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May 27, 2024 - Cheetah Mobile Freeware

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Clean Master PC is the best solution to clean your entire system while cleaning as well as clearing space for some important applications to perform in a better way. You can easily restore your deleted information within moments. It is developed by Cheetah Mobile Studio for performing multiple tasks including removing unnecessary files, browser history, junk files, and cache searching along with increasing the capacity of RAM and battery. An outstanding choice with lightweight, freeware, and easy-to-use process enables you to optimize the specifications of your PC, scans quickly, and remove all unwanted content to run your system like a breeze. 

  1. Everything on UI is well managed
  2. Categories for different issues
  3. Reminder for scanning

Clean Master PC Backup Important Files

Earlier the deleting of important files was accidentally considered a big mistake.  Feel free and work motherless for the feature of restoring your important information and recovering the efficiency of your PC from degrading. It will make your workflow smooth and gives you the chance of improving as well as upgrading the entire setup conditions with help of multiple tools. 


Fastest Detection Process

It can detect threats to code quickly and report to the management section to take steps instantly. The quick searching operation identifies the issues related to multiple performing parts, unnecessary and extra content added in documents, damage in internal parts, problems or gaps in a communication system, and so on. It also assists you to solve these issues properly. It controls the hardware resources and some more complex features such as confidentiality transcription, increasing parameters, grades scrubbing, and the use of utilities to customize configuration options.  It offers a screen for creating and analyzing cleaning to maintain all common workflows of your PC. It blocks outer access by concealing personal calendars, innovation and increased productivity, browsing history, moving images, and chipsets of the motherboard. 

Speed up your System

It is basically designed for laptops or PC to enhance the performance of the RAM while cleaning it thoroughly. It is completely compatible with all types of Windows and proves the best choice for your system. It is perfectly all right for gamers to clear a lot of space for playing their favorite game smoothly. It also works as a programmer to enhance the entire framework for matching current innovations as well as advanced conditions. It needs not to start again and again but it will start as your system requires it. You can customize the wizard setup and configure it as you like. 


Useful for Companies and enterprises

Clean Master Pro offers a great defensive layer for office work in companies and big enterprises. It protects important files and critical information from hacking or any other internal threat. Clear entire trash from documents, speed up hardware functions, and improve the capacity of RAM while using several types of version offered by the specific app. several updated tools are also available to enhance the performance of your PC. 

Fool-Proof Security Option

The advanced security feature specifically offers integration to control online threats. Use the app to perform multiple tasks to keep your security fool-proof. The multiple tasks are including with file downloading, live streaming of videos, online games playing, and so on. It also tracks down intruders and hackers and releases all issues related to security.  


Driver Booster

The inbuilt driver booster very quickly scans the computer to unveil all old as well as crashed drivers. We know, the perfect driver that is according to our system makes the workflow of our system smooth while giving power to all connected devices. The support of a plethora of diver databases that is around 5, 000,000 helps you to resolve performance problems seamlessly. Just install the program and related drivers on your system and step up to flawless workflow. 

Boost CPU & Memory

CPU is including with multiple installed apps that consume the battery, overheat it, and slow down the system. The app boosts up the CPU while removing unnecessary data to free up the space of the CPU to perform other vital tasks. Additionally, it frees up the memory for important applications and games and facilitates the optimization of your system. 


No need of downloading any 3rd-party antivirus as the application works as an antivirus to protect your PC from all types of malware, bugs, malicious content, and spyware. Permanent demolishing of sensitive photos, videos, documents, and so on to protect from others is also possible. Additionally, the app supports multiple languages such as Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, English, German, Chinese, and Polish.  


Final Words

All-in-all, Clean Master is one of the most usable cleaners and optimizers around the world. You will find a new looked layout and functionality for the PC.

App NameClean Master PC
AuthorCheetah Mobile
Latest Version6.1
UpdateMay 27, 2024
Size(20.70 MB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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