Torch Browser for Windows

Apr 5, 2024 - Torch Media Inc Freeware

App NameTorch Browser
AuthorTorch Media Inc
Latest Version1.0.678.1
UpdateApr 5, 2024
Size(14.3 KB)
RequirementsWindows (7/10/11)
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Torch Browser for PC Windows with outstanding chromium technology features. With multiple customized tweaks for making your internet experience more reliable and safe.  Sharing of favorite sites, download torrents, fast downloading, and a lot more is very easy direct from the Torch browser. Without downloading any extra software or tool. Just a few clicks and found everything. Which you want with a simple interface as well as easy installation. 


Torch Browser Live Streaming 

Use the Media Grabber option and save your required files. Just click on the option, and save the files without the use of an external program, converter, or extension. It enables you to save audio files in another file or folder. 

Torch Torrents

Download torrents file through the Torch’s built-in torrent manager. A hassle-free task of downloading torrents direct from the browser with no need for any external program. Just click on the ‘Torrent’ button, see the active torrents, and download easily.

Share Everything

With an integrated sharing program share your sites, videos, audio, and search results on your Facebook and your Twitter followers. With a built-in sharing button, you can be sharing everything like any website or any article on social media. 

Torch FaceLift

The browser also introduced the feature Torch FaceLift, which simply looks like Facebook, but a changing way of social media. The feature can be customized manually or automatically by applying readymade skins.  

Torch Player

To open the Torch Play which is presented by the browser. Click on ‘Play on a torrent’ in Torch Torrent, it will open automatically. You can open the Player during downloading


Torch Audio

An exclusive audio portal that provides a great variety of your favorite videos along with YouTube videos. Play a whole album or any single audio file while clicking on the Wiz button for having a playlist. Just play your list, control the audio without leaving the tab, pause, switch audio as well as control the volume. 

Torch Games

Find a lot of games by clicking on the ‘Torch Game’ button. Without downloading, just open the game, and play them without any fees or signing in. Try multiple games to get fun like puzzle games, racing games, and arcade games. As well as a lot more for enjoyment.

Torch Drag & Drop

For searching text or sharing links and photos. So you have to translate as the searching with Torch Browser’s new drag & drop is not easy. Just drag and drop the link, word, or photo to the related tile. No need for any copy/paste and to switch the tabs. Concluding options are YouTube, Wikipedia, image search, Facebook as well as Twitter, and much more.

Download Accelerator

A download accelerator helps you boost the downloading speed. The technology with several options enables you to divide the files and download them simultaneously. 

Great Browser

It is a wonderful and reliable browser that customized all media requirements. The superb searching capabilities provide a superb browsing experience. Working on Chromium technology, the browser offers broad, related as well as authentic searching results.

Safe & Secure

The Torch browser offers authentic security features for making your online activities safe and secure. It saves your system from viruses, malware, phishing as well as malicious websites.

Main Features

  • Chromium-based technology
  • Share Everything
  • Live Streaming 
  • Torch FaceLift
  • Torch Player
  • Drag & Drop
  • Download Accelerator
  • Free of cost  Browser
  • Safe & Secure

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