Speccy for Windows 1.32.740

Nov 14, 2019 - Piriform (Freeware)
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Speccy for PC is a complete and reliable tool for giving detailed information about your operating system including Harddisk, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics Cards, Optical Drives, and much more. In fact, most of us don’t have much information about the hardware used in an operating system. You can get any information as well as informs you about any problem through the addon of temperatures. 


Speccy for PC Windows Features

Find Summery of Hardware

The tool helps you to know in detail all the touchable accessories of the operating system. Get a summary of every aspect of your operating system and easily upgrade it or make a selling decision. It also informs you already installation as well as any new addition in your memory. It enables you to get the right type of memory for adding or replacing.

Comprehensive Information

Collect information about the whole hardware of your system by installing Speccy. This will inform you in one clean interface and save you from bothering of knowing every aspect one by one.

Solve Problems of Critical Components

With an addition real-time temperatures, the tool enables you to solve any problem creating in any critical components of your PC.


Scan Results

Easily share XML or text files while saving your results straightly in a snapshot. It will be the right specs for your new computer as well as helps you to detect any problem with your computer.

Useful for Everyone

The tool is not only reliable for developers, tech-savvy users, but a great helper for every person who uses a computer routinely. It enables you to monitor the RAM configuration before purchasing any new component or helps you to sell it with detailed information. 


Main Features

  • Tool for giving information about hardware
  • Adds temperatures to know any problem
  • All information gathered in a clean interface
  • Scan results as a snapshot
  • Useful for everyone