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Miracast Apk offers wireless sharing of multimedia no matter you are online or offline. It is used for multipurpose such as casting your mobile screen on automobile infotainment systems. Real-time projector for conference room, streaming of HD and 4K Ultra HD Videos on an HD TV using your tablet, watching your pictures of mobile phone on the big screen, and so on. The best technology that serves a little above just cast mirroring as it is reliably used in all fields of everyday life including business, education, entertainment, creative project, and so on. 

Types of Screen-mirroring

Basically, a screen-mirroring device works in two methods such as;

  1. Wired Connection: you need an HDMI cable that tied your device and TV screen for producing the image of your device on the TV.
  2. Wireless: wireless mod is perfectly all right for a device that requires no cable for working such as Smartphone, Laptop, and so on. The devices with wireless display technology enable the user to watch the content of their mobile, laptop, and tablet on TV using mirroring or casting technology. The Miracast is one most important examples of wireless display standards. 

How Does Miracast Process Work

In Miracast two devices; transmitter and receiver or render are used. Here you need Wi-Fi Direct for direct connection between devices. It will transmit data 10 times faster than Bluetooth. The effective association between devices will remove any lag and gives you a real-time display of content on a big screen. It supports Full HD resolution for videos, H.264 codec, and 5.1 encompass sound in addition to bolsters WPA2-PSK encryption for sending content from one device to another. 


What is the Difference between Enterprise-Ready Miracast and Consumer-Grade Miracast?

Consumer-grade Miracast: offers limited streaming for home entertainment using room HDTV while connecting it to a wireless video HDMI connection. It performs reliably only using a home Wi-Fi environment.

Enterprise-ready Miracast: in comparison to the first one supports a plethora of devices and receivers. It covers any type of Wi-Fi issue and makes easy the deployment of commercial capabilities. You can get an exclusive Wi-Fi connection to make sure it is not used by any other device. No doubt, it doesn’t claim the conformity of security. It is the perfect choice for big organizations that helps them to get flawless performance in crowded Wi-Fi environments. 

The first Wi-Fi-certified Miracast wireless display solution for enterprise environments was introduced in 2011, and it was the effective team of ScreenBeam who presented this amazing technology. They continually work for enhancing the performance of users around the world.

Device Friendly

The app offers a friendly environment for different devices such as Android, modern Widows, tablets, iOS devices, and so on. It is also included in devices with Windows 10 by Microsoft and in Android devices with 4.2 versions and above.  Similarly, you will find it in some connected displays as a wireless display and it is part of some streaming devices including Roku and Amazon Fire TV.


The modern technology of Miracast offers a convenient process to cast your small on the big screen and make your work easier and faster. If you are a teacher connect your Smartphone to a big screen and engage the whole class and make your explanation smooth and reliable. Watch your family album on the big screen at any family gathering. Business meetings presentations can also be given through casting on the big screen, online meetings, and live videos in the same way possible with Miracast. You have the choice of selecting anyone projection method; DLAN or AirPlay along with a built-in screen recording feature. 

Fool-Proof Protection

Miracast supports HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection), an industry-standard protecting technology for managing the media transfer between devices. It creates protected Sources and Sinks to make the digital rights of the content owners.


How to Miracast Process

Before starting the casting process, you need to check whether your device supported Miracast or not. For this purpose press the Windows key and P together from your keyboard. On the right panel the options for casting will appear if the device supports the app. go to Start Menu, and click on Settings>System>Display. Tap on ‘Connect to a wireless display”, open the action center; select the receiving device after clicking the “Connect” option. Turn on the ‘Smart View” button to enable it from the top of the notification panel.

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