Whale Browser for Windows
May 30, 2024 - Naver Corp Freeware

App NameWhale Browser
AuthorNaver Corp
Latest Version3.26.244.25
UpdateMay 30, 2024
Size(2.69 MB)
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18 votes, average: 4.61 out of 518 votes, average: 4.61 out of 518 votes, average: 4.61 out of 518 votes, average: 4.61 out of 518 votes, average: 4.61 out of 5 (18 votes, average: 4.61 out of 5, rated)

Naver Whale Browser is a customized web browser that gives you fast surfing, loading of page swiftly, and saves your data without any interruption. The Whale browser enables you to view two web pages simultaneously through an exclusive tab. All useful tools such as countdown timer, calculator, media player, and other through sidebar seamlessly accessible. The app gives you more chances of searching through blocking unwanted ads.


Whale Browser Features

User-friendly Interface

The interface with brand-new buttons on the right of the address bar for activating the wonderful functions. With a vast browsing area a sidebar tool and a “Whale Space” button let you browse two web pages at a time in a single tab. additionally, a mobile window tool presents a pop-up for browsing a portable format for any web page. The main search box is direct to Google searching. Bookmarks, history, and refreshing buttons are located on the right side of the URL box. You can also use the drag and drop feature for finding the translation of difficult words

Fast Browsing

Whale Browser works quickly and blocks all interfering ads as well as trackers, which slow down your works on the web. It has the ability to load news sites at the fastest speed. Without leaving bowser, taking screenshots as well as saving a snapshot to the clipboard or computer and sending it to the cloud is very easy now. 



The browser is fairly synced with Google Cloud, whatever you do in the browser is stored in the Cloud. You can use Google as your cloud or in case of extra security use any portable cloud too. The sync tools enable you to sync your data between Windows, tablets, mobiles, and much more. The synchronization enables you to transfer and import data, history, and bookmarks on any device.

Compatible with Windows

With vary compatibility with all types of devices, the app has special compatibility with all types of Windows———-Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP are mainly operating systems to run the app very smoothly and reliably. In addition, it requires a 32-bit and 64-bit setup. Additionally, the browser is also available for Androids and iOS devices. 


Free of Cost 

The Naver Whale Browser with freeware license available for Windows 32-bit as well as a 64-bit operating system of a laptop and PC without limits and presented for all software users as a free download. It belongs to the web browser category and was published by Naver Corporation. 

Main Features

  • User-friendly Interface
  • Fast Browsing
  • Synchronization
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Free of Cost 

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