Bijoy Bayanno

May 27, 2024 - Mustafa Jabbar Free

Bijoy Bayanno the most powerful software to write Bengali language on PC

App NameBijoy Bayanno
AuthorMustafa Jabbar
Latest Version1.0
UpdateMay 27, 2024
Size(4.85 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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it was developed by Mustafa Jabbar in 1998. It offers complete compatibility with Unicode standards to type Bengali characters using a normal international PC keyboard. It is lightweight and offers a lot of innovative features including an amazing collection of fonts, layout options, auto-completion features, and some other tools for your ease. The cross-platform offers services for all types of devices including Apple Mac and Windows devices.

Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh spoken by 98% local community, and the second most commonly used language in India. Around 230 million people speak and are the fifth most-spoken language around the world.


Bijoy Bayanno Features

Quick Typing

Avail smooth and quick writing experience with the support of multiple formats i.e. Unicode, Bijoy, and neural. You can write special characters such as bangle quotations and Bangla numbers. No need to use scratch for typing, instead use the auto-complete and in-built dictionary features and write quickly.

Seamless Creation of documents

Use several formatting options for creating unique and attractive documents. You can use multiple complex layouts, control page size, manage margins, line spacing, and a lot of other amazing features for changing the style of a typeface. Quick switching between fonts is possible using the ‘One Touch’ option.

Powerful Tools

A wide range of powerful tools i.e. Word Count, Spell check, searching and replacing, pagination, and document translation are available to make typing quite easy. Simply take help from a thesaurus to get a list of related words. Likewise, it offers the capability of converting Bangla files into PDF, HTML, and so on.

Unique Software

It is easy and simple software that is most commonly used around the world. You can write it directly using Unicode online. It even works offline to help the users to add text, and can be used for educational purposes. The user-friendly software enables the users to type Bangla in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Subscription Plan

The app also offers a subscription plan that is 400 Taka only. As we mentioned above, it can be directly written with Unicode, but you can change the option with non-Unicode or ANSI.

Easy Switching

The software offers quick and easy switching between English and Bangla by pressing the keyboard shortcuts that are ‘Ctrl + Alt’. Moreover, the built-in phrase shortcuts are available for typing the frequently used phrases within seconds.

Compatible with Windows 10/11

The software offers complete compatibility with all types of Windows including Windows 10/11. It supports Avro Keyboard for typing the most popular Bangla typing Layout. Simply, switch to a Bangla layout and create attractive documents and publications hassle-free.


How to Install Bijoy Bayanno

  • Click the ‘Download’ button given on the page, and start downloading.
  • Locate the downloaded .exe file from the Downloads folder, and extract it.
  • Start the installation process by double-clicking the installer.
  • Complete the installation process by following on-screen instructions.
  • It’s time to enter product key to activate the software.
  • The product key will be found in the downloaded zip file.
  • Simply click the product key, and paste it in the given space, and click ‘Finish’.
  • The software is activated and you are ready to use it.

Final Words

All-in-all, the Bijoy Bayanno is the best solution of typing Bangla and creates documents in Bangla, or even converts them into PDF, HTML, etc. it offers quick switching between English and Bangla language. It is compatible with Unicode format, but you can change the option into non-Unicode or ANSI.


Q: What Bijoy Bayanno?

Bijoy Bayanno is the most popular software for writing Bengali. It is developed by Mustafa Jabbar that enables Bengali users to type Bengali using a standard keyboard layout.

Q: Can I use Bijoy Bayanno free of charge?

No, it is commercial software and requires 400 Taka to purchase the license.  

Q: How can I download Bijoy Bayanno?

You can download it from the official website of the app, or from any other third-party website such as

Q: Is Bijoy Bayanno used on different operating systems?

It is compatible with Windows-based PCs, and can be installed on different operating systems.

Q: Is there any alternative of Bijoy Bayanno?

Avro keyboard, Ridmik keyboard, and Unijoy are the best alternatives of Bijoy Bayanno.

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