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Sep 7, 2019 - Loving Cup Productions, Ltd (Demo)

Ghost Browser for PC Windows offers an improvement for user’s productivity. This Browser enables you to sign in to various accounts in any website through one window Based on chromium; it is very easy to use. And you can manage social media pages or any other website quickly without switching off accounts.

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Ghost Browser for PC Features

Ghost Browser offers an improvement for user’s productivity. it is very easy to use. It increases the speed while managing profiles of different social media. And you can manage social media pages or any other website quickly without switching off accounts.

1. Quick and Safe;

It improves more productivity and completes the work quickly. It saves your information from any 3rd party and offers solid security than any other popular browser.

2. Multiple Accounts;

Now you can feel free from old-method browsers, various browsers or their extensions with their odd and old interfaces. Ghost browser with its easy to use interface and colored tabs presents an easy way to open multiple accounts in one browser window.

3. Chromium-based;

AS, it is chromium-based browser, so the transfer of your all bookmark and extensions to Ghost browser from your Google Chrome. Just click for few times and use Google Chrome and Ghost browser equally.

But one thing is important that it is a little different from Chrome and used for selected people. If you want to log in to secure websites at the same time then this will be a good choice for you.

4. Use Colorful Tabs;

With a right-click, you can go to a new session. It will give a new color to the next session. For example, you can open different brands of social media at the same time.

5. Streamlined Session;

In the right side of address bar click the Ghost browser button, and enjoy a streamlined session manager. When your select sessions are saved. These will be open with exclusively click on Save Home Project.

6. Helpful for the Business community;

This browser is not only useful for a social media manager. It is also helpful for all types of online business; such as e-commerce business, web designing, bloggers and much more.


  • Improved productivity of users
  • Multiple accounts
  • Fast speed browsing
  • Quick and safe work
  • Solid security
  • Simple interface
  • Colorful tabs
  • Chromium-based browser
  • Save Home Project option
  • Helpful in the business community

As a whole, ghost browser is the best way to maintain your work in social media accounts and any other website.

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