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May 2, 2024 - TMWhatsapp Free

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TM Whatsapp is a modified version of Whatsapp recently launched by Titus Mukisa along with high-security protection. It is available for Android devices with 4.0 and above versions. Around 10 million users are using the powerful app with fantastic features. The highly versatile app offers multiple mind-blowing features including privacy concerns, limitless sharing, and so on. 

Unlimited Addition of Groups

Unlike the official app, TM Whatsapp allows you to create groups as many as you want. So avoid the limitations of the original one and create groups separately according to your contacts. Similarly, the number of people added to one group is 512 which is increased from 256. now with the latest version, you are free of adding double the number of people in your group. 

Delete Forward Tags

Forward any message of your contact to your contacts while removing the ‘Forward tag’ from the message. You can share your message with unlimited people at one time. 

Hide Notification

If you don’t want to receive notifications on your notification area or on the home screens. Just go to the settings and disable the feature and stay safe. 

Autopilot replying

Reply to multiple contacts simultaneously without opening the chat screen, you need not reply exclusively, but respond to your contacts automatically.  

New Style Themes 

Find several styles of themes on the app store and apply them on the chat screen to make them unique and attractive. You can use the selective themes for changing your background or the entire structure of your app. Additionally, you can change the color of icons such as red, blue, black, and so on. 


Share Images & Videos

On the official Whatsapp, you have the option of sharing 30 images. Avail 100+ sending of images to your contacts and 100+ documents at one time. Similarly, you are limited to sharing audio/video files, but the app has removed the limitation and allows you to share video files up to 50MB and audio files up to 100MB. 

Long Status & Messages

We are bound to upload our ‘Status’ just for 30 seconds that was a big irritation. Now with TM Whatsapp, we are allowed to upload our ‘Status’ for up to 7 minutes. You can also copy the text of your contact’s status and download the video or image uploaded on the status without any help from a third-party app. Similarly, you can type 250 characters for your status or send a message exclusively to any of your contacts. 

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is the most wanted concern in the digital world. You can avail of multiple privacy options to make the app completely to your choice. Mute the ‘Status’ of your contacts if you don’t want to watch it. Select the contacts for watching your own status. Additionally, a lot of other features including with hiding your online status, hiding blue or double ticks, hiding blue mic, hiding recording or typing status, freezing your online status, and so on. 

Disable Unwanted Caller

Some of our contacts make us irritate by constant and long calling specifically when we are busy with some important activities. The best way to avoid these unwanted calls is just to open the contact chat screen, click three dots, open the Contact info, and disable the calling or message option which will you like. 

Anti-delete Message & Status

The anti-deleting system offered by the app enables you to read the messages deleted by your contacts. Sometimes we feel irritated to view the phrase’ this message was deleted’ and think about it a lot. The tension can be released using the TM Whatsapp that offers the anti-delete option to read messages and watch removed statuses by your contacts. 

In-built VPN

An in-built VPN gives us a chance of connecting to the legitimate servers of apps that are not allowed in our country or region. No need of downloading any third-party VPN for this purpose, just open and connect with one click to your required server. 

Text & Calls Deleting

The time of deleting messages and calls from 5 hours has changed now. You can avoid the frustration of deleting the messages for everyone’s markup time and enjoy the deleting of messages for both sides for up to 3 days. 

Message Scheduler

Message Scheduler is one of the best features for sending your messages on the exact date and time to any of your contacts. The handy feature works for up to one week and allows you to send best wishes to your loved one on time without your interference on the required time and date. Make sure the availability of network connection at the time of sending a message. 

100% Secure

In spite of the modded version, the app is completely safe and retains all of your privacy concerns. All of your hidden codes have been reviewed and removed to make your privacy foolproof. Additionally, you have the option of downloading 300 pro-Android applications without any fees as the app offers you direct downloading links. 

Update Manually

Auto-updating causes downloading every new update without the concern you need it or not. So it is better to disable auto-updating and update manually your app. 


The app enables you to get rid of unnecessary and unwanted advertisements from your screen and gives you a completely clear environment to chat with your friends and family. 

Dual Accounts

The app can be used as a secondary account on the same device. You can easily switch between two accounts easily to enjoy several mind0blowing features. Additionally, the app requires regular updates to save it from expiring. 

Final Words

No doubt, the app has good customer reviews, but as it does not belong to official Whatsapp incorporation and is not available on the Google Play Store, it can be risky for your device. But the app has not any privacy concerns according to the users. 

App NameTM Whatsapp
Latest Version8.65E
UpdateMay 2, 2024
Size(83.03 MB)
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