Experience a complete desktop experience with all functions like the taskbar, start menu, and so on.
  • Multiple keyboard shortcuts; Win + D, Alt + Tab, Alt + F4, and a lot of others.
  • You can disable the multi-window for using any application.
  • You can view notifications, system icons, and pin apps on your taskbar easily.
  • It works as a pre-map for different games; Subway Surf, PUBG, and some others. 

Support for Games

The basic purpose of the app enable users to enhance their gaming experience with the comforts of a keyboard and mouse. It offers the ‘Gaming Center’ to search as well as download your favorite games. No doubt, playing a mobile game on a big screen is not a piece of cake, but PrimeOS makes it easy in association with the DECAPro tool. The pre-mapping option gives you access to GPS-restricted games. It requires some hardware requirements such as a CPU manufactured in 2014 and supporting SSE 4.2, an emulator that supports EXT4 RW partitions, and so on. The app has merged capabilities of both PC and mobile phone so it is compatible with the latest version of PC. But you can run it on an old version; you need to dual-boot it with Windows.


Extra Features

As we know, PrimeOS is designed to enhance the Android gaming experience on the big screen, or it works as an emulator. But, on using it, we know it is a little bit more powerful and performs extra than an emulator or virtual machine. It offers compatibility with communication platforms, lifestyle tools, live streaming of movies, and everything that you can use on an Android device. It has built-in G-apps and you need not install them separately. Enjoy OTA support with the installation of the EXT4 RW partition. Share your expression using the feedback app, and so on. 

Enhanced Functionality

The app is the best option to use smartphones and PCs on the same platform. It offers the fastest performance as compared to others as it makes your activities quick and fast while decreasing the adding of unnecessary codes between the software and the hardware. It can perform reliably and smoothly specifically if you need not run any app that demands a traditional PC OS. Additionally, a built-in manager organizes your files such as images, audio files, video files, documents, PDF files, and so on. It organizes these files separately according to their types and makes your work easier. 


Final Words

PrimeOS is one of the leading tools in the digital market as an emulator and has a lot of other extra features. It improves your playing experience with popular Android games such as Subway Surf, PUBG, and others. Multiple other amazing features along with the gaming experience make it the first choice of multiple users. No doubt it has some weak points as a lack of official support and some security risks. 


  • Complete desktop experience
  • Fastest performance
  • High-quality animations
  • Powerful gaming experience


  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth
  • Screen freezing and lags
  • Support only modern CPU
  • Lack of official support

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